Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Today: P.S.

Beware The Fairies!!!

Today: Computer Fairies

Well, people, computer Fairies ate my hardrive - so I am posting from the library again - I will try to post as often as I can from here until I can get the problem fixed. ;). So, I probably won't put up as many posts per day. Until later!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Today: Typos My Life

I was just going over my blog today...seeing how everything looked, when I noticed the most horrible thing! There R typos simply EVERYWHERE! I glance over posts before publishing them to make sure that exactly that doesn' t happen....Oh, well.

Just know that I am aware of my grammatical and spelling weakness and I'll try to keep the errors to a minimum. =). For your reading convenience, of course!

Today: Tolkein Talk

I had a Lord of the Rings marathon the other day and I fell in love with the series all over again. *happy sigh*. I cannot wait for them to make the Hobbit. I hope it's just as good, or better - better would be great! ! !

Anyway, I think my alltime favorite dude (okay, so I have a FEW, but he's at the top of my list today) from the movies is Theoden. He is soo brave and cool and proud and nice and smart (He has a few moral issues, but he works them out..). The guy is just fantastic. So, I'm dedicating this post to J.R.R. Tolkein who invented the character.

*Tolkein ROCKS!

Today: Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be out this summer....along with Fantastic Four 2, Oceans Thirteen and Pirates of the Carribean 3. I cannot wait for summer to get here!

And Christmas, so I can get them all on DVD. Man, I luv movies!!

Today: A Dog's Breakfast

I would also like to inform you great readers out there that David Hewlett - yes, I'm talking about him AGAIN - has written and directed a movie titled: A Dog's Breakfast.

It looks to be a Horror/ Comedy and I cannot wait to see it. With David in the lead role accompanied by his beautiful sister Kate Hewlett and Paul McGillion (Yep, the same one I posted about a few days ago...). If you're interested in seeing the trailer or learning more about the movie, check out his site, I am adding it to my links on the sidebar. =). I cannot wait to see it!

Today: My Stargate Thoughts

As most Stargate fans are now aware, the Stargate SG-1 series is now at an end. They showed the last episodes of season ten...and that's it.

Samantha Carter: The brilliant scientist and brave air force officer, is on her way to the Pegasus Galaxy - it is rumored that she will become a permanent cast member for Stargate Atlantis. I am sure that her viewpoints on all things science and morale will be refreshing as an off-set for snarky Dr. McKay who is the current brain of Atlantis.

Daniel gone. Probably won't even guest star -but a fangirl can always hope! - as the actor, Michael Shanks, will now be a regular on the TV show 24.

RDA, dear RDA...wonderful RDA. I haven't heard any news on what role he will play, if any, in the new Stargate year. I am hoping he will be in the movies! *finger's crossed* [LOL. I'm having Jonas flashbacks.]

Cameron Mitchell was such a fantastic character, I am sad to see him go so soon after meeting him. He is - was played by the FANtastic Ben Browder (he played John Crichton in the TV series Farscape previous to his acting on SG-1). I hope to see him continue with the show in some capacity.

Vala...well, Vala can disapear for all I care. The actress, Claudia Black is really great. I luv her! But Vala hit on my Daniel one too many times for me to really like her. Sorry, Vala.

My hopes for the movies are to see General Hammond again...and some of the aliens that we never revisited in the show. Several that stand out are: Nem - the fishguy that kidnapped Daniel; Nerim -Nirem - Nirim? ...Sam's boyfriend! How ever you spell the wonderful guys name. He is too cool and we have SO got to bring him back before it's ALL over!

I would also like to see Jonas (Although, they did give him a really satisfying farewell in Countdown)...and Janet could make a reappearance...that would be waaay cool!!!

Anyway, I've just been thinking about the movies and trying to figure out who is going to be in it, what to expect and all that. TPTB (*The Powers That Be) have been keeping it under pretty tight wraps. Could be that they just don't have anything to say yet, I think filming starts in April. . .I think it'll be good. =). ;). Best of luck to all those wonderful peopl up in Canada who are working on making it happen.

