Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nirvana Again

Chapter one of Nirvana is up. Chapter twenty-ish of Incongruous is over!! Yeah. Now it's just the going back and totally fixing it up that I have left to do. *Sigh*.


Currently watching Without A Paddle - love it! ;). :D :D :D :D

Writing about Nirvana

Writing a new fic idea. Dean Winchester meets Daniel Jackson. wOOt! :D I am calling it Nirvana. :D. :D.

You all have a great day. I'm exhausted, but otherwise doing well. ;). *Hugs* ya'all!! :D

Saturday, November 29, 2008


JUST finished, it's just after midnight. Or right before. NS. Am exhausted. Can't think straight. Head hurts. Neck hurts. BRAIN hurts.

Must never write on a deadline again. *Note to self*.

You all have a good one! I'm gonna watch one last Equilibrium clip on youtube and then go to SLEEP! Hopefully until midnight tomorrow night. :P. Yeah, right. lol.

I need work. Send supportive thoughts my way, guys!! ;). Miss you all. Night, World. Post more tomorrow. Must sleep.... or else... will..... *ZZzzzZZZzzZZZzz*


Writing. Writing. Writing. Writing. Writing!!!


Okay, I juust finished a run through season one of Bleach. Kathy let me borrow for the week. WHEW! It was one intense and great ride!!

I now have a new show that I'm a fan of. :P.
Bleach is perfectly awesome because it's just as much about the plot as it is about the characters. I love that!

The art is wonderfully done, the storyline itself is just unique and awesome. Great show!!

:P. There's even a glasses wearing, red head who just happens to be a lesbian. :P. lol!!
Anyway, good day today.

It's late though so I'm tired now. *Sigh*.

I'll post more tomorrow!! ;). Have a great weekend, World! *Hugs* Mel!!! *Smile* :).

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I just finished a looot of cooking. I made...lost of stuff and I am now exhausted! Totally exhausted. ;).

Signing off for the night. Later, folks!!

Watched Get Smart and Hancock last night. ROFLMAO! They were both great. They restored my faith in movies again. :D. After Supernatural I thought that there couldn't be anything to compete. Hancock proved me wrong. That movie IS AWESOME!!!

Racial Slurrs

Okay, this has got to stop. End of story.

Nat-han said another racial joke that ended in a hanging. I am not going to stand for this any longer. It's wrong and it is something that I will NOT put up with! He needs to grow up and get a brain already.

It is wrong for him to say things like that and he is old enough to know that. He is also very aware of my feelings on the matter and still he feels the need to spout these "jokes" around me.


*IS unhappy* :(.

Today was busy. I'm still busy. Post what happened later. Night for now, world.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Movies and Other Stuff

I'm watching The Day After Tomorrow. Love that movie. :D. ;).

Went to town, bought all my Christmas gifts. Am not totally broke. Dk what I'm going to do about paying my internet bill this month. *Sigh*. I'll figure it out. Remember that post waay back about "God IS real"...well, I'm gonna choose to believe that's the case and something will work out for me before something horrible happens. ;).

You all have a great one. *glomps*. :D


Okay. Well, I am going into town. Grammie and Grampa JuuuuST got in so she's back and looking really, really...huh. Sick? Like she just got done with major surgery. :P. Which, she did. lol.

Anyway, I have to go into town and boy some food for Thanksgiving. And get milk, pickles, green olives and stuff. lol. ;). Ah. Yogurt, can't forget the yogurt.

Now, if only I can remember to bring that bag for the groceries. :P. I bought several of those bags so that I don't need to use paper or plastic from the stores. lol. I got the bags and can't remember to USE them. lol. I am so great. :P. lol.

Anyway, I also have to go around town and see if anyone is hiring. Sometimes they only post it on the doors of the businesses - although, I already know that no one is hiring - I've gone around all the businesses (Did that when I first lost my job) and all the places that I could work at...well, lets just say they were "overstaffed". It's a sickness. Because there are so many young people in this town that need work. Not cool so now I'm still looking, but I'm going to go around town anyway. You just never know.

So, then I have the library that I need to go to. AND the bookstore. And the post office. Hmmm. Yeah, then I'm going to just leave it at that. I won't go out to eat today. :P. Don't have the money.

lol. I think that life is funny! :D

*Hugs* Mel, have a good one.

TTYL. Mom. ;). Try to find that blanket for me, pls. Matt-hew said that he knew where it was. . .yeah.

Been working on my scarf. And Hat-thing. *Sigh*. Luv me some Supernatural. Thursday is Thanksgiving. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. ;).


i was woke this morning by a phonecall that was bad. no work again. i want work.

Mel made things better, but it still sucks that i don't have work again.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Well, my Aunt Terri is the best Aunt on the planet and we have been having a lot of fun today!

Dude, she's awesome...:D*GIANTGRIN*. Too fun

We spent a couple of hours oggling at stuff in Target to waste time while we waited for my Grampa's tests to finish. We just have the car wash left and then we are going back to the hospital to pick him up. Yeah. :D.

Poste more later. ;). Today has been awesome-ness!! AND I bought Nat-han's Christmas present. lol. ;). :D.
We are at the Happy Hippo Car Wash which just happens to be THE BEST CAR WASH IN THE WORLD, in my Aunt's ho *Humble Opinion. ;). I agree, it's pretty...well....yeah. Great.

At Car Wash

Had fun today. At the carwash. Got to go.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kathy - :D

Today I was feeling a little overwhelmed by things, but I didn't know that I was feeling that way. :P. I thought I was getting along just fine and then Kathy called - she's a good friend of mine - and I told her about all the things that had happened recently. LOL. And right away she said, "Okay, I'm coming over. You don't need to be alone right now". lol. And she did.

We didn't even really talk that much, she was just THERE and it's weird, but it did make me feel better. Today has been a great day and her prescence helped me to not feel quite so down. Hm. Had no idea that being around people was like that. WOW! Can't believe that just came out of my keyboard...hmmmm. Anyway, I think I'll make a point of getting out more and visiting my friends more often. ;). Maybe then I won't post so many *CRY* Posts. :P.


I'm at a restaurant eating my dinner - french fries, Mt. Dew and a Turkey sandwich. :D :D . It's good! I brought my laptop, obviously, and I'm going to try and get at least another thousand words done before I leave. The deadlines coming so fast!! I don't know if I'm going to have time to finish this novel in a day!!! NEEEK! :(.

I'll keep you all updated. ;). Later, World!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh, *YAWn* YeAH.

*Yawn*. I almost forgot. I started crocheting my first scarf of the season. First scarf since last Christmas. OMGosh. *FAINTS*. I just realized that it's been an entire YEAR since I moved up here - well, it will be in Jan. Same diff. *GOES BACK TO FAINT POSITION*

Woah. Hm. I'll post a picture of my project when it's finished. I'm going to try my best and make a Metallicar accessory of some kind. ;). NIGHT. Luvs ya all!!! :D


I've got over twenty-four-thousand words written. Almost half-way done and I still have two days to go.

