Friday, November 20, 2009

Another Day

Another day. Nothing much .We went to another local library and did a whole bunch of stuff. I'm sure things will go better on the job front this next week.

Tomorrow me and Mel are going to a church retreat where we will be for a night and another day. I'll let you know what happens.

I'm going to make cool beaded, shelled things and I'll post pictures of them as they are created.

I discovered a new show that I am obsessed with and it's called The Listener. This is a family friendly show and only mildly scifi. Great storylines and I think the main guy looks like a young John Shepherd.

Okay, I'm going to log off now. Not much to say and I'm tired. *yawn* More later.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Day

Got our library cards and I have checked out a tons of books about everything. They've got some really great library's around here and I really love it! I was able to find some great things to read.

Today I went and checked out the local Department of Social and Health services. I had an interview at three, but chickened out a few hours early so that got canceled - it was for a car sales position at Kia. *gulp*. Anywhoo, I discovered that Bremerton, WA makes my motion sickness a mazillion times worse because of all the hills and bends and stuff in the roads. I also discovered where the Work Source placey is so I will go there next week at some point - or I can just visit it online if I don't want to drive over there.

The rain has been great and the temperatures have been great so far. Not TOO cold except for inside where it is freezing, but blankets help out there so all in all things are going fine.

I'll write more tomorrow. Today was pretty hectic and choatic and...exhausting so I'm going to bed now.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Several people have e-mailed me after reading my blog posts so far and they seem to think I don't like it here. Sorry, if my posts come across as overly sarcastic and, well, just plain negative. I tend to sound that way in type because you can't hear my tone of voice which is often...well....sarcastic. lol.

Um. Anyway, I like it here. I just find it a little frightening that everything is so new. As you all know, I totally don't do NEW very well so I find this experience to be a bit on the taxing side, so to speak.

Bright side for today - WE NOW HAVE COFFEE~!!!!!!!! !!!!! !!!! And, yes, all of those exclamation marks ARE called for. lol. :D :D :D Life is always brighter with coffee. We've been driving around town yesterday and today trying to find out where everything is located at and stuff like that. I found out that I'm going to need to figure out how to get classified as Low Income so that I can get a lower price on the bus. It's either that or I walk everywhere in the rain and with my immune system shot all to .... hades.
Um. Yeah. Today was pretty uneventful.

I have an interview set for Thursday at 3:00 in Bremerton for a car sales position. Yikes. It's for a place called Hoover Kia. NO IDEA what that is exactly and I highly doubt that I will get the job, but I am going to try my darndest, because even if I cannot stay on long-term even one paycheck would help me pay bills. I can suffer through one paycheck at the very least and who knows, I might actually be good at it and like it. (don't laugh)

....btw, I thought that I should mention that my grammer and stuff gets REALLY HORRIBLE when it comes to typing out stuff on blogs. I don't know where all of the commas and periods go or come from. Also, I am an icon-addict and I post random icons CONTINUOUSLY...pretty much. *blush*. It's a bit weird so ignore it. Or post a comment, I don't really care. Whatever makes you feel better.

I should have more pictures, but it stays pretty dark around here, what with all the rain and stuff, so I wasn't able to get some fair pics to post. There was a few hours of bright sunshine today though. It was cool. I also applied to another half a dozen jobs today so that's cool and they are all VERY local and within reason as far as requirements go. So, no more car sales jobs. Lol.

It's so funny!! As I'm driving around the town here I'm seeing all the places that I applied to before coming. :P I've applied to practically EVERYWHERE except most of the car mechanic places - I did apply to some of those though just encase they needed a receptionist or something like that.
I'll let you know how stuff pans out.

OH~! I almost forgot! I have a library card here and it's a HUNDRED books a go!! I'm so excited about this. Yeay.
Okay, I gotta go do some more job searching and watch some more SGA and check out my farmville and write some more on my stories (I'm one chapter away from finishing my latest) and I really need to catch up on the news around here.

Yep, yep.
Again, if you have questions leave them in the comment sections and stuff. It's a bit disheartening not to see any comments. *sigh* Still, I know that you guys are reading this because I've had the whole 'you must really hate it there' e-mails coming in. lol.

Btw, I LOVE RAIN, so no worries on that front either. ;)
More later.

(AGAIN, Icon-Addict here *waves* so be prepared for that).

Monday, November 16, 2009


SQUEEEEEE! I'm at the library here. It's so nice and we can check out a hundred books at a time. *faints from happy*. The first checkout is only TWO though so I got Quantum Physics for Dummies to help me with my current story plot and a little book on Knitting so that I can finish my fingerless gloves. Yeppers. It'll be good.

