Thursday, February 5, 2009

New episode and then NADA


Tonight is the last SN episode for a while. We're being slapped with a new hiatus, which is just very, very unfair and I am not happy with it at all and I would really like for it not to happen, but, guess what?!?! Yeah. It's happening ANYWAY.

Meanies up North just want us to BEG for the finale that's going to make us all upset anyway. omg! *facepalm* I mean, we all KNOW that this season is going to end with the W's fighting each other, heaven and hell. Nothing good is going to come of it and I would just really like to see those boys have a happy ending, but if ONE OF THEM DIES AGAIN IN THE FINALE I WILL BE THE MOST UNHAPPY PERSON EVER!! *snort* So there.

I plan to write the people up North and let them know just what I think about what they plan to do if and when they mess everything up by ending the season with the biggest cliffie yet, which if I know my Kripke, they WILL. omg. Oh, well....then it's going to be all summer of anguishing over the life and death of our boys and I just really want to know what is going to happen to them. Wish that I had access to the scripts! At least then I would have some piece of mind.

And maybe a little peace too. ;) :).

Oh well. Guess I'll see what will happen when the episode comes on tonight. :).