Friday, October 31, 2008


Your Result is: 100% SUPERNATURAL Fan

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Thursday, October 30, 2008



OMGosh! Supernatural tonight was so awesome there are just no words to describe

CASTIEL! Oh, he was just so great. :D. I mean, we got to see that he is more human than originally portrayed....and he's the nice dude that I always knew he was and *squeeeeee* they are following Dean's orders. Ruby is following Sam's orders. We really DO have a brother against brother thing going on.

Poor Sam, finding out that not all angels are light and wonder. :(. Felt sorry for him.

My two favorite lines in the show:

"I think we're going to need a bigger kiln"


"Astronout!" lol.

If you haven't seen it, go to youtube and watch it! Or better yet, wait a few days until it comes onto the CW website. :P.

I got banned again..this time for linking to other sites. *rolls eyes* STILL I got to watch the most best episode EVER!!! :D.

HERE's my wonderful badge. Makes me an agent of the F.P.I. We save the world from the evilness of pies!!!! *WATCH OUT DEAAAAAAAN! It'll kill ya!*. :P.

Today has went pretty good. I found a couple of new jobs that I'm thinking of applying for. . .they're in home, caring for older people. DK what that called, but it pays pretty good and I can always use more money!

As for the rest of things...They are going pretty good. I like the idea of having a job. :).

I've been trying to get my webcam working. *Sigh* It's still not working...I'll get it. I want to record myself dancing the Jensen "Tiger" Jig. You know, the one that I posted a few posts ago. :D. If you haven't seen, you check it out. Jensen is wonderful!!!

Supernatural Tonight!

Tonight's episode of Supernatural promises to be beyond awesome!! Castiel is making a reappearance - finally, I missed Misha Collins! - and he brings along an angelic friend. :D. I'll post all about it once I've seen...but for now I'm working on a SN fan project! The F.P.I. AGENCY that us SN fans cooked up last night. :P.

Here's my badge. :). oOOkay, can't find my badge. I'll post it when I do find it. ;). :). Post more guys have a great day!!!

Remember, Supernatural every Thursday night at Nine on the CW! Watch it 'cause it's awesome!! :D

Which Supernatural Character Are You?

More on Supernatural. Created by BuddyTV
I took a quiz to see which character I am on Supernatural. :D. And I'm DEAN! :). Yeah!

BTW, Yellow Fever was beyond awesome. :D. I love Supernatural, it's only the best show ever!!! :D

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall, Fun...Fashion?

How it's going here at Camp Mivoden. ;). Pink hats, Smiley face ties and big GRINS! :D. Fun, fun, fun so far. :).

lol. "Eye of The Tiger", Jensen Ackles!

lol. This weekend has been going great so far!! I am really enjoying it here, I always do. ;). Man, I'm tempted to just hang out in the big, spacious, comfy room all day. :P. But I paid good money to socialize, so socialize I must. ;).

*Waves* Hey Manasa, Mel! Miss you guys!!! :D.

All is good and right in the world. ;). I've updated S.S.A. if you wanna go over there and check out my stories! ;P

Yellow Fever was beyond amazing, just as I knew it would be. Check it out on youtube! I promise that you'll never stop laughing!! :D.

Have a great day all. I have a weekend to go enjoy!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Things are going okay. I leave in the morning for the weekend.

Haven't heard anything more about my Grampa, but he's still in the hospital.

Oh, My, Goodness. My MOTHER is having some heart trouble this week - she's always had a heart thing, that the docs can't fix, but it's acting up this week. *Rolls Eyes*. Life SUCKETH! --I'm pretty sure that's a direct quote from Shakespeare. ;).

You all have a great weekend. Don't forget to watch Yellow Fever - the new Supernatural episode that airs tonight at nine on the CW!! :D It promises to be kick-ass amazing!!!! :D.

I hope you're caught up, Mel, because you don't want to miss this one!!!

AND I made it back just fine. ;). Guess I'LL still be the one to finish my wonderful story. :P.

I've been watching SN and trying not to freeze to death. I remember EVERYTHING I hated about living with my parents. *sigh*. I miss living with my grandparents. . .Oh, well. I'll be back there in no time flat. ;). Monday!! Woot!