Today: Day of the Jonas

I wanted to post yet ANOTHER great picture of the G-R-E-A-T actor Jonas Armstrong. Enjoy! (*For those of you who haven't seen the BBC series Robin Hood....see it! It's great:) He is just so perfect.

Today: Music Appreciation

Today I finished my last Music Appreciation exam online! yeah!!!! =). I got 95% overall. Which I don't think is too bad, 100 would've been nicer, though. Anyway, next I will be working on a course in Desktop Publishing and Design. I'll let you know how that goes once the course material arrives.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Today: FanFiction.Net REVIEWS

Today, I got the most awesome reviews from some wonderful readers over on FanFiction.Net and so I thought I would post some of their comments on here. (*Because, I post EVERYTHING on here.)

First: From Z. E. Grockle commenting for the story Much: Cooking the Goose (A Robin Hood Ficlette).

"Hey, awesome! Much is my favorite character, although I couldn't for the life of me figure out what his name was until the third episode." [LOL. I had the same problem. ]

Secondly: From mel60 commenting for the story Much: Cooking the Goose (The same Robin Hood Ficlette)

"..very well-written and very true to character. And it is so typical for Much to get into so much trouble over a goose - just by trying to prove his point and make his master happy."

Thirdly: From mel60 commenting for the story Robin Hood: Everything is a Choice (Bet you couldn't guess what fandom that's from??:)

"A very nice character piece. I love the glimpses into Robin Hood's thoughts. Robin is such an optimist, but in a dark way. He finds some sort of sympathy for the Sheriff and Guy of Gisbourne dispite their evil ways. He worries about his men ...yet he wakes up with hope."

Thanks to everyone who sent me such wonderful reviews! =).

Today: This Is For Mel

This is my goodnight post, for my best friend, Mel. ;). These Stargate DVD's kept me going all during my long work day today at the library. =).

Today: My Model, My Mom

Okay, I know I told you guys my mom wouldn't let me post her this will just be OUR little secret. *shhhh*. She is really the most fantastic mom on the ENTIRE PLANET! ...just hop on over to Mel's blog and ask her. =).

Today: My Lil' Library That Could

Here is my library. =). She's small, but I am so *proud* of her. I still have to put up the bulletin board that you can almost see in the corner of the last picture on the left. And there's a few boxes to be relocated...and a plant to be hung. Then, viola!, all done. =). It is really small, but in that lil' space we have over 800 books!! Top that. lol.

Today: Library

This is officially my first post from a public library. *Yeah!*. I luv libraries and so I decided that I should give them a little written blurb here on my Recycled Reality...

The librarians at the four libraries that I visit routinely are just such wonderful people. I am ALWAYS getting books, asking questions, then asking more questions. I am the librarian in charge of my church library - which is, like, a dream come true! - and I work at another local library every Tuesday for a few hours. They are currently in transition with librarians, so I am filling the void.

Well, I gotta go now, I'll post later when I get home. ;). Libraries rule!!!

Today: Good Morning World

Well, I'm off to work. I work at a library. I'll post some pictures of it later. Right now, I don't have time, but I couldn't leave without posting a pic of my favorite Jonas - one of my favorite Jonas' (Quinn's great too=).....

...He's just so great. *sigh*.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Today: Favorite Picture

This is my most favorite picture that I have ever taken! I thought I'd share it with you.

Today: Calligraphy

I don't think I've mentioned it so far in any of my posts, but I luv calligraphy - although my handwriting sucks! - and I have been practicing with some quills that I got for Christmas this last year. For those of you who have never written with a real feather's like writing with the worlds best gel pen. There is such a wonderful flow and feeling. Very cool to write with, unfortunately, you have to be really good at making your writing fantastically amazing if you want to get anywhere near calligraphy - at least, classical calligraphy stereotypes. I'm sure that there are some fonts that everyone can write in...anyway, I want to show you a sample of mine. However...I seem to have lost the pictures - which I just discovered, so I will post them later this week. =). =). Something to look forward to!

