Monday, April 30, 2007

Today: Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov has made it onto my OFFICIAL HERO list. lol.

He has some great books, and some very deep thoughts. I really like the guy!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Virginia Tech Massacre

I will remember those lost. This post is dedicated to them. Show your support by commenting.

Today: Heroes in My Life (Cont...)

Spongebob is a hero to us all!!! (Okay, so I think he's cool, that does NOT make me lame!)
Shirley McFadden from my church. She is the HERO of my life!!! She is so awesome and everything it is just absolutely amazing.
The lady on the right is Judy Heicksen and the other wonderful HERO is RoseMarie Tiffany! They are also from my church. Gail. Gail Resser. She is overly cool, doesn't know it, but it is sooo true!!! She is my hero TOO. Also from my church!
Okay, the nice dude on the left is Rudy Heicksen (Yep, it's Judy's husband) and the other guy on the right is super smart and very nice and ...stuff, his name is Jim McFadden.
This...this, right here, is the most awesome person on the planet. She is so artistic and nice and funny and caring and I like her a aweful lot. This is Terry Prouty. That is her husband on the stairs in the next picture. His name is Charlie Prouty and he rocks! They are from my church well...also. lol.

And THIS is the undeniably joyful and patient Debbie Herra...also from my church.
More Heroes in My Life!!! I have more to come time I can catch them on camera! =). I just happened to have all of the these heroes conveniently at the same place while I was at church today. lol. =).

Friday, April 27, 2007

Today: Heroes in My Life

Mel, my Mel...what could I say about her that could possibly sum it all up? Who am I trying to kid, nothing can SUM her up. She is Mel. The brightest star in the sky, the smartest kid on the block, the most loyal friend of all...Yep, all of that and tons more! She is my best friend.
This is my Grampa, Kevin. He's cool AND he cooks! WoW! He is one of the nicest people to me. If it wasn't for him I would be....missing one of the best people in my life.
My mom, she's an angel in green clothing. (And by that I mean she's an angel...IN green clothing. Not she's an angel WHILE she is IN green clothing)...Hmmm? She is the best mom anyone on the earth could ask for...and MORE!
My lill bro Matthew.
STARGATE SG-1...the Originals.

Today: Garfield

I have a Garfield strip that I get everyday. This one I just had to post, it was so ME! I am a writer, as you well know, but I have problems with writer's block a lot and I don't know what to write. Well, that isn't exactly the problem in this strip, but it was close enough for me to laugh. Plus, hey, it's GARFIELD! lol. ;)

Today: War and Peace

I am working my way through War and Peace, a fantastic book that I would highly recommend for those of you who don't mind reading 1200 pages to find out what's going to happen. =). The Outlander books aren't even that long!!! (Although, those are some awesome book as well). Anyway, I am reading my way through it and thought that I would add a little something about it here on my blog. It is a great novel, absolutely! Click on the link below to find out more about the people in it, the places in it and the general story line... (*BTW, I am, of course, reading the English version. :).


Today: Gothic Pop Culture

I like the Gothic look, it is a very misunderstood subculture and I didn't know much about it - except for the undeniable stereotypes forced on me since childhood - and a few months ago I was surfing the web...for something, and came across the coolest online clothing shop. It ended up being a Gothic, Punk store and I just loved their look, and from there I decided to check out Goth's and see what the whole thing was all about. So, I learned about the history of the movement, talked to some current, read a lot of blogs, sites, forums, etc. that dealt with the subject or was hosted by a Goth and I think that they are some amazingly misunderstood people. Admittedly, there are those that deserve the stereotype - the ones that 'cause it! - but there are so many more who are simply fascinated with darkness...and they don't even see it as "dark" it is just a comfortable, fascinating place for them to be. So they band together and share it. I think that's cool. Anyway, kind of a random blurb there, but I was feeling like discussing Gothic ...stuff right now. For the most part, I just LUV their clothes. . .and their dark look. It's very freeing (is that even a word?) and it makes you realize that not everything that is thought of as "bad" really is. . .bad.

(*However, as once stated earlier in my blog, I do NOT support mysticism in any form or supernatural attempts to conjure magic. But I don't think that all Goth's are into that or do it either.).

Today: Henna Artwork


I am a huge fan of art, any and all kinds of art, and Henna is one of the art forms that I am fascinated with. I mean, you can get a Henna tattoo and if you decide you don't like it you can get a different one the next month! It doesn't get much better than that. lol. I luv the art and would like nothing better than to learn how to do Henna artwork. Unfortunately, I am putting that little hobby on the back burner until I've at least finished college. Until then I'll just be too busy, but I did want to mention it and see if anyone out there has some cool Henna pictures they want to share!?! Check out some of these pictures that I found. =).


