Monday, October 6, 2008


Well, today went okay. :D. Not BAD, I guess that means that today went good! :D. Other than that, nothing much. Wait, I haven't even said anything yet. *Shakes Head*. Okaaaay. I'm being very random this week. That's okay though. :). You guys love me because I'm random. Right??......right? ... uh, guys?

Anywhoo. I still haven't heard back from any of those jobs. *Sigh*. I hope to hear from someone soon. Otherwise I might be forced to move back with the parents. *Cringe*. No offense, mom. ;). You know I loves ya! Just...yeah. Living in that little town again. *Shivers*. Although! There is always a chance I could get re-hired at the Library there. Loved working at that place. *Thinks*.

I painted and drew a really cool picture that I posted over on Seasoned Simile Axiom. You can go check it out! 'Cause it looks cool. :D.

BTW, the website that the internet people ate is now back. :). Not so nice imagry accompanying that announcement. Sorry. Anyway, it's back, but freewebs has been easier so I think I'll stick with it for now. I've got to make more products for the online store, but I'm running out of Internet space...or whatever it's called. *Raises Eyebrow* Anyone out there know the technical term for when you can only download so many MB's or GB's a month??? I'm reaching my limit. Not cool.

I might lose it for a few days before the new month kicks in and the space-thing is reset. *Heavy Sigh*. So much drama! lol.
You all have a great day!!!

I'll post more later! *Hugs* to my friends!!
Manasa, you ROCK! Hope everything has been going especially well for you. :). *hugs*.


TLC's said...

hey, I'm sure things will eventually look up for you. You can come home when ever you need! I know it isn't the best but it is a place IF needed. BTW... it is hard to read what you wrote in the green. I had to highlight it just to be able to read it. I'm still praying for you.... I know everything will work out according to HIS plans. God Bless! ~ MOM ~

Ebbtide said...

Sorry, about the writing color. Thanks, for the prayers and stuff.

:). It's good to know I have a place to retreat to if life wins the fight. lol. ;).

You have a great day!! Thanks for commenting, I was starting to think no one read my blog. :P.