Monday, February 16, 2009

Sitting in a Groomer

UM. Went to work with Nathan. Sitting in a bumpy groomer thingy. Regretting those gummy bears I ate. They have already made several reappearances. *grimace*. VERY bumpy ride. Have I mentioned that I get motion sickness?? On a couch! This is a little worse, but I'm having fun - except for the gummy bear thing.

Lots of hills. Up and down. Lots of moving fast, stopping suddenly, backing up suddenly, turning in sharp circles suddenly. Urgh. Typing this out is making me feel sick again.

So. Going back to trying to remain NOT vomiting. ;). Good ride though. For anyone whose watched Armageddon, the groomer machines are like the rover thingy they go on the astroid in. UBER-COOLSVILLE! WOOT! WOOT!

Anyway, he's got GOOD MUSIC. MT. DEW ANNNNNNND GUMMY BEARS (but we won't mention those. :p ).

Monday, February 9, 2009


Thursday, February 5, 2009

SEX AND VIOLENCE - app. name. ;).

So far on Sex and Violence.

WOAH. Sammy still keeping secrets from Dean. NOT COOL! Honestly, they are totally screwing up the only good thing that they have by alienating each other. Totally not COOL.! Aargh. They need to have a serious “talking” moment. A hug wouldn’t hurt things either. ;).

The Siren is absolutely HORRIBLE and I hope they are able to stop her, but knowing SN like I do. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get even a little bit better. I’m worried for the boys. I mean, going after this Siren is NOT a good plan. Especially with how…screwed up they both are. Easy prey. ;). J

I feel sorry for all those guys that killed their loved ones while under the Siren spell. I mean, she send them into a philter haze and then LEAVES. Ugh. How horrible is that. L All of those lives ruined. *sigh*.

THEY WERE HAD. Omg. !! Hehe

BOBBY. Yay. I’ve been missing him something horrible. L But hopefully this won’t be the last of the - OMG! Go BOBBY! Omg. Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay. First off, LOVE the phone thing with Bobby. Squeeeeeeee!! J J J

Second. OMG!!! SAM, you sleep with EVERYONE! Ugh. Which one is the Siren? The doctor or the FBI agent?? I mean, come ON, no one is so similar to Dean - that’s gotta be the Siren…….but……but the Doc kinda seems to be the Siren. I just don’t know. Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

I cannot BELIEVE Sam and Ruby communicate with PHONES. *snirk* Next thing you know Castiel is going to have a speed dial number on Dean’s cell. Lol.! Calling Angels. Lol. J.

Great episode so far. I cannot BELIEVE we’ve got ANOTHER hiatus coming before more new episodes. This season just keeps getting BETTER AND BETTER. I miss Kim Manners. *sigh*. Wish he could have been around to see how totally awesome all this is. L . . .

Okay, so not cool. IT WAS THE GUY! Omg.! *GASP* I don’t believe it. Dean is…Dean is….Dean is going to GO AFTER SAM!!!!!!! Whose eyes were doing weird things, btw. Makes me think that the end of Yellow Fever was NOT a “trick of the light” like everyone’s been telling me. I mean, we just saw it again!! Sam’s eyes flashed yellow twice now! That is SO not good. VERY, VERY BAD.

Okay…..we can see those brothers through this, but I mean, if they don’t start TALKING soon then there is going to be a BIG problem. Then with that huge spoiler leak this last week. “The last three episodes of the season are Dean vs. Sam” …..I worried!!!! What if one of them dies…AGAIN! What if Dean goes back to hell! I don’t think I could handle that for ANOTHER summer.!!! YIKES.


That fight was just horrible the things that they said to each other. All the things that us fans have been saying and discussing all this season. OMG! DEAN and SAM!!!!!!! This episode is beyond awesome…but…nothing good ever happens to those guys. I mean, we all KNEW it would end with nothing but bad, but STILL. This was even worse than what I had been expecting. The fight I kinda figured on, but the WORDS they said. OMG! Heartbreaking.

I miss the season two dynamic. The “good old days” when they were there for each other even when they were fighting. Season three changed Sam so dramatically and then all that summer when Dean was in hell. Well, it just kept on changing him. I guess it should have been obvious that he could go that way after Dean died. We got a taste of it in Mystery Spot, but still I had hoped. Hope sucks because SN always lets ya down. L

I don’t know for sure how many episodes are left to the season, but if they do NOT resolve the Ruby thing by then all this is going to suck.

OKAY. So that was the worst ending ever - and what I mean by that is now we KNOW that this is just going to continue. OMG. You’d think they’d do that thing called “learning” most people usually catch on.

After what happened at the end of season three I thought they would understand, but I guess not. I mean, they are all that they’ve got. Bobby’s even grown distant over this season (admittedly the actor is a regular on a different show so that could have something to do with it, idk), but they are losing everything that made them want to live in the first place. So sad. L.

New episode and then NADA


Tonight is the last SN episode for a while. We're being slapped with a new hiatus, which is just very, very unfair and I am not happy with it at all and I would really like for it not to happen, but, guess what?!?! Yeah. It's happening ANYWAY.

Meanies up North just want us to BEG for the finale that's going to make us all upset anyway. omg! *facepalm* I mean, we all KNOW that this season is going to end with the W's fighting each other, heaven and hell. Nothing good is going to come of it and I would just really like to see those boys have a happy ending, but if ONE OF THEM DIES AGAIN IN THE FINALE I WILL BE THE MOST UNHAPPY PERSON EVER!! *snort* So there.

I plan to write the people up North and let them know just what I think about what they plan to do if and when they mess everything up by ending the season with the biggest cliffie yet, which if I know my Kripke, they WILL. omg. Oh, well....then it's going to be all summer of anguishing over the life and death of our boys and I just really want to know what is going to happen to them. Wish that I had access to the scripts! At least then I would have some piece of mind.

And maybe a little peace too. ;) :).

Oh well. Guess I'll see what will happen when the episode comes on tonight. :).