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Today: Calligraphy2

Cool Calligraphy site! CLICK HERE

Today: Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is one of my heroes!!! I think that she is just an amazing, funny woman and this post is dedicated to her. You can see some of her shows on youtube, but I am not going to post any here - unless I find one that I just CANNOT resist - because I want you to discover her on your own. She is just amazing!


Today: Lawrence Block

Lawrence Block is an author of mystery books. He is one of my current favorites and I am quickly working my way through his books - at least, the ones that my library has ;) - and I wanted to pass along his name to you guys. If you like mysteries then this dude is one that you need to check out. His writing is very ironic...and fantastic. Very unique writing style. Check out his website for a list of his books and more information about him.

The book that I liked the most was::A Burglar in the Closet:::


Today: Towel Day

I don't think that I have mentioned Towel Day yet on my blog so here is a short intro to the amazing holiday!!!

Towel day (MORE INFO CLICK HERE!) is a day that is remembered for the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy author Douglas Adams. The entire day you are suppose to wear a towel - not JUST a towel - wherever you go. Because in the books, the Hitchhiker's carry towels with them everywhere because it is the most important thing in the galaxy. A towel can save your life.

Anyway, I have been waiting to celebrate it until I have the perfect towel - I'm thinking Star Wars, but anything scifi-ish would do just fine. ;).

The date is March 25.

Today: Jean Baudin

Here is a very cool video of some dude playing an eleven string guitar (the music is from the Mario Bro. game, incase you didn't know) My older brother found this and showed it to me. . .very great job!

Today: More Pink

More Pink. This song is called::: I'm Not Dead:::and it's LIVE!

*Explicit Lyrics, but a great song!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Today: Pink Trouble

Pink is one of my favorite artists. Her songs are just great - okay, there are a few ...words...and maybe the occasional line that aren't all that great, but it's all good. I really like her voice and her presentation and her image! Good stuff. =). =). Check out this song:: Trouble:::it is her song that I like the most. Actually, it is among my favorite songs of all!! (*I have a HUGE list of songs that I like, this song is somewhere in the middle*). ;). Enjoy! Night world. I am signing off for now.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Today: Advent Children

I have a younger brother, Matt-hew, who luvs games. He is SO good at every game he plays, it's, like, wow!! Anyway, that isn't what this post is really about. In one of his games::Kingdom Hearts:::There is a character called Cloud - the dude in the avatar - and I really like him. He has the most tragic background and present and it is just wonderful! I really like angsty characters. =). Angst...Cloud...Advent Children. Hmmm! *Happy Sigh*. I bought the movie Final Fantasy: Advent Children for Matt-hew a few weeks ago and WoW! The score to that movie - especially Cloud's theme - is amazing! I really like the Final Fantasy games, characters, locations, movies, etc. Great stuff and I wanted to post a little blurb about them on my blog here. I probably will mention them again sometime though. I don't have time at the moment to go into all of the Cloud details. . .Well, that's all for now. I have some stuff I have to go help my mom with. ;) Until Later!

Today: The Planet Earth

I found this really cool shot of earth by accident while I was looking for a picture of the Earth 'Gate address (A combination of 7 Stargate Chevrons). I accidentally pushed enter after I had only finished typing earth to the "search box" and this cool picture came out!!!

Today: Crop Circles

oOOH!! pReTTy!!

Today: Sarah McLachlan and Josh Groban

I swear, I have GOT to get Josh Groban's CLOSER CD. Here he is singing In the Arms of An Angel with the amazing Sarah McLachlan. She is great!!

McLachlan's HOMEPAGE!!!

Today: Josh Groban and Michael Buble

Michael Buble is perhaps one of the best singers of today. His voice and choice and of music are just wonderful! I luve the guy. Once again, I have found myself in possession of a Josh Groban snippet that I just HAVE to share with you. ;). Here is a little clip of Josh and Michael having fun on stage - impersonating each other's singing style. It's a pretty good laugh. BTW, I luv Michael's homepage!!!



Today: Nat-han's ...

I mentioned that Nat-han joined the National Guard...I also mentioned that his group name is the Alpha Spartans (You know, too much 300...waaay too much!). Anywhoo, he wanted me to make a poster/something to represent his group and this is what I came up with. It is based on the common Spartan shield and around the edge it says: honor, loyalty, team ::: the middle has a red AS that stands for guessed it! Alpha Spartans. =). I wanted to share this with you because I thought it was cool and it was really fun to make!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Today: Ben Browder

Looks good with that hat. lol.
Luv Winona...and...oh, what is the other ones name???
That's the iris behind him...