New SN episode tonight. I won't have TV here with the parents so I will have to watch it online - probably youtube...yeah. It is going to be AWESOME and I recommend everyone to watch it. :D. Thursday at nine on the CW *22*. ;).

I really, really, REALLY enjoyed the SCREAM awards last night. :D. They were simply awesome and I found myself cheering, squeeing and reaction in other fangirl related ways when I saw JDM and JP!! :D. They were so wonderful! The whole experience was great and I'm uber-excited about next years SCREAM awards. ;). PLUS. Lucas!!!!!! :D :D

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Well, I was in CD'A most of the day. I'm still there, actually. My mom just picked me up from the hospital where my Grampa is staying - he just had some heart surgery stuff. . . I'm not really sure, but the doc said we were lucky! If he hadn't of had a heart attack he would have died...of a heart attack. *Scratches head*. I don't really understand. *Shrug*.

Anywhoo, I'm terrified of my mom's driving skills...even moreso now that I have been safely without them for a long period of time. If I don't make it back alive, I reall want Mel to publish my book - finish it. BYe.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Things That Make You Go "hmmmmm".

Hmmmmmm. Hehee. :D

I had a good day. We're going to eat pizza for dinner now. Check out the Supernatural forum on the CW site, it's awesome if you're a SN fan!!! :D

Infectious Go Fish . Love that album!!!

Lyrics | Infectious lyrics

Lyrics | Second Chance lyrics


Having a Shinedown marathon. :P. Now I've got to go do the dishes. WOOHOOO! SN is almost here just a few more days. :). :D. Awesome. Sweet. Totally Stellar!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Goodnight, World. ;). I'll leave you with one more icon. lol. Today was good. Had a long, much-needed chat with my best friend. All is good and right. :D.



Now if I could just get that job. :P No worries! It'll happen. :).

MY Jensen Sings!!!!

Icon Away

ICON OF THE MONTH! - ERM, week. ... . . . .Day? Okay, I just wanted an excuse to post an icon. :P!

This Week In Tina's World

Today has been a good day so far. I'm really looking forward to seeing Yellow Fever. Mostly because my mother is going to be here to watch it with me. YEAH!
I'm also really excited to see if my story gets accepted - I sent it into glimmer train.
I'm also really excited about the fact that we're almost THROUGH the whole election thing. I swear, I'll be so relieved when we finally have Obama in the white house. *Happy Smile*. Then I won't have to worry about America making the wrong choice....because it will have already been made and over with. ;). I can't wait!!
Other than that. Nothing going on here. I'm bored. I hate not working. I hate being bored. I liked talking with my Mel. *Hugs* Mel!!!! :D You're the bestest BFF E-V-E-R!!!! I cannot wait until we're living together and watching TV after work ALL THE TIME!!!.....Except when we're out doing fun stuff together. :P.
You all have the most awesome day ever!! You know, I've noticed lately that I use the word "awesome" all the time. I need to do something about that. lol.
Added another story on ;). Love that site! Read the GREATEST, SADDEST, most TOTALLY DEANIST fic ever last night. *Bittersweet Sigh*. :D.
Have a great one, ya-all. Post more later! ;).

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Monster Movie


That's all I have to say about tonights episode. What a perfectly delicious ride! :D I think I've expired and gone to movie heaven. At least, that's what the last hour has felt like. THE MUSIC WAS PERFECT! You know how I can be about soundtracks. :). They did such a great job without making it cheesy. *Sigh*. I'm in love!! With Jensen Ackles, of course!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Crazy Times!

WOW! My computer uploaded the same picture three time. lol. Perfect for that icon. ;). :D.
Anywhoo, just having a normal day. A little sad about the economic news. *Sigh*. Then I got two HUGE pick-me-ups! I talked with Mel for a few minutes. :D. *Waves* Hey, Mel!! You rock!
I am dying to see tomorrows AND next weeks episodes. :D Supernatural ROCKS! KRIPKE RULES!
Awww. I'm happy again. :D. Forget economic woes. ;).
Hope you all are having a great day! Post more later...Heehee.I got Nat-han listening to Styx right now. :D. I converted him, oh, yeah! :D :D. :). Good day. ;).

