Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Ultimate Tag

This is the Ultimate game of Tag. ;) Enjoy!! I loved this. . .Parkour is so cool! and any form of free running. Man these guys have to be in really, really good shape. *Whew*.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Okay, you ALLLLL know that I'm part of If not - where have you BEEN!??! Anyway, I met someone on there (Actually Mel introduced me to this wonderful artist ;) Thanks, Mel) that is just AWESOME at painting...just awesome! She painted something for me! *Squee!* I was so excited and it took her, like, no time AT ALL. It was amazing. :D. Anyway, here it is. ;) AND HERE'S HER BLOG!


Well, as you know, Matt-hew has moved out and into a dorm room over at UCA. Poor guy is now going to be surrounded by more people than he'll know what to do with. ;D. He'll just LOVE it. Although, since they are all teens there will be the inevitable amount of jerks and bullies for him to deal with. Poor guy is positively GRYFFINDOR! He'll get right up in their face if he sees someone being an insufferable bully (That's not to say that NO Gryffindor bullies - we all know the four - really the three ;). That is a bit beside the point though. lol. He'll be very...protective of those younger than him. He really is quite noble - I suppose you would say - in that sense. It's nice to know that my little brother stands up for others....but he can also get quite angry at the same time. lol. Inherited that from his father, unfortunately.

Still, he really likes it there. He loves his dorm room - which is really nice. He got there first so he gets to take possession of any part of the room and anything IN it before the next person. ;) The school is also giving him a computer to use. lol. And my dad is sending over his computer that he had here at home. ;) So, hopefully, I will be able to e-mail him everyday and know how he's doing. I hope that this school year goes good for him. He can be sensitive at times. Got THAT from our mother. ;) lol. He is just a bundled up bit of genes is all. Neek! That isn't exactly how I meant it...but, yeah, you get it. :). (**I hope)

BTW, my dad took the pics...that's why they don't look like something that *I* would have taken on camera. ;D. lol.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Today...I reached number 200 in my posts. :D. That was a totally awesome realization.

Today...Was Matt-hew Birthday.

Today...I invented and started a new game.

Today...My computer lost 72% of my saved information

Today...The sun was out and looked beautiful

Today...I got to chat with Mel!! :D

Today...I tried to sleep until noon, but really slept until 7:00 a.m.

Today...My brother, mother and I had a great time.

Today...I just wanted to say Thank you For reading!:)!

Here's Matt-hew's Cake

Here is the cake I made for It's in a cassarole dish. Heehee. But it tasted great!!

Happy Sabbath

And it is Sabbath once again...on this bright, blue, slightly windy day. ;) I hope that it finds you all well and happy. :) I've been rediscovering some pair figure skaters that I haven't watched in a while. Very fun!! I'm also baking a cake for my brother's birthday (TODAY!) and I might take a pic and show you how it turns out...if you're nice. ;) More like, IF it turns out. I am notoriously bad at baking things. I tend to forget about them a mite too long and then they burn and die horrible deaths. Anywhoo! If it turns out nice I'll shows ya all. ;P. This post was actually just a random moment and I wanted to post I guess now that I have I'll let you get back to your lives. ;). lol. I'll post again soon! [Especially if the cake works out].

Friday, August 24, 2007

Another Puppy!

Here's another one of the puppies. My mom went out and took a bunch of pics. Aren't they just CUTE!

Awww! Cute!

Here's Matt-hew holding one of the puppies. It's a mini aussie...We have five puppies from this last litter. They're SO cute! (*Now, they weren't when they were smaller ;).

Icons Again

I totally HAD to share these icons. I luv icons. If you have any fav.'s that you think I might like...Send 'em my way. ;).