Here is the great Ben Browder. I have talked about him on both my Farscape and Stargate shows...well, HERE HE IS!! The bottom one is from Stargate:: Where he plays Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell; the middle is a pick of him as John Crichton on Farscape and the top on is one of HiM, just being himself. lol. =). =).


Today: Stargate Spoofs Farscape

Okay, people, it does not get any better than this! Stargate actors spoofing Farscape!!! Best of my two worlds!!! Now all I need is a lost Farscape epie surfacing with a mysterious ring in the background. lol. ;) BTW, a fan of both Stargate and Farscape is called a Fargater...I happen to SO be one! Anyone else out there? Give a shout.

Today: Farscape Chiana

The beautiful Chiana from the Television Series Farscape. Played by the beautiful Gigi Edgley. Farscape is one of my passions, I absolutely luv that show. The actors, the humor and the general scifi coolness (Not to mention Ben Browder and Claudia Black) make that show SO GREAT!!!


Today: Nat-han

Nat-han moved back home yesterday. He probably will not be here for long, he's just looking for a job. His winter job up at Swietzer finished a week or so ago and now he is looking around for a new job. =). He'll be fine though, he's been working full time since he was like...I don't know, sixteen! And he always gets paid a lot to. Hmmmm? I think I should've been born a guy, then I could get better money for my work!

Enough complaints, I am having a great day and the weather is good. I have only and all good things to look forward to this week. I'll let you know which good things I am able to snag as they quickly pass me by. ;).

Today: Jennifer Paige

This song ::Stranded:: by Jennifer Paige, is one of my favorites. I had never heard of her ...still don't really know who she is...but I was randomly typing in music suggestions into the "search box" and it spit out this music video at me. I watched it, 'cause I like discovering new (for me) talent. And I absolutely LUVED this woman's music. This song in particular; although she does have another that I like - it's called Sober. Anyway, have fun watching this amazing artist do her thing. ;).

Today: Josh Groban

More Josh Groban. Every time I hear this song...I just, feel all good inside. I totally believe the lyrics are just soothing for my soul. I take deaths (even those of people that I've never seen) very hard. 9/11 took six months of my life away as I tried to recover from the shock and fear that it caused. I could NOT function for those six months, and music like this is just so makes me feel less horrible about it. Like, maybe it isn't so bad for those people...I still cannot help but feel for their families and for the loss of life, but songs like this one helped me through those tough months. A pick-me-up of the soul.=).

Today: Tara Lipinski

Here is Tara Lipinski's skate to Paint it Black...The very cool program that I mentioned. She is so fantastic, there's more where this came from on youtube.

Today: Embedded Video

I know that I said no more videos embedded into the posts...but I didn't get any complaints, so until I do, this is how they will be presented. Just send a quick comment if this makes load times too long and I'll change them all back to links. ;).

Today: Michael Shanks

I've shown you guys a picture of Michael Shanks, but it doesn't get any better than actually seeing him interact with fans at a convention (okay, so you don't SEE the fans, but get the ides;). Enjoy! He is one of the coolest actors!!!

Today: Free Hugs

Have you given someone a Free Hug today??? Watch this video, Mel sent it to me and it is just great! Pass on the luv. =).


Friday, April 20, 2007

Today: Jason Mraz

Here I present you with a link to a live (pepsi smash) performance by Jason Mraz - perhaps one of the BEST live singers EVER. Love this guy. And this song:: Remedy is one of my all-time favorites. Enjoy!


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Today: Bad Day

This day has been awful! Just horrible....if you've EVER had an awful, horrible day, or are currently having one, here is a song that cheers me up most of the time. =). Sandi Thom:: I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker...Just an all-around UP song. Click below to enjoy it.


Today: Sugarland

Here is a fantastic music video :: Something More ::: by Sugarland. Love those guys!!!

Since I said I wouldn't embed anymore videos into my posts, here's a direct link. ;) . Enjoy!


Today: Life Goes On

Well, the UPS disaster righted itself...(It had been a major disaster, though). We won't go into, as it is now over. lol.

So, I have been watching movies and crocheting and cleaning and working. I did some babysitting for a friend yesterday evening - hence no further posting yesterday - and I am going to work at our local library in about an hour. That should be fun!!

