Friday, November 14, 2008

Another Day, Another Question, Another Restaurant??

Okay. Well, it's another day. Things are looking okay. I'm not doing very well, but I'm doing very unwell neither. :P. In all, I'm doing just fine. Sad about the no job, but NOT depressed. The episode last night has left me a very thoughtful mood and I've been musing over what all of the things could have meant. I dread....and I truly mean dread, the episode that I know is coming where Ruby is going to play a large role. By Ruby, I mean the new, unusually non-gifted Ruby 2.0 :P. She's going to be the "centric" in an upcoming and I'm not looking forward to that at all.

Guess that I should have expected it because they left her in the show for years, but still. I hoped we'd never see her again after Metamorphosis. No hope! We are going to continue to see her. You know, I dislike her so much that I think I will actually miss her when she is no longer on the show. :P. :D. How totally weird is that going to be? lol.

Oh. I'm writing from the inside of a different restaurant. I decided to stop in for a Mt. Dew, change of scenery and to get some writing done. Right now I think I'm going to write a bit of Trevor Snow's story. So far there hasn't been a whole lot written about him in my stories and that has just got to chance because he is too awesome for that to happen! Right, right? :D!

I'm really worried about my COMPASS test because ... I suck at tests and everyone knows that. lol. :P. Still. *Fingers Crossed*.

I don't know how I'm going to pay for college. Financial aid only, you know, AIDS so it won't take care of the bill completely and I'm not employed which will make it even harder to think about. UGH. I just want to be a millionaire already. Forget all the in between! :D. :P. ;). :).

Okay, so I had a question for Mel. *Ahem*. When Ruby left 2.0 and entered the Housekeeper (3.0) then she said that her body (2.0) was rotting on the floor back in the cabin with Anna...does that mean that when she came back into the body it would have rotted a little for good. I mean, when she possess it does it HEAL it or REJUVENATE the body or does it just in, is she even more of a "walking dead" body with a demon inside? Than she was before???

Ugh. I just hope Sammy doesn't kiss her anytime in the near future. *Shudders* I'm STILL trying to stomach that scene last night, don't think I'll ever get to that point though. It was AWFUL!! *Sigh*.

I'm going to go and get some writing done now. I posted a new story over on S.S.A. you can check it out if you want to, but I also put it up on because it was a short little Fic. :D. I love those. Short, sweet - erm, usually angst covered - with a nice little sprinkle of H/C. :P. Luv that. ;).

I've been watching some convention interviews with Jensen and Jared. Love those guys! They are just so adorkable and charming. :D. *Happy sigh*. Mel might be right about the Bi. :P. But I doubt it....;). Still, I can entertain. :D.