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More of the same. As in, more no-thing. *Sigh*. I'm going into town. Gotta return Iron Man to the store and check the post office box. :D. It'll be great! DOING SOMETHING.

I think that more will happen later. I hope. OooOOOooH! I submitted a story to a magazine. I'll let you guys know how that goes. Gotta go! Post more later. :).

Monday, October 13, 2008

Today is going okay.

I'm working on my writing. Nothing else.

Talked with Mel! It was AWESOME! *Hugs* Mel. ;D.

I hope that life is treating you all great.

The stock market news is encouraging. Lets hope it keeps up. ;D. :D. I'm positive. Well, I'm thinking positive about it, anyway. ;). Thanks to my wonderful Mel who keeps me on track. :).

Other than that, day's pretty boring. lol. Just waitingfor some job responses. ;). It'll come, no worries. :D.

Post more later. I'm also posting some more on S.S.A. :D.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

MADE it yesterday

Monday, October 6, 2008


Well, today went okay. :D. Not BAD, I guess that means that today went good! :D. Other than that, nothing much. Wait, I haven't even said anything yet. *Shakes Head*. Okaaaay. I'm being very random this week. That's okay though. :). You guys love me because I'm random. Right??......right? ... uh, guys?

Anywhoo. I still haven't heard back from any of those jobs. *Sigh*. I hope to hear from someone soon. Otherwise I might be forced to move back with the parents. *Cringe*. No offense, mom. ;). You know I loves ya! Just...yeah. Living in that little town again. *Shivers*. Although! There is always a chance I could get re-hired at the Library there. Loved working at that place. *Thinks*.

I painted and drew a really cool picture that I posted over on Seasoned Simile Axiom. You can go check it out! 'Cause it looks cool. :D.

BTW, the website that the internet people ate is now back. :). Not so nice imagry accompanying that announcement. Sorry. Anyway, it's back, but freewebs has been easier so I think I'll stick with it for now. I've got to make more products for the online store, but I'm running out of Internet space...or whatever it's called. *Raises Eyebrow* Anyone out there know the technical term for when you can only download so many MB's or GB's a month??? I'm reaching my limit. Not cool.

I might lose it for a few days before the new month kicks in and the space-thing is reset. *Heavy Sigh*. So much drama! lol.
You all have a great day!!!

I'll post more later! *Hugs* to my friends!!
Manasa, you ROCK! Hope everything has been going especially well for you. :). *hugs*.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gen Padackles

Well, today went a little....boring. *Sigh*. A good day though. I hope that tomorrow I hear back from a cool job! ;). Hope is evergreen. lol. :D. That's, of course, the way that it should be.
You all have a super day!! :).

I am increasingly less and less *wow...that looks weird* *"Increasingly" "less* *Heehee* *snirK!*
Anywhoo. I'm increasingly less and less impressed with either presidential candidate. I think they both suck, but I'd still rather side with Obama - I know, that probably is going to stur up all kinds of trouble-ness. ;). Still, we've had McCain act-alike for the last eight years. How is electing another Bush clone going to solve anything?? Doesn't mean Obama's going to make things better. . .Just. Yeah. They both suck!
I was *SO* excited to finally vote and now there's no one worth voting FOR! *Hmph*. *Crosses arms*. I'm going to throw a minor/temporary pity party about the situation and then move on. ;).
Today has been good. I worked more on the site. : LINK HERE

TODAY is the day...

I stayed up until about six o'clock in the morning this morning and then slept until ten. lol. My Grampa thinks that I NEVER get out of bed before twelve. lol. I guess, compared to him, I really *do* sleep in a lot. He's always up and busy by four in the morning. Just to clarify, I'd DIE if I ever got up that early on a regular basis. Yep, it's true. I'd keel on over and croak. Mornings are *so* NOT my thing.

I miss Chandler from Friends. *Sigh*. That was a random moment, but now I've got to go hunt up the next showing of Friends so that I can record it. :P.

NO WAY! I was just flipping through channels - looking for a Friends showing - as I write this post and I FOUND THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK!! It will be on later tonight. :D :D. Awesome! LOVE that MOVIE!