Basically, I have to write twenty pages of tightly packed descriptions and dialogue to get that much written. :P. *Is exhausted*. I'm almost done with the third story of the weekend. ;). It's all good. I'm tired. Going to sleep. Night world. *YAWN!!*

Current Background

MY CURRENT DESKTOP BACKGROUND. ;). Goodness comes in small ... cookies. :P.


I just got the greatest e-mail from my soul-pal, Melissie. She is, of course, the sun in the sky; the laptop to my dvd; the axiom to my absurdity. :P. You get the idea. Opposites that compliment each other and can't live without each other. ;). My analogies tell our tale. :D :D . ;)

Anyway, Just wanted to say. I *HEART* you, Mel. ;). *Glomps for the ages!!!!*


Okay, first of all, just because I favor Jensen Ackles does NOT mean I don't like Jared Padalecki...'cause the dude's awesome!! Both of them are. However. Sadly. This particular post is a shout-out to my man Jensen. ;).

lol. I was surfing the boards over on the CW forum and I found someone with the username: JensensTheMan :D How awesome is that!!???? lol.

Anywhoo, the man is beyond talented in the acting department. Seriously, his performance gets me every time.

AND, while I'm not a huuuge Jared Padalecki follower...I luv the dude himself. I just don't dig his character that much. *Shrug*. I LOVE the dude though - sidetracked. Sorry. Ahem! This is a shout-out for JENSEN ACKLES, everybody.

You got love for the man? Comment about it! ... pls. :P.

My Freckles...Ahem, I Mean, MY Leslie!!! :D

This is the model that we (Mel mostly and me too) decided looked the most like Leslie Kane who is Mel's OC from those great - soon to be - shipper fics!! :D Saslie is so Sweet!! :D :D
She is so adorable. :D. I dig the "brooding""sad of life" look she has. ;). Awesome for Leslie, imho! :).


Okay, I got a little more written on my story, but Nat-han came over and I ended up talking a joking and procrastinating. :P. lol.

Check out the music on Mel's blog. Ever since I first logged over there this morning I've had a browser open and her music playing. My own, lovely radio station with ONLY THE BEST! ;). lol. :D I love it.

I've also been listening to a lot of Theory Of A Dead Man...most specifically, Bad Girlfriend - which I love. Vids not too bad either. :P. lol. :). :D.

Post more later! Peace. Out. ;). :).

Happy Ending

Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas is just...well, it is the story of my Winchester boys. *Weary Sigh*. I want them to have the elusive happy ending so BADLY. I just hope that when the show finally ends they don't go out like Stargate did. An open ending is just too depressing in their line of work. :(. IMHO.

You all have an awesome Saturday!!! Happy Sabbath for ya'all who go to church...everyone else, enjoy your weekend. ;). :D. Almost Thanksgiving. Which, of course, means F.P.I. Patrol for me. :P. Got to make sure those Pies aren't...guilty of anything. lol. Great, now I'm having American Pie flashbacks. *Washes out brain with mouthwash -- I keep this up I'm gonna run out of mouthwash!*. :P. You all have a good one!


Okaay. I am now, officially, a Metalica fan. I always liked the music on movies and on SN, but now I'm a fan of the group!! wOOt!

Erm....*Shuffles feet**Blinks* Sorry, mom. :D. But they're just SO AWESOME!!

Today's Background

This is my laptop wallpaper for today. ;). It changes often - sometimes several times a day. :P. I'm just like that!!


Okay, so, it's another day. Not much happening over here. I'm going to take it easy today - well, I've got a list of things to do, but they're all pretty easy...just time consuming. :P. :D.

I'm feeling much better now that I have SOMETHING to do on the weekdays. *happy sigh*. Let us just hope that it sticks and that I get a good job from somewhere...soon!!

I just watched the greatest Rodney McKay episode. I love David Hewlett. :D :D. It was called 'Brain Storm' and it was wonderful! I may watch it again later today.

My Grammie is sounding a lot better and she is feeling better, but she is still at the hospital and she's still not 100% just yet. Could be a while.

Can't believe that it is almost Thanksgiving AGAIN! It was JUUUST, a week ago! :P

I got another two chapters written on my story and I started another one that I will be working on today. I only have three more days until the contest ends I still have about thirty eight THOUSAND WORDS to go before I reach the 'winner' mark. *Sigh* But I'll get it done. In my haste to finish my story with enough words...well, I think I might have done a bad thing.

You see, I've been shipping a lot lately. Don't know what in the world is wrong with me, but ever since the Sam/Leslie thing I'm seeing ships EVERYWHERE...what's the ship equivalent of a plotbunny? 'Cause these ships are persistent, they won't go away and thy beg to be written about. :P. Or at least noted. *Sigh*. Anyway, I shipped two of my vampires in my original story that I'm working on.

They don't even really like each other so it's not a true ship. More like a shipper version of a "one-nighter". :D. It did give me some great insights into the characters though that I probably would have never gotten had I NOT written that section. Still, it's going to complicate things, but in a good, character-plot-revealing way!! :D

I hope that all is well and right in your worlds. I'm getting off in a few. Just have to do the rounds and check the sites, but then I'm off so that I can get cracking on the writing. ;). Have a good one, guys!! *Hugs* :D

Friday, November 21, 2008


Okay, well...erm, today went better than I thought that it would. ;). Pay's not good, but it's a lot better than nothing. :D. It makes me happy to have something to do OUTSIDE of the house. :D. So, I'm happy with it. ;).

Nat-han's weird.

He is also AWESOME!! He brought me Walle and I am now going to go and watch it, but I wanted to post first and let the world know that all is well and right. Mel, if you get this before you call....give me a few hours because I'm going to be watching a movie. :P. Unless it's uber-important. Actually, I'll e-mail you. ;). :).

Okaaay. So, Jensen Ackles is PERFECT. I just re-watched the last episode and it was absolutely amazing!! How that man hasn't won, like, a mazillion award is totally beyond me. :).

*Waves* I'm off for now. ;). Post more later!

Oh. Yeah. I have almost three days left and still another forty thousand words to go on my novel. *facepalm*. Wish me Good Luck, World. :D ;).

Have a good one! *Hugs* Mel. :D :D

Okay...For REALS

Alright, NOW I'm really, for sure, going to bed. *Sniffle*. I just had to check the boards and facebook one last time. Maybe I'll run by Twitter before I sign off for good. *Sigh*. My Dean Is So Brave.


All of the earlier scenes from episodes leading up to tonight now have new Dean Meaning. In ITGPSW...when they go into the art room and there are all those masks. *Sob*. What Dean must have been remembering!!! The "rack"...*Sob*. What a horrible life he is forced to live. I bet he wanted Uriel to kill obliterate him beyond death. *SOB!!!!* Okay, I'm going to be okay. *sniffle* Just give me a few years. *cries*.