Title: Loneliness

I drew this picture the day that I found out my Great Grampa had died. Very sad day for me - he was a really cool dude...I plan on coloring it in the future.

Title: Stargate

Here's a section of the Stargate that I drew. I tried to make it as acurate as possible...but I can't guarentee that it's completely cannon material. =). It was fun to draw, though.

*BTW, it's deactivating...that's why there's particles disipating in the top right corner.

Title: Original "Liger"

Here's the original drawing of the Liger that I painted digitally.

Today: Woodburning Example

This is a woodburning that I did for a friend of mine. It was the second thing I EVER, siriusly! I liked it a lot, except I think the head might be too small, but it was an arabian so maybe not. Hmmm?

I sketched it on the wood with a pencil and then went over it with the woodburning...thing. =). I have a poem that I wrote and then translated to elvish (from LOTR) and put on some wood. Maybe I'll share that if anyone seems interested. It looks pretty, but so does this one. lol.

Title: Artist Circle

Here is another page out of my sketchbook. It's a doodle page. I colored it, but the original went to my music teacher.

Today: New Multi-colored Hat

This is the new Multi-Colored hat I promised to share. It was unintentional that I even made I was trying to make a square - it didn't work so I used the yarn to make this hat and scarf. The scarf is now finished, but I do not have a finished picture of it yet. I'll post that later. =). So you can see how totally cool it is!

Today: Storm

Today we had a storm at my house and I ran out when it was over to get some shots. I love clouds almost as much as I luv trees!

Today: Major Scare

I had an intense scare with my blog login yesterday and today...I lost my password and they kept sending me the wrong information!!! I thought I had lost my account or something...Whew! At least, that scare's over.

Okay, now I can give you guys a picture of a cool hat I made yesterday. =). I am also working on a matching scarf. The color is SO cool. And I will post it up ASAHP (As Soon As Humanly Possible).

Until then, you have a great day/night.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Today: I Love Photography

I Love Photography, and I wanted to share some pictures that I have taken. I have a special attraction to flowers and trees. I love drawing them, filming them, taking pictures of them....they're just soooo pretty!! Anywhoo, here's one of my pictures that I took outside around my house - actually, it's a trailer...but who cares. ;). This is right after it rained last summer.

Today: Robin Hood Review

A few posts ago I told you about some Robin Hood stories that I had put up on

...well, I got a REVIEW! I am so happy and excited about it. =). I luv getting reviews! Who doesn't?

It was from pixiespryt and she thought it was "very nice". It doesn't take much to please me. lol.

My best friend, Mel, also sent me reviews for all THREE of my Robin Hood fics. She is just the greatest friend ever!

*If you ever want to check out my stories, they are posted on under the name ebbtide.

Today: Carson Beckett

A few weeks ago, I got the most distrubing news possible, through the wrong medium. I found out as I watched an episode of Stargate Atlantis...that Dr. Carson Beckett died.

I have to tell you that the shock of his death lasted almost a week (I still don't think I'm over it - hence the post). I felt lost, there was a piece of me missing. I think it affected me so much, because I was not expecting it. Absolutely NO warning prepared me for the loss.

This post is in memory of the dear, scottish doctor. He was kind and caring and did everything he could to save the lives of those around him. The actor: Paul McGillion:: is way cool too. And now, in a single episode, they're both gone.

I should be used to it...with Dr. Daniel Jackson (My favorite Stargate SG-1 character) dying ALL THE TIME. Seriously....he dies a few times a season. But I wasn't used to it. I'll never be used to it. They should bring the good doc back for us poor, addicted fans.

My best friend, Mel, wrote a very stirring poem about the episode and posted it on under the author name: dream_painter .

I'll always miss him...

Today: HP

I have mentioned Harry Potter - fiction, mostly - in a number of different posts so far and I thought that I should clarify my views on the subject.

