Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cosplay A New Horizon

Alright, for those of you who really know me - ummm, yeah - I've been into cosplay before now...except I didn't know that's what it was! Clueless me! I've always been interested in the costuming on my favorite movies and now it's moved to my favorite manga, hence my discovery of the wonderful and wacky world of cosplay. :).

I'm more of a LOTR fan as far as costumes go, but I'm expanding my horizons!

Well, I'm off to bed so this is my closing post for the night. Later, people! Have a great day tomorrow. I'll let you know how work goes. I'm hoping for the absolute best day ever!!!


These are the pictures that I was drawing today. The dude is my own personal manga vision of Jensen Ackles in his role as Alec/Ben on Dark Angel. . . .Yeah, about that. I think I have a new fandom! *Groans* Jensen converted me to the Dark Angel world. ;). It's all good. Missing Lost right about now too. Hmm. Weird. Anyway, the girl is sitting on steps in front of her school building - which I haven't drawn yet. And she's wearing a skirt, btw, in case you were wondering. My Grammie could NOT figure out what she was wearing. lol. ;). Let me know what you think of them! Okay?

Today was a good day, as well. I work tomorrow so I might not post. *Shrugs*.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I am tired and going to bed. So, I guess this will be my sign off post for the night. ;). I wish you all the best of days this week!

I had an awesome time at lunch, btw. Me and my old friend reconnected as if no time at all had come between us. It was quite amazing, to be honest. I loved hanging out with her today and we've made plans to visit more tomorrow. ;).

I am working on drawing some anime so I might post that in the morning if I feel up to it. :D. You all have a good one!

tatoo idea i had while at work. pen on notebook paper. :)

Erm, it's a baby phoenix...yeah.

I bought this awesome vesty thing for my equally awesome Grammie. Got it at this great store called Boardwalk Boutique.

THE DAY WENT SUPER-AWESOME!!! More comes soon.

Novel Moment

This is my very first post from INSIDE a restaurant. I think it's pretty cool. All this different scenery from what I am used to! It's lovely. I should do this more often. btw, I wrote a new story for Supernatural. It's only slightly longer than a drabble. A one shot for sure! It was so fun to write that I just could not stop. I'm going to write another and another and ANOTHER. MWHAHahahahah!! *Cough* Erm, sorry. Power trip. *Shakes Head*. Better now. :D.

I hope that you all are doing well. I'm still waiting for my lunch date to arrive. *Looks around nervously* I'm really excited...hope she shows! lol. Of course she will. *Waves worries away*.

I finished my story! A Moment Lost In Time by...Ebbtide (ME). :). It's on and it's awesome! :) ;). ;D. :D

So, I'm signing off for a little bit. I have to go to the library, the store, the post office and the unemployment place. *Sigh*. I could do all of that tomorrow, but I'm not going to put it off. Best to just get it over with. ;).

OooooH! I got my new The King Of Hell manga book yesterday! It's an awesome series. ;). I'm thinking of getting some Death Note next. Hmmm. We'll see. :D.

I'm Awake...Really, I am! . . .

Okay, so I am now officially a member of the walking dead. I am so exhausted right now I could fall right back asleep...again. :). The alarm woke me up and then I - being the stupid, brainless, idiot that I am - fell back asleep. Ugh! You'd think that I would learn, right? Wrong. *Shakes Head*.

I still have to call my friend and set up a time or lunch. I'm thinking about 12-ish. lol.

Other than that, I've been writing like a maniac - hence my morning exhaustion - I stayed up until I had written the last chapter of that story I keep posting about. Go on over and read it! :). Have a great day, you all!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Night All

Well, I'm heading off to bed. It has been a very, very, very good day!!! :). I hope that everyone out there gets to experience a day that goes as well as mine went...umm, today. :). Yeah. That's all.

I've got a chapter to finish writing before I go to bed. I've already written two chapters today and posted them and I want to try and finish the third before I go to bed - or as close to it as I can get. ;)

You all have a good one. I'll let you know how lunch goes tomorrow. ;). Check out Charlie Pace on youtube an prepare to be amazed. lol. :) . Dominic is greatness. ;).

Work, Work

I got off work 1 1/2 hours early! Yeah! Aaand I get the next two days off, as well, if everything goes as planned. Hmm.
I'm really tired right now so I don't have much to say, but the day went good and I'm happy with that.

I got Charmed the Final Season in the mail along with Spider Man Three and I Am Legend! Yeah! Movie night. ;).

I got to hang out with my awesome older brother yesterday and we talked and laughed and nearly killed each other - Ah! Good times. :).