For reals, though, I'll be okay. ;). Just expressing my...well...TEARS of angst. :P. Perfectly normal given what I have just seen and learned.

Okay. Work tomorrow. I AM GOING TO BED...if it's the last thing I do. Hmph. Nite, fellas. ;). Luv ya alls!!! :D.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Did HE???

Did Dean torture his father in hell? The idea is floating around the fanbase and I'm totally hoping that DIDN'T happen. It'd of broke Dean's heart into a million shattered pieces - impossible to fix. He looked up to his dad so much. *SOBS*.

I have work in the morning. *Sniffle*. I'm going to bed now. *Sob*. You all have a great day tomorrow. *Cries some more*. Hope I wake up...I misplaced my alarm clock. *Sigh*. *Facepalm*. *Sniffle*.

*Hugs* To my people. ;). Later!!


Those first two lines are how how I feel tonight. *Sniffle*. :(. :(. :(.

Lyrics | Nine Days lyrics - Absolutely lyrics

I Apologize

I'm sorry for the spelling errors below. *Sniffle*. I was watching the show and typing in the dark so I was typing as I, there are spelling errors. :P. *Sob*.

THIRTY YEARS!!!!!!!Oh. Dean.

*Sorry, the end on the last post sounds like I'm...I have no idea, but I was just very, very upset about what I had just learned about Dean Winchester. *


It’s about to start!!!! :D I’m so excited.

Here we go!! :D :D :D


I hope that Uriel doesn’t do anything to Dean. DEAN BETTER STILL BE SAFE AND ALIVE BY THE END OF THIS EPISODE.

“I’ll kill her gentle”:.

“As a matter of fact we are”

“She is far from innocent”

“Sorry, get yourself another one” lol.


NO, not my MISHA! Watch out guys. GO CAS!! WHOOT. Took Sam out with no My CAS JUST DISAPEARED. WHAT THE FUCK!???? THEY JUST. IF MY CAS IS DEAD. *Dude, when the light appeared and Cas went away I screamed so loud*.


Bloody Mirror. I don’t believe her. Anna knows what she’s doing and that is so not cool. Something bad is on the horizon and I can feel ti!!!

I think my boys are in big trouble.

Demon Racism.

MY PANI ROOM. Love it.

Wow. Dean just said “Thanks, Ruby.” I think I am dead…and I’m in one weird heaven.

Wow. Dean just talked to Ruby. Huh. He seems to almost trust her. I don’t get it. Dean confusing reality with porn. Lol. So him. I don’t believe Anna…why did the angels say that. I don’t believe her…she must know something. The Winchesters know. Ooooh! BOBBY!!!!!! Erem, or at least his house. :P.

Pam. My beautiful, wonderful, sexy Pam!!! She’s back. :PD :D. lol. “Perky little ass of yours” Love that. ;).

Dean had a BIGT GRIN. Love those. :D :D

Maybe Lilith wears plastic so she can look demony. :P. lol. :D

Woah!??? Hypnosis for Anna? Weird. LOVE THAT SHOT THOUGH!!! Awesome. What are we going to learn. What does this all mean? Get us some answers Pam.


Anna is freaking out, why???? What? Powers. More powers. RUBY IS LOCKED OUTSIDE??? What the world. Omgosh, she just knocked dean out. LOL. She knocked Dean down. Woah, she’s got a punch.

I don’t trust her….

She remembers what??

“Who are you?:

She’s an angel??? WTFH?????? WTF???? She’s an angel????

*Commercials suck*….but they make my SN possible. :D

Dude, she’s an angel. How come everyone predicted that??? I mean, why? Why is she an angel and better yet, why is she stuck inside a human body? Is she a fallen angel…..a demon? Or is she a …. WTF??? *Scratches Head*. She’s an ANGEL….SHE’S an angel….she’s AN angel….nope. No matter how I think about it, it just doesn’t make sense to me.

WHY would an angel lose it’s memory and live as a normal human for so long unless she is part of the “Endgame”??? Is she a demon plant or a god plant or what??? Does she play a big part in the apocalypse or is it a coincidence that they ran into her and that this manifested when it did? Is she an angel that lost her wings???? WTFH?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

This is one of those episodes I’m going to have to watch and re-watch a few times - I can feel it. :P.


Why does she have a death sentence??
Why did she disobey. I DON’T TRUST HER…I RIPPED OUT MY GRACE, what does that mean? “God’s little power ranger”/

Why does heaven want her dead? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a really long time. She’s no the only fallen angel, right?

OoooH! Getting her Grace back. Lol. FIND HER GRACE. :D :D :D

How is grace a physical thing.

WTF. He just happened to spot that. I think that this episode is ridiculous.

OMGOSH! I think that is just stupid. :P. :P.

Ruby is not got my vote. Ruby is apologizing. How weird is that? I don’t trust her…I don’t want them to trust her…I don’t like the dynamic in this episode.


Learning some darkness on the Samster. What are they talking about. What does he have to do to “tone up his abilities”???? I am so worried right now.

OOOh! I see a Dean and a Anna *Starts to sing* I think it’s the sex scene. :D

Dean totally breaks my heart. Nice moment here where he’s asking her questions. She doesn’t know why he was saved. I LOVE JENSEN ACKLES. Chocolate cake. Lol. I think I like Anna in this scene. She craved the human emotions. Hmm. Does that mean that Cas is doomed to fall too?????

Okay, this scene is making more sense now…I trust Kripke. Everything will make sens. JENSEN is my man!!!! “I can relate” Oh. Awwwwwwwwwww~! Sam interrupts them. Lol. Guess that wasn’t the sex bit after all. :P. :d.

Love me some Impala moments. :D WOW That car is starting to get really full. I love that - an angel and a demon sitting in the back seat. “Dude, reality”.

“You call this reality” I LOVE Dean.

OOOHhhh. Nice shot with them by the Grace-Tree. :D

Very touching moment. Anna touching the tree. I love that.

Someone took her grace. Great. This just keeps getting weirder and weirder by the moment.. I mean. Grace being a real, tangible thing???? I don’t get it. And if she does put it “back into herself” then what?? I mean, she obviously was dissatisfied being an angel so that isn’t going to be good….but at least she’s going to be alive.

LOL.. Poor Pam. I just realized that she’s now been attacked by an angel and a demon. :P. Guess she should’ve sticked with the humans. ;).

I don’t like having these girls along with my boys. I mean. It’s just…I don’t like it. L. Sam, for one, is taken!!! Leslie Kane!!! How can he just go off and forget all about the love of his life!???? She’s probably in her hometown, downing some beers and missing her man…and where’s Sam? He’s GETTING IT ON WITH A FREAKIN’ DEMON! Shame.On.Him.

