Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm Back - And The Big Bang Theory!

I was looking for a picture I had posted on here FOREVER ago and I realized that I totally missed telling the world what I did everyday - as mundane as it might be - and I am going to try and start it up again. YAYA!

Plus, with Supernatural season right around the corner there will be plenty to talk about.

First order of business, before I post this, I am now a fan of The Big Bang Theory and more importantly of Sheldon. :). Hooray for geekhood!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Post

BETTER EXAMPLE. . .this one had me in tears.

Been A While

Things are going good. I've moved to Washington State. I have an apartment I'm sharing with my best friend, I have a vehicle and I have been job searching non-stop so hopefully something will open up soon. ;)

I'm back because I totally HAD to post a link to this vid. It's Words are hard to use in describing it. I guess it's just a small way that the soldiers of America sacrifice for us. Thanks, to everyone who is serving or who has served in the past. You guys/gals rock!!