I also talked with an old friend of mine who I haven't really talked to in years. We decided that we're going to go out to eat lunch tomorrow. Catch up on everything and visit and stuff. ;). I'm hoping that goes well. My fingers are crossed that there wont be much dead air. She's really, really nice, but - like I said before - it's been forever since we've really talked. Used to be best friends so I hope that everything works out well...I'd like to continue being good friends. :).

Anywhoo, I'm going to go check my e-mail and stuff. ;).

Bzzzz. Yeah, that's it's name. It's something I drew when I got bored the other day. I thiiinnnk that it's a bug of some kind. ;).

Today is a good day so far. I've posted another chapter to my Supernatural story!! Yeah! And I got some very encouraging reviews for that first chapter. lol. I've gotten more reviews on that first chapter than I did on the ENTIRE story of my last fic. What does that mean exactly? Although I did not get many reviews for that first story a loooot of people have read it. Spreading the Ebbtide goodness. lol..

I am hoping to have a very good - quick - day at work because I've got stuff to do in town....Ooh. Speaking of town. *Hits forehead with palm* I went and spent a lot of money yesterday. I'm a bad, horrible, non-budget accommodating person! Sorry, that was a bit off topic ... but I'm feeling horrible about it now... but I NEEDED all of those things!

Oh well. Whatever, right. I'll be fine once I get my paycheck. :D. I hope......*Ducks Head* I should get smarter! And save money more...although, I was getting pretty good on the saving money thing for a while there until I didn't have a job and then I needed to use the money that I had saved until I got a job which I now have and so........

I'm babbling. I'll stop now.

Today WILL be good. I will just think that all day long until work is over. :). I have tomorrow and the next day off - assuming I don't get called into work on one of my days off like what happened last week. ;). I don't think that will happen, though. :).

You all have a great day and I'll tell you all about mine when I get back! Later, World.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Only the most awesome edit ever for a vid. ;). Watch and enjoy! I couldn't have expected anything better from Alter Diem. It's Pretty Handsome Awkward set to a Supernatural background! Awesome. :D.

The Day Went Well

The day went well.

The Day Went Well

The day went well.

Today Is a ....Undecided Day

Well, I woke up an hour late. Otherwise I would have a lot more to put on here and type about before heading off to work for the day. I'm out of here in twenty - and I still have to get dressed and everything! Ugh.

Just wanted to let you know that the day started off Hectic and Undecided. Actual post content will be added later after work. You all have a good one!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Can't Pull Myself Away

This is me, signing off for the night. If I don't then I'll be here until all hours and I need to work tomorrow. Night all. Hang tough, it'll get better. I'm sending happy thoughts your way they should arrive within 3-5 business days. ;). Have a good one. I'll post more drawings tomorrow. I've been busy. ;).

Nathan Fillion

I just realized that I have NEVER posted a Nathan Fillion post before! What is the MATTER with me??? The man is only The Most Awesome!

For those of you who don't know who the great actor Nathan (Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, there is NO hyphen) Firefly. Or youtube it. :D. Either one of those works for me. ;).

He is awesome and deserves a shout out and his own personal post on my blog. Now he's had both....I'll probably add a link or something over there eventually to a site about him. :). LOL. Can I procrastinate too??? Please???

Sorry, need sugar. Randomness happening all around me today with these last few posts. *Raises Eyebrow*. Hmmm. . .I thought sugar CAUSED

Story Hour

I'll give you a little taste of my most recent original story. Read at your own Risk. You've been warned. Oooh! BTW, there's a link over there somewhere to my Supernaturallville site that has my fanfiction under Ebbtide. It's worth checking out *Shameless self-promotion*. :). It's all good.

The Helpful Watchdog
By Tina c.

Jade Suon arched her back, bones creaking at the movement. The woman ran a hand over the purple leather hips of her 23rd century combat suit. A holster and stun weapon were attached to the inside of her thigh, ready for use. Her other hand was raised above her head in a salute to the heavens.

"Perfect! Good. Now, I want you to look into the camera and smile...that's it. Sexy, think sexy. Hold."

Photographer Dina Grinch looked at the palm screen in front of her and the tiny view of Jade Suon it showed. The professional touched the screen corner and then dragged her finger towards the center, as she did so the picture's angle changed. Dina froze when she reached the perfect angle.

Looking over at the model Dina could see her inch wide camera - a plain white box shaped frame housing an internal memory chip and transmitter - hover several feet off the ground, it looked up at Suon. The photographer decided that she could not get a better, more visually attractive shot and pushed a button on the screen panel. A soft whir from the tiny camera gave away the only indication that the photographer was doing her job. Dina smiled at when she saw the result on her screen.

Jade Suon stood, a forced perception making her appear tall and lethal with her ruby red lips set in an alluring pout.

"Good, Jade." Grinch praised, looking up at the other woman. "Now I would like one with you -."