The Grace-Tree was so pretty!!!!! I cannot wait to see what will happen. :D. Dean especially has been so great so far in this episode. I loved that very real moment between him and Ann. Just beautiful. Jensen Ackles stole my heart!! J

I really hope that they put a lot more Impala into this episode. ;). I’ve been missing the car something awful!! *Hugs Metallicar*. J J.

I love that. Heading to the Panic Room forever. Oooh. The angels are talking again. WATCH OUT DEAN! You can’t go back to Hell. NooooOOOOooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. He can’t go back there!!!! That explains how she knew about the angel-killing weapons.

Another Dean and Anna scene. *Squueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*. :D. I love these scenes between these two. WOW! Insight. Those two are so similar! Wow. Oh! Dean, my poor Dean. The Anels were talking about what he did in Hell. What did he do? What does she know? Whew. It wasn’t his fault. Oh. DEAN. Oh. That’s so great! He’s not alone. You know it, Dean. You aren’t alone!!!

Lol. Sammy got the demon. Dean got the angel. Lol. Back in season one Dean said that Sammy had a thing for the bad chick. Stealing his best line. Lol. I lov those two together. Lol. In the car!!! Lol. Ooooh! I think….WOW!!!!! There is never going to be a scene to rival this scene. I think that Sammy has a run for his money in the hotness department. Dean chose a MUCH better person to share his time with. I am totally into this scene. They are so great togher. Talking, not talking, doesn’t matter. Niiiiiice. 8Happy Sigh*. Okay, I just about fainted right there. Arh. There’s his scar. OMGOSH, she put her hand over his scar. Oh, they are so wonderful. Lol. Hand on the window. I love it!

I ma now so very, very, very, very, very HAPPY with Kripke.

Oooh. Ruby watching Sam sleep. Can’t spell good. She’s burning the hex bag? What in the world? What is she doing? What is Ruby doing? ALASTAIR???!!!

Ruby is going to do something stupid, sisn’t she. . .she shouldn’t have. She’s going to turn over the angel.

Well, she DID get hem into it…I can see why she would want to get them out of it. But I don’t trust her at all. Why doesn’t Alstair just kill her. WWHY DOESN’T ANYONE JUST KILL HER ALREADY!????? Loll DEAN IN THE ALONE WITH THE Uriel. Scary. Oh, thank goodness. He’s dreaming. Cas likes my Dean. *DIES OF HAPPY*. J. Uriel has her grace. OMGOSH! Uriel has her grace!!!

“angel cake” is now Dean’s official cake. :D. :D. :D.



Wow. What an intense torture scene. Ruby being tortured by Alastair. LOOOOOOooooong time in coming. Very niiice. I’m not one for torture - usually it squicks me - but this time. ;). I feel horrible for the hosts body. She isn’t telling them where the angel is. It’s for her own life though. Okay. No change there. She’s going to lead the way to the angel and to the Winchesters. No!!!

I love it. A brother scene - wow, that didn’t last long. Dean is NOT okay, don’t care what he has to say about it. What is going on. ??? .

DEAN, what did you dod???

Dean, why did you? OMGOSH, WHAT DID THAT URIEL DO TO MY DEAN TO MAKE HIM DO THAT. Noooooo. How could they do something like that. Killing Sam or Anna to make Dean do what needs to be done. I am….woah, that was a great Anna/Dean kiss. I love those two together.

NOOOOO. Cas is looking a little . Broken Dean. Ah. Okay, commercial is on so now I can explain.

Cas looks like he doesn’t know if he’s doing the right thing, but he knows what will happen to him should he NOT follow the orders - basically what happened to “Anna” - and he’s not willing to take the chance. OMGOSH, it is just heartbreaking. Dean is forced to do what he doesn’t want to in order to save the life of his family and Cas must do what he doesn’t want to in order to save his soul and help others and keep his angel status. OMGOSH, URIEL IS A FRIGGIN BASTARD AND I HATE HIM WITH EVERYTHING AND I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I SAID HE COULD BE INTERESTING. HE’S NOT INTERESTING AND I AM NOT GOING TO PUT UP WITH HIM DOING THAT TO MY DEAN. URIEL BETTER WATCH HIS BACK, ‘CAUSE IT’S GONNA GET KICKED WHEN HE’S NOT LOOKING - in a very well written, very deep, very personally-fulfilling fanfic!!!!!

I cannot believe how amazing Dean has been in this episode. Actually, since he’s played by Jensen Ackles, I can totally believe it. *Happy Sigh* I think that I just fell in love with that man - oooh, movies back.

Cas wishes he could feel sorry. Poor man. *Huggles* Vcas.


WOW. Standoff for the ages!!!!!!!!

Lol. I love the namecalling. Lol. :

Oooh! Go Castiel. :D

I like Alastair. :D.

Not even Cas is strong enough for Alastair. NOT MY CAS. LET MY CAS GO. LET MY CAS GO. Oh, thank goodness. Dean just saved Cas.

What are they doing? Anna got her Grace back. SHUT YOUR FRIGGIN EYES GUYS. LISTEN TO HER!!!!

Woah!!! I am so glad they shut their eyes. Oh. My. They got their knife back. Then they’re gone. EEEEW. Ruby/Sam look.

I don’t trust her…lol. Love Ruby’s eye rolls. Oh, poor Dean. He lost his girl. That is so depressing. Knowing that she’s not happy and that he did that to her…oh, the poor man must feel so much guilt right now. He’s getting all tored up on the inside. *Huggles Dean*. That man never catches a break longer than five minutes…ever. Not since episode one. I just cannot believe where this season has gone - and I STILL don’t dig the Ruby angle. She has no where to go so she’s sticking with the only party left to her - the ragtag Winchester duo…but as soon as she gets an opportunity she is going to turn on them. I don’t care who she thinks she loves. The woman’s still a demon and I don’t trust her one inch. Even if she saved both of their lives yet AGAIN, I still wouldn’t trust her.

WHAT DID DEAN DO IN HELL??? Dude, it’s going to bother me a lot. At least my theory has been confirmed that it was IN FACT something that he did. *Gratified Smile*. :D

Anna’s hot. J.

I love season four of Supernatural!!! :D :D Dean finally found something - someone. Finally. They were so much alike and now he’s lost her for good. She can’t feel love or loss or anything and he knows that it is because of him. I just. Those scenes between her and Dean were sooo powerful! Short, but intense. I’m a shipper. :P. ;). Of those two.

Oh, I love that ending bit with them sitting on the car. BROTHERLY moment. Ah. Sam’s not gonna push for the story. I need to know. Push Sammy!!!

WE’RE GETTING THE STORY. My worst nightmares come true. Dean. Den. Dean!!! NOOOOO. Oh. This must be so hard for Sam to hear. It was exactly what I thought! Torn to pieces over and over and over again.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Dean did that. FOR THIRTY YEARS!! Oh, Dean!!!!!! I can’t hear this! Dean did that to those people. Oh that must have been so very, very, very, very awful. He did that o those people. OMGOSH. Dean . *SOBS*.