Speaking of movies. Our local video store went out of business so I was able to buy a couple of DVD's for about a dollar each. L4yer Cake and Driving Lessons - both of which are really great movies. Daniel Craig and Rupert Grint. ;). Wonderful! *Happy Sigh*.

I watched Twister today. I never get tired of that movie!

Okay, well, I'm going to go find something to do. I've been updating the website I'm building. I wrote more poetry and published it on S.S.A. and on :).

You all have a great day! I'm sending happy thoughts out to all of my friends. :D. I'll post another update once something changes. :).

Friday, October 3, 2008

I added another story over on Ummm. It's actually a poem. :D. I wrote it based on this last SUPER episode of Supernatural. It is about how Dean can't save his family no matter how hard he tries because it's just fate. And now he has to deal with that knowledge. GREAT episode, btw. Called: In The Beginning.

Link to my place on supernaturalville is: HERE

Read it when you get a chance. It's great!! :D. Have a good night, everyone. I'll post more later. :).

So far my website looks like...something from a horror movie...but that's because I'm done working on it for the day and I know what all the problems are so they will be quick to fix tomorrow when I'm no longer tired. ;).

Listening to GREAT music right now. :D. You can hear it over at:

New shirts that I got today!!

Today went well. I sent in three more job applications. I WILL be employed *Force wave*. :P ! I'll use the Schwarts on those employers and they won't know what hit them. lol.

I guess I'm just now starting to really digest everything that I learned from In The Beginning. I thought about it for a really long time and at first - still am really - I was just SO EXCITED about what we had seen and heard and learn, but now I'm starting to understand what it all could mean and I'm worried for our Winchseter boys!!

I wrote a letter to Kripke and the president of the CW Network. Hope that they actually READ THEM. lol. ;). That would be niice.

Other than that, I've been updating the Supernatural Experience yahoo group, myspace and website. I still have a long way to go on the website - BOB - and the new address is:

I hope that it all ends up being good. ;). I'll keep you all updated! If you haven't checked out the CW, Superantural, The Supernatural Experience OR Preternatural then you are soooo missing out!!!!

Have a great day all. *Hugs*, to all my friends out there. ;). Wish me luck with the job thing. :)>

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Preternatural State

Episode Four!

I'M IN LOOOOOOOOVVEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMGosh, OMGosh! I cannot believe what I just saw! So many curve balls thrown at us in the plot of that last episode. AND FINALLY SOME SERIES BACKGROUND REVEALED!!!! WHOOOHOOOO!! Can you tell that I’m a smidgen excited? You have no idea how wonderful it was to finally get some answers. Finally, we know why the Angel pulled Dean out of hell. We know why Mary knew the YED. We know why Mary apologized to Sam in Home. We know why John was so obsessed with finding the killer of his wife. We know what John and Mary and the Winchesters were like before the YED came and killed everyone. We know what happened to Sam to make him do the things that he’s doing. We know what Dean has to do to stop his brother from being killed - find out what the YED had planned. We know so much after this last episode! AND we finally KNOW for sure that Sammy’s little secret is out of the “bag”. Dean knows what he’s been up to and some serious bitch slapping is in the near future - I can feel it in my bones!

Long story short, this last episode was everything I wanted it to be and SO, SO, SOOO much more! :D. I’ve fallen in love with this show all over again the last few weeks. Tonight especially. Some of the best acting and writing I’ve seen on the show EVER - and that includes the season four premier episode that I was certain would not be top-able! It so is! This night episode just set the bar so much more higher. I have no idea how Kripke planned this story to unfold like this. But tonight was some series myth-arc payoff! Whohooo! Us fans hit metaphorical gold dust on this epie. ;).

Mary was always my favorite character next to Dean and Bobby…so, finally learning more about her was just amazing. And what it was we DID learn was just woah!!! :D. I’m in shock. My jaw’s still somewhere around floor level. Absolutely, fracking amazing! PHENOMENAL!

Everyone out there who isn’t a fan of this show WATCH THIS SHOW! I guarantee you won’t be let down. ;). Kripke has a tale to tell and he’s pulling out all the stops! We are in for one great season, folks.