A voice interrupted.

Dina turned towards the sound and found her husband and young son waving from outside
the studio doorway. She switched off the camera screen and stowed it in her left pants pocket.

"That'll be all for today, Jade. I'll see you in the morning at five o'clock."

The model nodded in acknowledgement. "Alright, see you then, Dina."

The photographer took a few steps forward to grab the tiny camera out of the air and then turned to meet her family. Her young son, William, ran forward to meet her and hugged her knees tightly.

"Mommy! Daddy said we would go for ice cream." William said, his brown eyes wide with excitement.

She leaned down to place a kiss on his blond hair. "He did, did he?" She looked over at her husband and smiled.

William nodded his head.

"Yes, sweetheart." Her husband, Bob, answered with a returning grin of his own. She hugged him as well and together, the small family left the studio in search of a ice cream shop.


Jade Suon sat in the body-hugging leather suit. She looked down at the purple clothing and frowned.

"You'd think the military would have better taste." The model complained. "How do they expect me to up recruits when I look like a weed on steroids!"

Her assistant, a young dark haired girl with glasses and a freckled complexion, started to pack up their few things. "Yeah, wouldn't ya." She said through a thick wad of bubblegum answering the first question..

"Stacy, why don't you take the rest of the day off?" Jade told her assistant with a frown. "I don't have any other shoots planned for today...and I won't be going out. I will not be needing you. Go spend some time with your mother."

Stacy almost never had time to spend with her aging mother, Matilda, and begged off time whenever she could get away with it. She gave Jade a thankful smile and left the dropped the bags on the floor by her employer.


Alright, I'll fess up. This isn't recent. As a matter of act, it's pure ancient. Pulled it from a Hard Copy archive. Whew! Anyway, there really might be more if anyone thinks it's actually any good. lol.


Here's a picture of me that I took about fifty seconds ago. lol. Just about as "Current" as you can get. lol.

My Pictures

AND here is some artwork that I drew the other day - and I KNOW that it's not technically correct in any fashion of the term - it's pen on paper. ;). Fun stuff. It's MY Version of the Metallicar. Enjoy!

HeeHEEE "Moment"

In this clip my man, Jensen Ackles, sums up fanficiton. Not just his fandom, but ALL FANDOMS. And that's not too easy to do. lol. He probably got a really poor sampling - crack!fics and the like. lol. wing!fics. . . .lol.


Okay, here's a bit of that writing that I promised you. This is a poem that I am currently trying to DO SOMETHING WITH. :). I like it a whole lot. . .and in a way it's a fanpoem so that makes it eeeeven betterrrrr! :). Okay, random. Sorry.

Lollipops And Candy Canes
By Tina c.

Lollipops and candy canes
A sad lie I tell to myself
On all those bad days
So I won’t care about the truth
So I can cover up my hurt

Bad dreams haunt my sleep
I try my hardest to stay awake
Holding close all the sanity I can keep
Don’t make me question - for my sake

You ask how things are
I answer “sweet”. Like.
Lollypops and candy canes
The sad lie I tell others
The sad lie I try to believe myself

It makes my dreams less real
A hastily applied seal over the wounds
That can never truly, fully heal

My way of coping
Of not giving up hoping
That someday this nightmare will end
So give me those false hopes
Give me lollipops and candy canes.


Go Figure

Good golly, go figure - The day went amazing!

:). I had a good day at work and an even better day once I got out of there. ;). I love my fellow employees and my boss, but the building where we work is just SO HOT (and not in the good way, although there are some attractive co-workers with which to interact, but we'll leave that for another post ;). I am just dying of heat before half-an hour into the work day. Everyone else is to so I just suck it up and deal. . .did that last bit sound weird to anyone else? . . . .Whatever.

I need sugar.

I've been trying to watch my weight so I've put off buying my drinks. I always have drinks. .. .with sugar in them. *Sigh*. I miss Mt. Dew, Sierra Mist and ... and ... *Sobs into hands* MY VAULT!

I am going to try this for as long as possible - until I break under the pressure of no caffeinated, sugary goodness - and see if it makes any difference on my weight loss. We shall see.

Hmmm. Other than that everything went good at home. I missed out going to a concert. My totally awesome older brother was ready to drop everything and tow me over there, but I have to work tomorrow so I just don't think it's a good idea to go off until 2 am. Course, I've been wrong before. ;). Maybe I'd've had a blast. *Shrug* Whatever.

At least this way I get to post before turning it out for the night. :).

I think I did a bad thing and let some of my personal information leak into webspace... *Winces* My bad. *Hits head on keyboard* I never, EVER learn do I?

Well, I hope that you all are doing okay. Until next post, keep it real. :).