Sam goes right in there defending him. Oh. Dean. Thirty years. *sobs*. Oh. DEAN. YOU’RE BREAKING ME UP INSIDE. Oh dean. You don’t mean that. You can’t. Oh, DEAN.

Dean just told us what happened down there in Hell and it was the most awful thing ever. He - He - He… *Cries*. He had to torture people. He had to tear them apart. He had to bring the same pain to them that was brought on HIM and it’s just too horrible to even. I can’t think about it right now.

THIRTY years.

Icon of the Day



Lyrics | Leona Lewis lyrics - Angel lyrics


After tonight there will be an eight week long hiatus. *Dies at thought* *Revives in anticipation of tonight's episode*.

I'll post all about tonight's episode at length if I feel up to it...still feeling really. Unusual.


Listening to Riot by 3 Days Grace. ;) GREAT SONG!! :D :).

Lyrics | Three Days Grace lyrics - Riot lyrics

Minimal Crisis Averted. :P

Okay. So. Everyone in the know. Crisis averted, for now. ;S. Whew!! Mel, *HUGS* you are the awesome that lights my way through the journey of the unknown *a.k.a. LIFE*. :D. Thank you!! :D. Mom, thanks for all the help. Even Nat-han wasn't so bad today. ;). All had good advice and I made it through this....erm....problem. ;).

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


JENSEN ACKLES in his younger years and his twin. . .Also known as: Brock Kelly


Okay. I've got news on my Gramie. She's out of surgery. SHE WOULD HAVE DIED IF SHE HADN'T OF WENT IN WHEN SHE DID!!! She's okay right now, but it will be a long recovery road...and...well. None of us will be working for a while. I feel so horrible right now. They're both off on medical leave and they aren't getting paid for it -AND they have all these new bills to go along with that badness. So. I'm not helping them at all. Maybe I should just go home.

Although. Nat-han did offer to let me move in with him. That would be good! :). I think. Hope life is good for everyone else. *Hugs* Mel, Mom, Manasa! PML. Post, More, Later. :D.

Today AGAIN...*sigh*

I'm in town right now. Writing and typing and searching and...just "hanging out". :). :(. I'm still in an indeterminate emotional state right now. I'll just call it "neutral". :P.

I found out that I had several thousand more icons and on my computer than I had first thought. Yeah. I re-discovered some that I had saved in weird files and totally forgotten about. I love Icons - just incase you didn't get that from my last post. ;).

I'm a fourth of the way done with my Incongruous novel. I will be finished by the 3oth. It HAS to be finished. So, I'm going to go and work on that some more. If I can get two more sections of it finished by tomorrow then I'll be content with that! :D. That will put the count up to seven. :D. Seven sections is just marvelous to me!! :).

I have a crush on one of the waitresses working at the restaurant I'm sitting in. :P. I'm so weeeird. lol. ;).


Here's my icon of the morning!! ;). Luv me some icons. :P. :).

No News ... IS....Good News??

Well, I haven't heard back from the hospital yet so I'm not sure how my Grammie is doing right now. My Grampa is down there with her right now and Nat-han is here with me right now.

Over-all. Stressful day. *Yawn*. AND I'm tired. Very tired. Yeah. Mt. Dew or coffee.....mmmmm.....COFFEEE!!!!! I'll have to make a pot when I'm finished with this post.

I decided to make a list of GOOD things that I've got RIGHT NOW. So, no more moping about being sad at the world. My top TEN list of GOOD THINGS is right here, right now. :D. Friends are not included, because everyone KNOWS they're at the top. ;). So, I'll leave them off for now. *GLOMPS* Friends.

THE LIST of pure goodness:

1.) Icons
2.) Dean Winchester
3.) Ability to sleep a late as I want
4.) Coffee
5.) History - books. ;).
6.) My laptop - my writing ON my laptop! ;)
7.) My Peshy - who I miss a lot!!
8.) Music on Youtube
9.) Penguins
10.) Being nice and warm - last but not least. :P.

Yeppers. That's my list of goodness for this morning. OOH! And Mel is shipping my SHIP! Yeah! :D :D :D Go Leslie/Sam! Wooohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Monday, November 17, 2008

AND Then there was HOPE

Okay, Mel and Kathy both called tonight. Life is not so dark after all. Things are right and bright and cheery and .... alright, maybe not quite, but it's a whole lot better!

Mel always makes life better. :D. *Glomps* Mel. ;). All my woes are swept under the weaved carpet of denial and hope. ;). It is all good again. lol. :D.

AND then there was Alec

The actor who will be playing youg Dean in the coming episode looks kinda like DA Alec.:D. Me likey! :).

Made noodles for dinner tonight. Going to work on my story. I joined NaNoWiMo so I will hopefully win!! wOOt! Mel, you should google and join! It's fun. :D. ;). :).

November's almost over. I hate life. I mean, I hate some parts of life. I love all the rest. :P. ;).


My Grammie is in the hospital. She's in a lot of pain. Life sucks.

*Sigh*. I didn't do too good on the test, didn't do too bad either. :P. Actually, I got right about average for most of it. Not bad. *Rolls Eyes* The math course I have to take they don't have until next fall so until then I'm going to have to work on my english and whatever else I can afford. I'll probably take some pre-business courses too. DK. I still have to apply for financial aid - doing that tonight.

I'm tired of everything sucking - except my friends and my writing :P - and I'm really tired of my FAMILY ENDING UP IN THE HOSPITAL. It's only been two weeks since my Grampa had his heart attack and now my Grammie is in the hospital. In a lot of pain. Uargh. I cannot wait until I live alone.

Or with my Mel. ;).

Later, world. I'll post more as it happens. *Heavy Sigh*. More stories over on S.S.A. Read at own risk.

Today's the Day

I have to go into town in less than an hour. I am taking that COMPASS test...which I will, undoubtedly, achieve a negative score on. *Sigh*. Then I'm meeting with an advisor for the college. THAT should go well. *Rolls Eyes*. I think I might be getting sick . . . and I don't want that. But whatever. Things are going okay here. ;). Other than all of the above. :P.

I hope that I can get something published. Glimmer Train didn't want my story. :(. So, I'm going to get another one that I think they would publish and send it in and then I'll send Incongruous somewhere else. :P. :D. It's all good. ;). :).

You guys have a great day. I'll post and let you know how everything went...later. :).

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sad Again

Just read some spoilers for the SN episode where we see the boys in high school. For Mel I won't post spoilers on here...but I'm sad again. *Heavy, heavy, heavy SIGH* Sad and Down and All. *Shakes Head* I think I'll probably end up crying during that episode too.

Jensen rocks...but his character is the most saddest ever. *=,(*

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Racial Issues

I know that I posted about this once before, but I'm going to again. Sorry.

I was just reading the news and it was talking about how there have been a lot of racially motivated attacks - both verbal and physical - after the election. *Sigh*. I've heard my share of these going around town here and I'd just like to say that for my part I've done everything that I can to discourage it.