I just finished getting all of the transit information I'll need. It's 25 dollars a month for a pass. Yikes. I have that much if I don't bail my bank account out of the red. *sigh* I try not to think about how horrible my credit is going to be by the time I get work. *headdesk*.

I also looked up all the directions for places that I need to go around town (walmart, department of health, department of labor, dollar store, post office, etc) and I downloaded them to my computer. Also, I looked at more places to apply, but I'm going to wait until I go to the deparment of labor and grab some applications so that I can go in person. *gulp*. I think that's the best way to go about this.

So. Yeah. That's what's happened so far over here on my first day. I locked Peshy in the bathroom while we're gone. I guess I'll find out when we get back whether that was a great or a poor idea. *double-sigh*. She's probably been barking since we left. *wince* The neighbors will hate us. :(.

I'll figure something out with Peshy. *nods* Talk to you guys later!!


I got a video of the living room that we are staying in. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS as it was recorded on my phone and the audio completely sucks. Hm. More pictures, etc. to come in the future.

You all have a great week!


Well, me and Melissie got - predictably - lost in Seattle, but we managed to get ourselves out of there without too much trouble. Ended up taking a Ferry instead of the Bridge though. *rolls eyes* That's 14 bucks right there. But that's okay because Melissie loooo-oooved the Ferry. *gag* I hated it. THE HORIZON KEPT MOVING!!! O_O Then we were going to HIT the dock thingy and then we DID hit the dock thingy!!

Mel has delusions. She thinks we're doing it AGAIN, because it was so darned FUN. omg.

My Pesh-Pesh is just loving it here except for the rain which she is slowly getting used to...sorta. She's never liked rain, but I think she finally figured out it wasn't going to STOP just so that she could go outside. :P She likes the people we are staying with, the neighbors dog and she isn't even trying to kill the cat. Well, not exactly, anyway.

On the bright side. I'm not going to have to give her baths ALL THE TIME, because she's always sopping wet when she comes inside. :P. One problem solved.

This week I will be working first on finding local transportation for me so that I know which directions I can make it for work and how far. Then it will be focusing my job hunting on THOSE areas instead of all over kingdom come. *sigh* I've got some job interviews this week, but after driving around here I am going to have to cancel all of those. They aren't close enough for me to make it when Melissie gets work. The friend that we are staying with is going to hook Melissie up with a job where she works so Mel will have something almost immediately. A car is a must in order to work there so I cannot even apply. *rolls eyes...again* I'll find something, it will just be more challenging than before.

Soooo-oooo. That's about it so far. If you guys want to know something specific go ahead and post the questions in a comment and I will address it as soon as I can. :D. I hope things are going okay for all of you!

Oh. Before I forget to mention it, we are located RIGHT ON THE FRIGGIN' BEACH so I've been collecting shells and cool stuff to be cleaned, bleached and then added to my collection of things to be bead-ified. :). I found an AWESOME cool rock down there that I'm going to cage in wire and make into a pendant. I'll post a picture of it once it's done. ;)

As most of you are aware, I take pictures of EVERYTHING and I love adding them to my blog posts. The only reason you don't have a video of our new diggs is because Mel is still asleep and I'm not sure where she packed the camera. :P. When she's up and awake I'll add something for you guys to see.

O-M-F-G! I almost forgot!! (Oh, and YES, I actually do swear-ish when I type. So, be prepared) Dangit! I just forgot what is what that I remembered that I forgot that I was going to tell you guys. *is confused* Give me a second. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... I REMEMBER! *woot!* We're only, like, two hours from FORKS. You know. FORKS. The place where all the nice vampires are!!!!!! I'm so excited. When we both have jobs we're taking a road trip over there! I'll have to stop at the Sheriff's office (Where Bella's dad works in the books) and the Hospital (Where Mr. Cullen - the vampire - works in the books) AND they even have a Twilight gift shop there. Who'd a thunk. *sarcasm*. Anywhoo, I thought that was cool.

BTW, I hate Seattle. I never want to live there. . . Mel loves it and is convinced that life would be SO MUCH BETTER surrounded by that many people. *shudder*. Yeah. Hm.

Ms. Brown - the person we are staying with - already signed us up for this retreat thing her church is doing. *shrug* I wasn't expecting that, but I don't care because I planned to invade all the churches over this way anyway. :P This way I'll get my first look at their Seventh Day Adventist one (Yeah, she's SDA too)

Well, I'm off to farmville and then it's to the breakfast and then the library and then the job search.

If anyone wants to live chat with me when I'm online, sign up for gmail and add me as a friend or just friend me over on facebook because it has a live chat feature. I go under the name Tina E. Cokenour on facebook.

I'll add more later.