I am still working on that blanket...crocheting away into all hours of the morning. lol. I am usually watching movies (Stargate/CSI/The Island/The Pacifier/The Holiday/Cheaper by the Dozen/She's the Man) <-- Those are all the ones I went through last night once I got home..all the while, working on my blanket. I have only one skein left and then I'll have to make ANOTHER trip to Michaels. =). I luv that store! There's a Calligraphy book there that I've had my eye on for a while, but haven't gotten up the nerve to save for it. Too many other things I want. Such is life, I suppose.

Well, I have every intention of buying season one of The Closer As Soon As Humanly Possible. Great show! Great chatting to you, but I've got to be going for now! Have yourself a great day!!!

(* That's a cartoon pic of Draco and Harry, BTW. I found it on ;)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Today: UPS Catastrophe

My dad just informed me that he accidentally ordered two identical things through the internet and that they will be arriving today by UPS. He gave me very strict instructions to accept only ONE of the TWO packages and refuse the other....I am terrified that I'm going to forget (For those of you who don't know me, I have the most awful memory on the planet!) and then my dad will just freak. He has a really, really bad temper!! Oooh, the pressure. I'm already sure something horrible is going to happen. There is no way this day is ending good. =(. Catastrophe is hailing me from the illuminated horizon...

Today: Good Morning3

Good morning! Once again, I am awake waaay too early. =). And this serves as my wake-up stimulant, as we are fresh out of coffee.

I saw the coolest interview with Daniel Radcliffe on the other day. It was about his latest work, the play Equus, which I would NOT recommend to anyone under 21. Very disturbed.

I also got to see The Holiday yesterday. Very good movie!! it has Jude Law as one of the coolest dads ever! Very good movie I would really encourage you to watch it. Mel, you'd love this one!!!

Well, that's all for now. I have stuff to do, etc. I'll post later. =).

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today: Crochet Blanket

This is that blanket that I mentioned a few posts ago! You can see how little I have done on the finished product even though I've been working on it faithfully for the past few weeks. It takes a really long time. I calculated that I am going to need to make 315 - I think - octagons before I am done. It's suppose to be 15 by 21 of those with black and blue alternating on the ends.=). I think it's looking great!! But it IS taking a lot more yarn than I had anticipated. What you see there is three skeins already! I'll definitely need to buy more yarn. =). =).

Monday, April 16, 2007

Today: Good Afternoon

Well, good afternoon internet fans!

I haven't been up to much. Vegetating mostly..ew, I think I'll re-phrase that. I have been preoccupied with unimportant matters that do little more than simply entertain me. yeah, I like that muuuch better. lol. =).

I probably won't post again today...sorry, if all of the videos make it hard to load the page. I think from now on I am just going to put a link and then you can watch them from there. . .does that work with you all?? I just want to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy my blog. ;). Have a great day!

Namarie, for now. (BTW, Namarie means goodbye in Elvish)

Today: Josh Groban

Josh Groban is one of the best people on the planet...okay, so I don't actually know. In fact, I've never met him, but his music is inspiring and wonderful and that voice! Wow!

Anyway, wanted to share a little something that brightened my day. =). Enjoy!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Today: Sorted to a House

I thought I'd share this with you. I was sorted into Ravenclaw, although Slytherin seemed to fit me as well. I chose Ravenclaw as my house (The Sorting Hat took it hard - he thought I was more cunning than ;). Click on the Badge to get your self sorted!

Today: Paint it Black, Tara Lipinski

Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones is one of my fav. songs!! I luv that song. Mariah Carey did a remix - at least, I think it was her - and it's fantastic. Tara Lipinski skates a great program to that song, it was on Ice Wars. Good stuff! This is a picture of her.

Figure Skating: Stephan Lambiel

While I'm on a Figure Skating binge, here is Stephan Lambiel. He is one of the best SPINNERS ever!! I luv this song too, that made this program doubly enjoyable for me. =). He is from Switzerland.


Figure Skating: Sinead and John Kerr

My favorite pair skaters. Sinead and John Kerr from Scotland. Enjoy! More where that came from on youtube.

I love watching these guys skate (BTW, they're brother and sister) and all of their programs are so full of energy and fun to watch...


Figure Skating: Brian Joubert

This is one of the best jumpers EVER. Sirius-ly, I luv this guy!! I don't have his matrix program up here yet, but he is simply fantastic! Actually, there's no simply about it, but he is G-R-E-A-T!

Check out more clips of his figure skating awesomeness on youtube. Brian Joubert everyone!