My views on the matter are very clear. I don't tolerate people talking/acting in a manner befitting a FOUR YEAR OLD WITH A GRUDGE. That is how most of these adults are starting to act out. I mean, it is the least mature thing I've seen a really long time. :(. You've got all of these people who aren't happy about the fact that we have an African-American in the White House.

I have three words for them.


There. I'm. Done.

;). :D. Spread the peace, guys, don't add to the chaos. Plz! *Hugs* To my wonderful friends!

AND THEN....Third take

Okaaaay. Since Mel seems to NOT be shipping Leslie and Sam. I'M going to! I'm going to write me a series and get me a fanbase and have me a SHIP!!! ;). :P.

I need to work on my writing today. *Sigh*. I had a really late...early?...morning. :D. Watched Hellboy Two last night. *Yawn* Was up till after three. :).

The World In General

Nat-han took me to see Quantum Of Solace with Daniel Craig. :D. It was "yeah". :D.

I also got to finally see Hell Boy 2 thanks to Nat-han. ;). He's been hanging out with me for most of the day. ;). At least he's not mad at me much anymore. :P. :).

*Hugs* Mel, you're awesome!!! :D :D :D Have a great day tomorrow!! ;). G'Night world. :D.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Another Day, Another Question, Another Restaurant??

Okay. Well, it's another day. Things are looking okay. I'm not doing very well, but I'm doing very unwell neither. :P. In all, I'm doing just fine. Sad about the no job, but NOT depressed. The episode last night has left me a very thoughtful mood and I've been musing over what all of the things could have meant. I dread....and I truly mean dread, the episode that I know is coming where Ruby is going to play a large role. By Ruby, I mean the new, unusually non-gifted Ruby 2.0 :P. She's going to be the "centric" in an upcoming and I'm not looking forward to that at all.

Guess that I should have expected it because they left her in the show for years, but still. I hoped we'd never see her again after Metamorphosis. No hope! We are going to continue to see her. You know, I dislike her so much that I think I will actually miss her when she is no longer on the show. :P. :D. How totally weird is that going to be? lol.

Oh. I'm writing from the inside of a different restaurant. I decided to stop in for a Mt. Dew, change of scenery and to get some writing done. Right now I think I'm going to write a bit of Trevor Snow's story. So far there hasn't been a whole lot written about him in my stories and that has just got to chance because he is too awesome for that to happen! Right, right? :D!

I'm really worried about my COMPASS test because ... I suck at tests and everyone knows that. lol. :P. Still. *Fingers Crossed*.

I don't know how I'm going to pay for college. Financial aid only, you know, AIDS so it won't take care of the bill completely and I'm not employed which will make it even harder to think about. UGH. I just want to be a millionaire already. Forget all the in between! :D. :P. ;). :).

Okay, so I had a question for Mel. *Ahem*. When Ruby left 2.0 and entered the Housekeeper (3.0) then she said that her body (2.0) was rotting on the floor back in the cabin with Anna...does that mean that when she came back into the body it would have rotted a little for good. I mean, when she possess it does it HEAL it or REJUVENATE the body or does it just in, is she even more of a "walking dead" body with a demon inside? Than she was before???

Ugh. I just hope Sammy doesn't kiss her anytime in the near future. *Shudders* I'm STILL trying to stomach that scene last night, don't think I'll ever get to that point though. It was AWFUL!! *Sigh*.

I'm going to go and get some writing done now. I posted a new story over on S.S.A. you can check it out if you want to, but I also put it up on because it was a short little Fic. :D. I love those. Short, sweet - erm, usually angst covered - with a nice little sprinkle of H/C. :P. Luv that. ;).

I've been watching some convention interviews with Jensen and Jared. Love those guys! They are just so adorkable and charming. :D. *Happy sigh*. Mel might be right about the Bi. :P. But I doubt it....;). Still, I can entertain. :D.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Questions About Tonight

Okay. Here is my list of questions about what just happened. I have one every week, but I don't usually put them up on here. This time, however, I see no reason not to. So, here they are:

Why would Sam "do" Ruby? Why would he even WANT to....okay. I can answer that one. We saw in DALDOM that Sam was more than a little horny. :P. Something he hides well. From most people. :P.

Why wasn't Dean more UPSET about the Ruby/Sam thing? I mean, in M it seemed like he would kill Ruby on the spot for even THINKING about something like that and then he finds out that it actually happened and all he has to say is, 'Too much 411."??? I don't get it.

Then there was the fact that Ruby always shows up JUUUUUUUUUUST when she's needed, just in time to save the boys lives. It's been that way since they first found her and there's no way that it can be a coincidence THAT MANY TIMES. Let us see. There was the time she saved Sam in MS when those three demons were after him. There was that time in MM(S3) when she saved Dean and Sam from the witches demon. There was the time when she helped Bobby fix the gun. There was the time she saved Sam from the demon - right after her return from hell in IKWYDLS. There was the time she saved him AGAIN in IKWYDLS when Sam went after Lilith "alone". Then there was the time that she saved Dean's life when he was dying in MM(S3) in that hotel room. Then there was the time that she helped them get into the house Lilith had been in during NRFTW. That was, of course, before she was sent back to hell by Lilith.

ANYway, not buying her excuses. Becuase that's all they are. Don't trust a word she says and if it turns out that she really IS our very on SN-Severus-Snape then I will be the first to admit...that there WAS WAY MORE THERE THAN THEY EVER PUT ON SCREEN AND SHE'S NOT A SN-S-S. So there. :P.

Another question. What is it with Ruby and french fries? Wouldn't the salt alone make her sick? I don't get it. Hmmmm. Then there's the whole, HER HOST IS DEAD thing. What HAPPENS to the french fries? Just because she is in the body, does not mean that it is alive and working.

Which brings me back to the original question of HOW CAN SAM POSSIBLE "DO" A DEAD GIRL'S BODY WITH ....*gag*....RUBY...*gag*....IN THE DRIVERS SEAT??????

That boy lost some serious respect with me when he did that. :S. I just hope that it only happened the one time. I know, I know. I'm deluded. Of COURSE they were "getting it on" every freakin' night. Ugh! *Shakes Head*.

Okay. Then there's Dean. He is SOOOO hiding something from his time in hell and I'm guessing that it is a doozy. Probably had to do something horrible. Participate in some way. Otherwise that Ghost sickness wouldn't have affected him. He did something in hell - whether he was FORCED to do it or did it voluntarily remains to be seen, but something definitely happened down there - and that something is going to come back and bite him. Okaaaay. I know. Right? It already HAS come back to haunt him, bite him, whatever. Right? That's what is up with all of the nightmares and drinking. Sure, he experienced a. lot. of badness down there, but if HE DID something terrible then I'm sure that's what he keeps remembering. Knowing the Winchesters and their penchant for guilt/regrett/bad timing/bad moves and...well. Pretty much anything else you can think of that involves ignorance, good intentions and a negotative connotation. It's just one big, huge mess. :P. :D.