I am a Seventh Day Adventist Christian...and I believe strongly in the existence of supernatural powers (that can manifest themselves as perceived magic), however, I do NOT practice the occult in any way. I read the Harry Potter books and write the fiction merely for the characters. The Harry Potter places - Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, St. Mungo's, etc. - are just fictional places in a fictional story. I do not feel harmed by reading them...unlike the claims of some Christians...I do not believe that I can be forced, or coerced into joining up with magical influences because I read the books.

I do feel that the subject of Witchcraft and Magic should be approached very cautiously...and one should have a definently firm grasp on their beliefs before doing so...but I, personally, think that the only person who can make these book evil is the reader if they choose to.

I choose not to let the Harry Potter books make me curious or experimental with the world of magic. In true life, I stay away from magic and those who practice it, because my bible says that we shouldn't be decieved by it. So, anyway, that's where I'm coming from. It's strictly an entertainment for me...not a lifestyle or a hobby.

If you have any further questions about it send me a comment. =).

Today: I Give Up

Alright, I give up! I'm not even going to try and stop my muse. lol. You all are in for another post...or several more.

I decided to show you some of my computer artwork. I like to play around with painting and drawing digitally. I'm not very good yet, but I am learning. This is a drawing called "Angle" that I did in a sketchbook and then scanned so that I could paint it the colors in.

I am really happy with how it turned out.

Above it is a picture that I called "Liger (Lady Tiger)" and I used waaaay too many layers on it. I had just discovered layers that day and as of now, I still haven't gone back and fixed it. It is suppose to be an african mutated woman. The ear is a little problematic, but as I said, I have not changed it since the original coloring date.

Today: Still Not Done

Okay, This is my third post since I claimed being to tired to stand. I keep having things I want to tell you guys!! I'd hated it if I didn't luv my blog so much. =). And you guys!

Anywhoo, I thought I should introduce you to my family. So, here are their pictures. I'll name them all from the top down.

My Grammy and Grampa (to the right in the picture) with my Great Aunt and Uncle.

Then comes my ellusive stepdad...Ted. It's one of the only pictures I have of the guy.

And finally...Prescious!!!!!! My wonderful, great, amazing, friendly dog. She's a miniature Australian Shepherd (My mom raises them) and I luv her to death. I got her as a puppy and she is just.....perfect. I named her after the Ring of Power from Lord of the Rings. More on her will come later. =).

That's all. My mom threatened bodily harm if I put up a picture of her on this blog...but, just to let you know, she's a total model.

Today: One Last Moment

I couldn't log off today without posting this B-E-A-UTIFUL pic. of Jonas Armstrong. My favorite Robin Hood from the BBC Series...Robin Hood (who'd a guessed it. lol.=).

Today: Ends

Well, today has been a very successful day. I got a number of things done that I have been wanting to do...

Unfortunately, in the process I used up all of my energy and now I'm ready to drop down unconscious. So, I will talk to all you wonderful people of the world tomorrow! Until then, have yourself a great day/night wherever you may be from.

*Just kinda as a side note to go with the post younger brother watched LOT of Stargate today. He's cool like that sometimes.

Today: Sibling Rivalry

My lil' bro. Matt-hew has been bothering me about putting a picture of him up here. Apparently he thinks that people actually read this blog. lol. So, in an effort to remain sane, I've finally put one up.

*The other dude is my older brother, Nat-han. =). He's the best. (I have NO idea where the hat came from....)

Title: Charcoal Horse

Here is the charcoal drawing - one of my first - and I am really happy with the way that it turned out. =). It was suppose to be a line drawing of a painted horse, but the charcoal got smeared in a few places so I just shadowed it.

*This is a picture from one of my sketchpads. If you like it, let me know and I'll post more!

Today: Magic Slippers

Here are the pics I promised you, of the slippers. They are made of a very soft yarn...very warm too. I have made two pairs so far, a dark green and a wonderful purplish colored pair. =).