Shipper Icons

I found these Shipper Icons through a rather complicated search. ;) . I initially saw one on someone's livejournal account and absolutely HAD to find more...I luved it! So...I then searched and searched through google and hit a few wrong turns before finally stumbling upon the site of the creator - and her many, many other good icons. I only have a few on here, but you can use them if you want. I love them. :) ;). Very...shipper friendly icons. ;) While they are meant for HP, they can really work for any ship. ;) HERE'S THE SITE


I Know - Another Harry Potter Post

I know, you guys must be ready to stone me by now. ;) Here is, yet another, Harry Potter post. What can I say - there's some great vids out there. ;) I should go on a SGA/SG-1 binge sometime soon just for you!! Until then, however, I found a new fav. music video AND song. The music vid is this::

AND the song is by Vertical Horizon...It's called Forever. GREAT song! I had never heard it before this music vid. but it is just fantastic! :) Enjoy! :D.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another Picture

Here's a picture that I drew yesterday. ;) Using black permanent marker. It was a totally spontaneous drawing. :)

A Year Like None Other

I need to mention a fanfiction story that is better written than most original novels. This story is written by an author going by the name: Aspeninthesunlight and the story itself is called: A Year Like None Other.

For those of you who are incredible Harry Potter fans *Blushes guiltily* than you might have heard of this Severitus/Guardian TYPE adoption story. It is just *InCrediBle* I love it! I think I've read it about fifty time (And it's a 97 chapter story, so it was no small feat ;). Anyway, that is all a bit besides the point. My point of this post is just to introduce you to the story if you've never heard of it before.

A (very) brief summary of the story - and I don't want to give anything away - is all that I can offer you for now. ;). It is a very well written story about Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy (turned Snape ;) getting adopted by one Severus Snape (THE coolest guy in the universe). Anyway, it is about the year that they spend getting attached to each other and then becoming a family. It's GREAT! I really recommend it to you HP fans out there!!


It really is a fantastic story. ;)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Scarfs

All of these scarfs I have made in the past two weeks. :D Enjoy! Let me know which one you like the best and how you think they look. :)

Monday, August 20, 2007

New Scarf

Here's a new scarf that I made.

Free Hugs

One of the first things that I EVER put on my blog was a video for the Free Hugs people that have been taking over America's streets. lol. ;) Here's another!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Brad Thunder on YouTube

A channel on youtube belonging to a user going by:: Brad Thunder. Has caught my interest and I want to share his videos with you. He's funny and interesting and just..well, he's very "UP". Which is always nice to see in a world that seems to always be negative. He's cool. Here are a few of his vids. For more: CLICK HERE

Friday, August 17, 2007

Children of Men Clive Owen

I just HAD to post about this movie. It is the most amazing movie I have seen in a very, very, very, very (Could go one forever here, *butI'mrunningoutofbreath*) very, very long time!

It's got Clive Owen in it....and for more info, CLICK HERE

I recommend this movie to anyone that likes good acting!!! The acting, the filming, the script...oh, dear goodness! The WHOLE THINGS is just amazing. :) Check it out whenever you get the chance...

Yep, that was all. lol.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Space

It is really late right now and I'm tired so this isn't going to be long, but I wanted to mention that I've been working on my myspace account. Took me FOREVER to get anything to work right. Ugh. HTML for Dummies is a book a should invest in. ;) . I finally got it looking presentable - although as soon as I'm sure I wont screw it up I'm gonna give it a total face lift. Until then, you'll just have to deal with what I got. From my page (There's a link on the left there somewhere for Tina's myspace) you can see my friends and family. Well, the ones that are on there, anyway. :) Have a great night!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

No Words

I am on a roll as far as my writing is concerned. I have been getting entire CHAPTERS finished...amazing accomplishment for me, just ask Mel. ;)

I am thinking of putting one of my short stories up here - not a section or a summary - the whole thing. :) If ANYONE comments to the positive on this suggestion then I will do so. ;) I even have the perfect one picked out. If knowing the title will help you pick then I'll tell you. It's called: Saving Souls.

Yep, that's all that I'm going to tell you for now.

More updates later!

Heat Wave Finished

Heat Wave is FINISHED, people! *Whoohoo* . ;) I will probably get it beta read at some would be good to get any bits and pieces put into place if they need it. I am loving how it turned out and am already thinking on a sequel. . .