I love those boys though. Props to Jensen and Jared. Dean and Sam are so awesome! I may not be a Sam fan right now, but he's still my boy - bad choices and all. I won't abandon my Winchesters. ;). lol.

Post more later, I'm tired. :P. *Hugs* Kind people of the world!

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Okay. So Ruby saved Sam’s life. Huh. Yeah. WHATEVER. Dude, she totally is playing him, but I can see how he would trust her after losing everything. I mean, he still had Bobby…but that’s it. Totally it. That dude had just lost the most important person in his life and then Ruby comes along and saves him from Hell…..I’d probably be inclined to trust her too. Well, I’d at least follow her out of danger…but…you know. She is really up to no good and Sammy should know better! I don’t know what her endgame is BUT SHE’S A FRIGGIN DEMON!!!! It is not going to be a Sam-friendly endgame. IMHO.

Not only that, but I mean, come on! Seriously? She saved him from one little demon. ONE. It wasn’t a massacre or anything, but he was vulnerable and she knew it so she took that opening. Ruby takes every opening she can get in order to get closer to that younger Winchester boy. *Shakes Head*. I am starting to really feel for him. He had so few choices. Almost as many as Dean does now. They truly aren’t the same people they were. So sad.

I may cry again. *Sigh*.

Then Alastair (Love how Dean always pronounces the names. :P) has the knife so all they can rely on is Sam’s dark powers. At least, until they can get the knife back, which will be pretty much impossible if that demon is as powerful as everyone says/thinks that he is. Trouble double-time. ;). It’s coming, fellows.

“Who do I have to kill to get some French fries around here.”

“I recycle.”

Okay, so the host is dead. I don’t care. Coma patient with no spirit. Apartment empty, that helps me a lot. Whew!!! I was worried there for a really, really long time. J . I don’t trust a word that she says, so how am I to really know that the spirit was gone from the body? What if the spirit is still attached in some way that she couldn’t sense? That would make a serious difference. Still she won my vote *A liiiiitle* when she told him to sober up or else. :P. Loved that moment. ;). J .


(Insert: EWWWWWW factor is off the charts. Sam just “did” Ruby. Ugh. Nasty)

OMGosh, He just told Dean about it! OMGOSH! HE JUST TOLD DEAN ABOUT IT! Dean knows it. Listen to him, Sammy.

I don’t believe that she has feelings for Sam. SHE’S USING MY SAM AND SHE BETTER STOP! Aaargh.

I really don’t like her using Dean to manipulate Sam…which is what she has done since the beginning. He should have done her in right then! He let his feelings get in the way. HE KNEW she was using him. He could see it. He could hear it and still he let her live. ARRRGH. SAMMY! What is going through that noggin of yours!!???? …. Ugh. Commercials. *Rolls eyes*.

So what if he finds out later that there was someone in that body? Will THIS Sam even care anymore? I’m not so sure. Losing Dean like that really took something out of Sam and that was BEFORE he started using and honing his darkness….ugh. What a mess those Winchesters have gotten themselves into. A horrible mess that isn’t their fault…but sorta is. You know, it’s a family cycle of self-harm that they seem to just pass on to each other. One is in danger so the other moves heaven and hell to save them then THAT one is in danger so the other moves heaven and hell BACK and on and on.

The commercial is over. Go Sam! Get that Lilith! Eeew. It’s a little girl. OMGosh! It’s NOT the little girl. OoooH! Lilith isn’t there. Go Sam! Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuun. Ugh. Ruby showed up. What if she planned that. Wouldn’t put anything past that demon. DON’T SAVE HER SAMMY! And does he listen? NO. He goes right ahead and saves her, dammed it! He took their “moment” too much to heart. He got ATTACHED! Noooo, she used Dean against Sammy.

I. Don’t. Like. It.

Lol. LOVE THE housekeeper. J . Love it. ;). Ruby as the housekeeper. Lol. ;). Dean’s face afterwards. Lol. Lots of lol’s in that scene. :P. :P.

Dean’s going to apologize….lol…and he CAN’T DO IT. Lol. Love it. Tension between them better not go anywhere. ;). :D. Drama. MMMMMM.mmmmm.MMMMM..mmmm.

Have I mentioned that I hate commercials? Lol.

Okay, well, at least we’re getting more of a workable dynamic between the two boys AND Ruby. I don’t care what kind of good she might have done for Sammy, I’m never going to trust her at all ever. If Dean had come back from hell as a demon I wouldn’t trust him either, even if he still ‘remembered what it meant to be human’. Because that wouldn’t change what he had become and the same goes for Ruby … only about TEN TIMES THAT! I really don’t like her although now I’m thinking that I can stomach them working together as long as it stays only that. I’m not diggin the whole Sam sleeping with Ruby thing. Ew. Like. Nasty. That’s …. like….necrophilia. EEEEEEeeeeW. Ugh. Nasty. *Washes out brain with mouthwash*. Nasty, nasty, nasty, ugh. I don’t ever want to see a scene between those two ever again, but at least they supposedly took care of the host side of things - good thinking on the part of TPTB. Seems that is the reason they haven’t been coming out to talk about what the fans have been saying about Sammy being a rapist. At least we’ve seen that it isn’t true.

Ugh. This commercial is getting me down about the economy *again*. Will the recession ever end? Don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical. I know OF COURSE it will end. *Heavy Sigh*.















!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I think we learn what happened to Dean next week. :D :D :D :D Forget worldly woes, there are TV goodness coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright we just saw a little sneak peak of next week and I saw DEAN TEARS and the only picture of hell and him that we’ve seen to date. From NRFTW. :D :D :D :D :D All is right and good for now. I’m totally high on expectation.



Here are five of the ICONS that I just found on :D. Great site for pretty much any type of ICON you could POSSIBLY want to FIND! :). Have a great afternoon, people.

ICON Hunting

I think that I'm going to go on an ICON hunt. :D. I'll show off some of my spoils when I'm finished. ;D.

Supernatural tonight. We finally - and I REALLY mean FINALLY - get to find out what Sam was up to all those months that Dean was gone in Hell and if that boy was "up to something" with Ruby I will chew his A$$ OUT! Seriously!!

K. Well, I am also going to meet Anna for the first time. She's the girl that can hear angels conversations. Dean and Sam are just about to be sent out to find her by Ruby. Uriel and Castiel want her dead...the demons want her alive...the two Winchester boys are, as usual, stuck in the middle of it through no fault of their own. They're just trying to save her life. *Sigh*. Good intentions....never really work out well.

My Internet connection has been really weird this afternoon. It keeps kicking me off and I think that it's because of the really bad weather over this way. ;).