*That's the box I have them in at the moment...

Let me know what you think of them!

Today: Too Early

Well, today I woke up waaaaaay too early and now I'm paying for it. A huge headache and a serious attitude problem. Have a mentioned yet that I am NOT a morning person.

Anyway, I'll wake up a little bit more (and hopefully my headache will go away) before I present you with whatever artistic goodies I have in store. Pictures of my warm and fuzzy slippers that I made will be posted along with a sampling of my charcoal art!

Goodmorning world.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Today: Over and Out

Well, I have not gotten very much done today - I've been working on crocheting a pair of slippers for a friend of mine...she's actually having me do a whole bunch of them...anywhoo, that has been the main part of my day.

Something really cool happened! I got Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe special edition soundtrack with accompanying Making Of CD. I'm about to go watch it right now. I luv the music on that movie! The books are pretty good too.

I will try to post some picture's of the slippers when I am finished with them...I'm thinking of adding on some samples of my charcoal art as well. Hmmmm, we'll just have to see about that one later. For now, that's all I have to say. A wonderful goodnight/goodday to you. =). Over and out.

Today: The Tale of Two Scarves

This scarf is one of my all-time favorites! I made it out of an earnest desire to wear something that would remind me of my fanfiction. At first I thought about making a Harry Potter scarf - either a green/silver Slytherin one or a Maroon/Gold Gryffindor. Then I discovered that I didn't have the colors for either...and, besides that, it still wasn't unique enough for me. So, I looked at the colors that I did have and found both Ravenclaw blue and Hufflepuff yellow...then I added in a little Mary Sue Shiny Pink and viola!

(*For those of you that don't know what - or who - Mary Sue're better off NOT
knowing. =)

Today: More Crocheting

Here are some pictures of hats that I have made by crochet and a loom. They are made out of a variety of different yarns, but they were fun to make!!!

Today: Rescue Attempt

Okay, the story I was originally going to show you a snippet of is not working on this, I am going to put in a few paragraphs of another original that is called: "The Rescue Attempt".

Coughs forced his body to the ground. He no longer had the energy needed to continue with the rescue. The Ranger doubted if it had ever really been a rescue. Perhaps a doomed attempt to help his best friend was a more appropriate description of his self-made quest.

His eyes widened in fear when he drew away the blood stained hand he had been using to stifle the coughing sound. There were enemy men around that might hear him. That did not matter now, he did not have long left. Pushing himself off the hard ground the man stumbled forward. He was a mere mile away from his goal. A mile away from his best friend. He would make it, he had to.

Determination and a will to survive carried him the last hundred yards. He fell heavily against the cold stone wall of the castle where his friend was being held captive. Blood ran from his nose and a corner of his mouth in tiny rivulets, staining his expensive clothing. He wiped at the stain in a half-hearted attempt to clear the royal robes - it did nothing more than make the mark larger. With a groan of pain he pushed himself weakily away from the wall.

I hope you enjoyed it...that is only the first draft, so don't be too harsh on me. I'll post the revised once I have it entirely finished. That is the hardest part of writing, in my oppinion, finishing things! I have so many story ideas that I don't know where to BEGIN, much less end them all. I find the journey of discovery with my characters the most satisfying part though.

Until next time.

Today: FanFiction.Net

I have posted three new FanFiction stories for the Robin Hood (BBC series) fandom, at FanFiction.Net.

I am awaiting comments and reviews from the wonderful readers over there - I don't usually get many reviews, because my stories are one-shots. Very short.

Much like this post. lol. =).

Today: The Scarf

Here's "The Scarf". lol. And there's my door.

(Beside it is a picture of Snitches, BTW, from the game Quidditch).

And beside it on the wall, is a little black square - that is actually an icon I printed out of Severus Snape and it says: Not Evil...which I SO agree with!

*Sorry, it's so blurry. Every picture I took turned out that way! - must've been the caffeine. =).

