Monday, August 27, 2007


Well, as you know, Matt-hew has moved out and into a dorm room over at UCA. Poor guy is now going to be surrounded by more people than he'll know what to do with. ;D. He'll just LOVE it. Although, since they are all teens there will be the inevitable amount of jerks and bullies for him to deal with. Poor guy is positively GRYFFINDOR! He'll get right up in their face if he sees someone being an insufferable bully (That's not to say that NO Gryffindor bullies - we all know the four - really the three ;). That is a bit beside the point though. lol. He'll be very...protective of those younger than him. He really is quite noble - I suppose you would say - in that sense. It's nice to know that my little brother stands up for others....but he can also get quite angry at the same time. lol. Inherited that from his father, unfortunately.

Still, he really likes it there. He loves his dorm room - which is really nice. He got there first so he gets to take possession of any part of the room and anything IN it before the next person. ;) The school is also giving him a computer to use. lol. And my dad is sending over his computer that he had here at home. ;) So, hopefully, I will be able to e-mail him everyday and know how he's doing. I hope that this school year goes good for him. He can be sensitive at times. Got THAT from our mother. ;) lol. He is just a bundled up bit of genes is all. Neek! That isn't exactly how I meant it...but, yeah, you get it. :). (**I hope)

BTW, my dad took the pics...that's why they don't look like something that *I* would have taken on camera. ;D. lol.


Mel said...

Aw... little brother's all growed up and getting edumecated!!!!!! *hugs*

/to Ebbs/ Psst--let's party now!!! *winks*

Ebbtide said...

LOL. Okay. ;) lol. :D