I added more stories over on and most of them are also on S.S.A. ;). So, you can go over there and check out Lollipop Disease - a short story that I wrote about Teddy. I thought that bear deserved a little bit of rememberance. ;). :D. :). So, yeah, you can go read it!!! :D
Anywhoo. So, I've got a little over an hour to go hunt for icons. ;). This should be fun! I'm running out of new icons and that always bothers me. :P. I'll post more up later. ;).
I went into town today and it really helped me feel better about my situation. Now if only someone would call me back things would be REALLY going great! ;). We'll see how this weekend and then next week goes.
Currently listening to "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor" by Puddleofmud!!! Luv that group. ;). I was also listening to "Crashed" earlier by Daughtry. LOOOOVE Daughtry!! :).
You all have a really great day! Nice talk, Mel. ;). *Hugs* ya'all. ;). :).

Recession. . .*Bites Nails

Recession.....*Shivers*. I just looked at the front page of the news websites this morning. Global Recession. *Goes to hide from reality*. Life sucks. Sometimes. Yeah. Ugh. I don't want there to be a recession...I mean, there already WAS ONE and everyone KNEW IT, but still. Hmph. Recessions suck!

Icon OF Right-Now...

HERE'S yet another ICON, ladies and gentle-creatures. ;). :D.

This one of the lovely Jensen Ackles...looking juuust a little unnerved. :P. Who doesn't LOVE that? ;). lol.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


With the very, very high unemployment rate currently in ID I am not sure that I will even find a job. You got LINES of college educated people trying to get jobs at drive-thru food places. I mean, it's crazie. I'm never going to get hired. *heavy sigh*. Seriously, I will do anything for money....and I haven't even got a call back. Everywhere they've interviewed me it hasn't gone BEYOND that....and I'm getting very scared that I won't find anything! It's scary, people.

*Tries to calm down* Then today I read yet another article about how upper ID has the highest rate of unemployment in the state. Ummm. I LIVE in upper ID. :S. What do I do, people? I've done everything that I can to get hired.

But does that mean that it's my fault I haven't gotten hired yet? Or is it no ones fault? Or what? I feel so guilty about staying here at my Grandparents when I'M NOT EVEN EMPLOYED.

*Wrings hands* This is so uncool, people. So! Uncool!

*Winces*. Great. Now I've brought myself down. I need sleep. Night world. Hopefully tomorrow everything will look and seem better than it does at the moment.

You guys are absolutely what keeps me going. I'll pick my chin up, just give me a few hours. *sigh*. People have been praying for me to get a job - I'm one of the people, people - so...what does that MEAN??? God doesn't want me working? OR I'm the reason God hasn't been able to get me a job. *scratches head*. Whatever. Put in another application yesterday and had a job interview. Ugh. I just want TO WORK!!! PLZ! SOMEONE FREAKIN' CALL ME!!!

Rant over. *Whew*. Okay, I'll be okay. I...just...Yeah. I'm going to sleep. ;). Post more later. Since my previous post "There IS A God" proved that, ahem, THERE IS A GOD then I must assume that "the time simply is not right for me to be employed....currently". *Sigh*. Yeah. Right. Okaaay. I'll believe that. :S. Maybe. Someday. Later. After I'm hired. :P. I'm getting very, very, very, very, very, very (I am *so* tired) very, nerveous.

Current Background

This icon is currently set as my laptop gotta look out for those Gummy Bears!!! ;). Run, it'll kill ya!!!! lol. Sorry, could not resist. Night ya'all. ;).

Went out Today

I went out today to eat and get my writing done. I write a lot better from restaurants. It's weird, I know, but it works. I finished another story and I'm one page away from finishing's over on Seasoned Simile Axiom right now.

I think I'll be working on number eight by tonight. :D. Yeah! ;). lol. It was fun. I need to get out more often. ;). I think that I'll do it again soon! :).

Pretty In Pink

Hmm. I'm sitting here, checking my e-mail, etc. while I watch Pretty In Pink for the first time. I think that I like this movie. :P. So far. Hmmm.

Anyway, today has been pretty good. I woke up and everyone was gone. Everyone is still gone. I re-watched that really sad epie and was able to get through it without tears this time! ;). There IS hope for me. :).

lol. PIP is funneey. lol. Well, I'll post more later. For now I'm just going to work on my writing. I finished my latest original story/chapter last night. I have another one started and I'm going to get cracking on it. I've got only eight and a half more to go!! Then I'm finished and all I'll need to do is re-write everything and critique it and then send it to Mel for her to say what's wrong with it. :P. It'll be all good! Post more later...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nite World

Goodnight, World. I'm bunking down for the night. *Sigh* I've STILL got about fourteen chapters to go on my story....Hm. I'll get it done.

I'm going to try and find a running trail tomorrow. Then I won't have to just run around the house (Everywhere else I've seen has been really...hilly. Yeah. Not cool for running. :P). Anyway, *Hugs* to my friends and a goodnight to you all. ;). I'll post more tomorrow, assuming something happens to be posted ABOUT. lol.

I've been keeping myself busy. Got my loom out today and I think I'll make something blue!! :D. I'll post a picture of whatever I end up making after it is finished. Could be a few weeks though! ;). Night.

Icon Of Today's Feeling

ICON OF THE DAY!!! wOOt! :).

Job Application....Woe

Okay, I went into town and had a mini job interview spontaneously when I dropped off my latest application at a phone answering service. :P. Yeah. I know. Get it out of your system, feel free to laugh it up. I know that I did, but still, it pays good and it's not hard. You just got to talk to a LOT of people. *Sigh*. Still, money is SO worth it!! I should be getting a phone call tomorrow or the next day, they said. Then I will go in for a "formal" interview and I will probably work a four hour shift for training...she said the first two shifts are training and I won't be paid for those, but at least I'll know if I'll be able to handle the job.

I'll be able to. ;). No worries! If there is one thing that I do very, very, very well it is ADAPTING to new environements. It'll be great. ;). I also have on more application that I might bring in tomorrow. This one I'm really hesitant on, even though I know that I need work, because it is almost forty minutes away. That's a lot of solo driving time. *Winces* Have I mentioned that I HATE driving? The phone thing is close enough that I can walk if I need to. ;). It'll be good.

I got to see my friends new apartment that she's renting with a friend and it is REALLY nice. The building used to be a church and it got burned inside so they totally rebuilt it and WOAH! It's huge and really nice. :D. If I had the money I would room with them. It's that niice, but I don', Nat-han wants the room. ;). Then I could hang out over there anyway. :P.

I was out just "hanging" with that same friend for almost four hours last night. The people kept telling me to get out of the house and socialize so I did. I'm afraid that I wasn't the best of company though. *heavy sigh*. I'm still dealing with this emotional WIERDNESS that is leaving me so sad. Hmmm. I need to figure out what's causing it before I get depressed again. I've worked really hard this time NOT to fall back into a depressed slump.

I have great friends and family. I will overcome! Ha! ;). :).