Today: Good Morning

Good morning, people! =)

I haven't looked out a window yet this morning, so the weather is still anybody's guess. I woke up about five seconds ago and wanted to say "hi" before I moved on to normal things. It's kinda weird, posting helps me wake up...and I am NOT a morning person! It's a miracle. lol.

I'll post more later today, but for now I just want to wish you all a great day!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Today: Harry Potter Cartoon

LOL. I thought this was great. Sounds like something that I would go do if I had a playstation.

For more Harry Potter cartoons: CLICK ME!

Today: Church

Today, church was great. And I wanted to dedicate a post to the SDAs. To learn more about my faiths beliefs, click the link below.

The Faith

**Have a happy Sabbath!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Title: Said the Spider to the Fly

Said the Spider to the Fly is one of my all-time fav. Jedi Apprentice fics and it inspired this...permanent black marker on printer paper. (Okay, I know there's no fly, but work with me. Artist license and all that. ;)

Today: Today2

Today has been one of those sluggish affairs that never seems to end. The highlights being: A wonderful e-mail from my best friend, Mel :: A GGRREEAATTTTT HP fic! (Which was a WIP - Work In Progress - that left me on the edge of a cliff dangling by my fingernails). I have also begun to learn a new type of crochet. . .it looks strange, but it's fun. I'll post some more details on it and a few samples of what I've made using it later this week. For now, I am on my way into town where I hope to spend the next few hours decorating a children's room for my new church.

**Here's to creativity!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Today: Favorite Artist

I have just found what could, quite possibly, be the BEST picture I have ever seen. I was so impressed with it. Here it is, take a look.

Harry Potter Artwork

And that is the kind of art that I like....remember that post on my Fic-Talk?? This is what I picture when I write those stories. I live for fan-fulfillment like this. Thanks to Hito76 for making that picture such a gem.

Today: Bill the All-Powerful Pony

I read a fanfic a while ago...LOTR...and in it Bill the Pony took over the world. He stole the Ring of Power from Frodo and ...Okay, so it was a little weird. Anyway, I was wondering if any of you happen to know where I can find it. When my computer crashed I lost all of my favorites. I cannot even remember which fansite it was posted on. If you happen to know of this particular story, give a shout! (You don't need anymore details, trust me. If you read it you'll know...:).

LOL. This is for you, Mel! LOL.

Today: David Nykl P.S.

P.S. I also put up a link to David's blog. Letters from Pegasus.

Today: David Nykl

It's too cool! I got David's e-mail and sent him a fan message!!!!!! I never work up the nerve to write of my downfalls, I suppose, but that was not the case today. =). I just hope it wasn't filled with my usual typos. *sigh*. Anyway, he is the amazingly talented Zelenka from Stargate Atlantis. He works with Rodney...who is played by David Hewlett...who I talk about a lot. I could not live with a Stargate universe where there was never a Zelenka. I'm going to have to get some screen caps of him in my fav. episodes. =). Until then, I found this avatar that I really liked. lol. Those words must run through his mind at least a thousand times a season. JK. With all the situations that Rodney gets himself into...and all the crazy stuff he tries.

*I put up a link to a really nice Zelenka fansite - incidentally that's where I found this avatar. Check it out if you're a SG fan!

Today: Music

I mentioned a few times that I am a HUGE fan of music. All kinds of music!!

A few of the people that I really, really like to listen to are:

Michael Buble...that guy is just fantastic! Such a fresh take on older music.
Evanescence...the lyrics. It's all about her lyrics!
3 Doors Down...there is a story for each of their songs. They inspire me to write.
Hawk Nelson...the passion and fun in their music is infectious.
Maroon Five...Every time I put their CD in the player it is just sooo relaxing!
Nate Schierman (Fall Forever)...his music, lyrics and voice are just great! Check him out.
Kelly, fun, fun.

What are your favorite songs? Singers? Bands? etc. ?
I love finding out about new singers and bands so if you know of some K.A. groups send their names my way. ;).

*As a short side note, I also collect soundtracks. Most of the CD's above are soundtracks.

Today: Frodo Baggins

I was just playing with my new photo-paint 12 program and made this. I'm experimenting with layers at the moment. Our own dear Frodo Baggins. =). ;). Gotta love that little Hobbit!

*Just fun, I don't own any of these pictures - although I would kill to have taken them.

Today: Today

It's me! I'm finally back and I have some more crochet projects to take pictures of so that I can show you...Oooh! And more drawings, I'm trying to figure out anime. . .and manga. The hand-in-hand look-a-likes. lol. I'll post a few of them later. ;).