Today: Good Morning

It has been a good morning for me today...which is a nice change from the usual. I am NOT a morning person and that has been true for the majority of my life. However, today has started out simply fantastic. My best friend, Mel, e-mailed me a quick message about her Blog update ( and also she sent me a sample of her latest story chapter for a wonderful Stargate Atlantis FanFiction.

I have been awake for a grand total of about twenty minutes, so that is all I have to report, but last night I took some pictures of that cool scarf and I will post them later today -along with a sample of one of my original stories. =).

I just hope that this morning's goodness holds out for the rest of the day (Murphy, leave me alone!).

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Today: Eventful

Two posts in one day, wow, that's a record for me!

I just finished watching a most excellent movie titled: Nothing, of which I spoke (my bad - I wrote) of earlier. It was really good and if you are a major scifi buff and enjoyed the Cube series...then Nothing is a must watch movie for you. It ends with the two main characters hopping off into Nothing with no bodies...hey, it's scifi! The journey to that point is very entertaining, however.

Well, I have a course in Music Appreciation that I must get working on. I have two exams left out of seven, so that isn't too bad. I should have it done by the end of the week. It has really helped me to be able to get more out of music...if you're a big music fan I would recomend taking a course from your local college. It also helped me with my music writing.

I write piano music...or, at least, I try my hardest to do so. I know how to read music, play music, etc. although I have only taken couple of months lessons. Most of it I learned on my own, which isn't surprising because I LUV to learn things. Anyway, back to the music. I would love to be tutored by someone who writes piano music exclusively. In my little town, though, there is no one. I won't have time to take a better course in college - I am going to school to be a linguist and an archaeologist. So, music will have to wait or suffer slightly.

I am working on an original story: The Unknown which I will introduce hopefully this week with a little teaser so that you can get a taste of my writing! ;).

For now, that is all I have to say. Have a great day/night wherever you are...

Today: Unremarkable

Today has been a good day.

I wrote the first section - and the beginning for a second - on a Harry Potter fanfiction entitled: Heat Wave. I'll give you a brief summary. Harry is forced to stay at Hogwarts when Death Eaters kill his Aunt Petunia, causing the protective wards of 4 Privet Drive to fail. As the summer progresses, the Boy-Who-Lived is tutored by Potions Proffesor Severus Snape and they begin to reach an understaning, if not a friendship. (Severus was a rival of James Potter, Harry's father and the animosity has held long after Jame's death --for those of you not in the know on all things HP). I hope to turn it into a Severus-adopts-Harry story. It definently appears promising.

I also watched an episode of Farscape that I was unaware of before today. Crackers Don't Matter. Wonderful episode...I think I might watch it again.

I also finished crocheting a scarf. Maybe I'll post a picture later! It is white, black and orange...unfortunately, they were the only colors I had available at the time. It looks great though. I made it extra long so that I can wrap it around my neck and stay warm. I am always freezing over here in Idaho!

Other than those things I have been mainly trying to keep busy on housework. That isn't very glamorous, but necessary. I am filled with expectation for a movie that should arrive in the mail today. It is titled 'Nothing' and boasts the talents of David Hewlett...the wonder that is!

Anyway, I should probably be getting back to the "real world" and do something else for a while. TTYL.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Welcome to my Blogspot!

Welcome, fellow citizens of this fractured reality that we claim as our own.

I have started this blog so that I can share my love of art - and my many related hobbies - with others. I love to hear from people who are intersted in the same things that I am. If you want to send me an e-mail, check out my website or just comment on one of my daily blog entries - then, please, feel free! As a matter of fact, I encourage you!!!

Of my many hobbies, drawing, painting, music, writing, and crafts are but a few. I will introduce them - and my oppion/skill level - as my muse demands.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy my next posts and the art that I share with you!

Introduction to my Obsession...

As you might've guessed by these few Icons. I am a huge fan of good TV shows and movies. More on those will follow with my upcoming posts! =).