Thursday, April 19, 2007

Today: Life Goes On

Well, the UPS disaster righted itself...(It had been a major disaster, though). We won't go into, as it is now over. lol.

So, I have been watching movies and crocheting and cleaning and working. I did some babysitting for a friend yesterday evening - hence no further posting yesterday - and I am going to work at our local library in about an hour. That should be fun!!

I am still working on that blanket...crocheting away into all hours of the morning. lol. I am usually watching movies (Stargate/CSI/The Island/The Pacifier/The Holiday/Cheaper by the Dozen/She's the Man) <-- Those are all the ones I went through last night once I got home..all the while, working on my blanket. I have only one skein left and then I'll have to make ANOTHER trip to Michaels. =). I luv that store! There's a Calligraphy book there that I've had my eye on for a while, but haven't gotten up the nerve to save for it. Too many other things I want. Such is life, I suppose.

Well, I have every intention of buying season one of The Closer As Soon As Humanly Possible. Great show! Great chatting to you, but I've got to be going for now! Have yourself a great day!!!

(* That's a cartoon pic of Draco and Harry, BTW. I found it on ;)