You can find it on under ebbtide's stories. :)


I am learning about herbs! (With the 'h' pronounced) ;). lol. I'll keep you in touch with whether or not I actually do anything with this growing knowledge of little green plants. lol.


((BTW, I know that picture isn't an herb...least, I think I know. ;))

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Severus Snape

The oily haired git of a potions professor has captured the attention and imagination of a generation. The mystery and dual aspects of his character left us guessing until the very end - except for a few enlightened fanfic writers. lol. Who seemed to hit the nail right on the head - and even then there were still questions to be asked.

This post is dedicated to Severus Snape (My personal hero from the HP books). I found a vid that describes him SO WELL I just had to post it up here on my blog. There are major spoilers for both the last (7th) book and maybe a few for the fifth movie. It is stunning and beautiful. I'll admit *With a modest blush* that this vid left me in tears by the end. It is beautiful. Enjoy!


Sunday, August 5, 2007

Artist: Kyla79

Art is one of my passions...actually, probably my most enduring passion. I've loved every facet of art and it's impact on culture since...forever. This artist that I am about to share with you has inspired me and so I wanted to share the artwork with YOU. Enjoy.

Here is a link to kyla79's art page on deviantart. I would really recommend that you check out the artwork. It's fantastic!!!

Bridge Collapse Victims Remembered

This post is just here for my blog readers to take a short moment out of their day to remember the victims of not just this recent bridge collapse, but ALL of the bridge collapse catastrophes in the U.S. and other countries that have taken place over the years. The men, women and children who died are NOT forgotten. Their family and friends will never forget them and even though I didn't know any of them...My prayers are with their families.

The flag on this picture is flown in remembrance of those who have so recently and tragically died. America cares and will remember them.

Terra Wright and Atlantis

Since I have introduced you to Lt. Hallmen, I think it's only fair that I show you how I see Terra Wright - my original character. ;) She is based very loosely on me. Red hair, glasses, likes to giggle, enjoys cooking, etc. SOO much of me is in her! Anyway, I don't really know who the person in the photo is...found it on Google. *whoops* So yeah... Anyway, Terra is the Food Service Manager for Earth's base in the Pegasus galaxy. Sounds pretty impressive when you say it like that. lol. Usually I just describe her as "the cook". lol. ;) I'll keep you updated on her character. Oooh! She got shot (in the leg) by an Atlantian who went off of the deep end. She got a few fluffy shipper moments with a Lorne brother. She likes him. ;)

Lt. Gary Hallmen

I have a new character from my Twitter RPG group. His name is Lt. Gary Hallmen and he is a nice, flirty guard who has a thing for Terra Wright - my other character. :D lol. He has some competition in the form of the Lorne brothers, however, so I kinda feel sorry for the guy. I don't think that he's going to get Terra. lol.

Here's a picture of him...well, okay, it's NOT him. But it IS how I see him as looking. ;)

I'm a Chaser

BTW, I don't think that I ever told you all...I'm a Chaser for my team. ;) How totally awesome is that!?! The Chaser tries to get the Quaffle through the hoops. :D . I just hope that I don't get knocked out by a Bludger *worries*. That could be embarrassing for my first ever Quidditch game. lol. I'm sure Madame Pomfrey will fix me right up though. ;) Or some other Medi-Witch.

Today, Today

My weeks have been going pretty good so far. I have my first Quidditch game this week. :D. I'll let you know what how it goes. . .

I am busy watching Steve Coogan right now. ;) But I'll write more later!

You guys have a great week...:)(:...

Steve Coogan

I officially have a new favorite actor/comedian. lol. That only happens like every other week. ;) Anyway, my current favorite is Steve Coogan. The man is just comic brilliance!!!

Here is a clip of him so that you can see for yourself. He is so funny and . . .well, that's just HIM. He's funny. I laugh so hard every time that I watch something he is in. Believe it or not, I discovered him when I watched Around The World In Eighty Days. I saw his acting and thought that he was just the funniest I Googled him and found his info on Then went over to youtube and saw some more clips of him....and from there I found his site. lol. :) A bit backwards, I know. lol.