Off to work I go

Alrighty, I'm off to my job. lol. I'm not sure how good today is going to go, but I am hopeful that it will be manageable! I had a great day yesterday so I'm hoping some of that positive-ness will translate over into today.

You all have a good one! I'm going to upload some of my drawings, writings, etc. later on if I'm feeling up to it. :D.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Good Nite

Good Night, fellow Earth-dwellers. :).

Today was the MOST AWESOME day ever...everything went good. :D. *Glomps* to my friends!

Post more tomorrow.


Okay, so, I went out and purchased a Verizon Wireless Internet plan that cost me a...bit. Yeah, anyway, I'm just super-excited 'cause now I can post on this blog to my hearts content!! And this blog does make my heart content. ;). lol.

Anywhoo, not been up to much of note. My new job is going well. I totally suck at it, but I like it anyway. The people there have been nothing but nice to me, even though I obviously suck. Yeah. So. Yeah.

Oh! I posted a new story over on you should check it out, because it's awesome!!! My writing is just that good.

Sorry, I'm on a weird ego trip right now. lol.

Hope all is going well for all you guys! Post more later. :). Until then...

Saturday, July 12, 2008



I'm going back to Grammies - and the Internetless life - as soon as me and the parents get back from our respective churches (We go to different ones). So, I probably won't be able to talk with you again for a long, long while.

*HUGS* to everyone. All of my friends! Hang in there. :).

Friday, July 11, 2008

Just posting a little car love. . .Kinda goes with my earlier post. ;).

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fan Fiction Excitement

I was just going over my old blog posts, editing and the like and I realized that I use quite a bit of fanfiction terminology in my everyday posting. Which makes sense since I'm a uber-obsessive fangirl of many fandoms. :).

Still, I thought it only fair that I put up a link for you NON-fanficers...a link to a site that has all the answers and explanations to the many made up or rarely heard terms of the fanfic world. ;).


Ridin' Dirty

Okay, here is a video that shows some of the cars that I will own in the future. . .In my fantasy. lol. Enjoy. Song is Ridin' Dirty by Chamillinaire

Fan Fiction

I recently (As in today/yesterday) wrote my very first ever Supernatural fan fic and it was "super" fun to write. Loved trying to get the characterization down. Fun, fun, fun.

Anywhoo, I posted the story on under the author name Ebbtide. The link is below if you feel the want to check it out or whatever. :). Trust me, it's cool. Along the lines of my Half-Blood Prince story over on (Under the author name Ebbtide Cheque)
:). You all have an awesome-cool day!! TTYSoon.


I have got all the way to chapter three up - out of a four chapter story. ;). I have already written the beginning of the last chapter and should have it done by the time I get back to Grammies. ;).

Phone Calls

Once again, I hate our phone.

And the fact that no one has commented. In forever. I'm not loved by the masses. :(. Ignore the self-obsessive pity-party. ;). I just miss hearing from people. *Hugs*.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dedicated to my mom who = Angel On Earth

I love you, mom. You are an Angel. *Hugs*

it's a SCARY ol' World

I think that society has caused this country to become just a little, erm, scary, for those people like me who are just a bit (A LOT) socially awkward.

I got hired. I start Monday. I'm terrified! It's at a casino ... a place that I've never worked in before and honestly I'm SO intimidated by that building. I'm very, very ... goosebumps scared. I'm terrified so any advice, encouragement or any kind words would be very welcomed. :).

You all have a really great day! I'll talk to you soon. . ...and I'll let you know how the job turns out. I'm just freaked out about it. . .still, I'm ecstatic that I've GOT a job! That's uber-good news.


Yesterday...the WORST day EVER.

Spent 7 hours in horrible back pain.

I'll be fine...eventually, I think.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


DEAN *Whimper*


I think that TPTB (*The Powers That Be) often don't understand how important the characters that they have created truly are to us poor, obsessive fangirls.

You kill a character - say, DEAN! - and it's like losing an actual friend. You know!!


I'm going to be Emo today.






New Fic

I am writing a Super-Awesome Super-Inspiring totally Angsty fic. ;). Supernatural fic. :).

I'm going to post it on under the penname Ebbtide - just in case someone wants to read it. ;). Link to the sites over on the right there. :D.

I'm going to be going into CD'A today. So, I'll probably be gone for a few hours, but at least I got some serious cleaning done first.

BTW, if you're on my yahoo contact list then just keep scrolling down and you'll see the Ten Inch Hero post. ;). Have a good day everyone!!!


I'm in hate with our phone. It WON'T stop ringing!!! Ugh. I gotta go get busy with more cleaning. Later, dudes.

Morning Everyone

Good Morning, World. Yeah, today is going okay. I thought it was really late when I woke up so I got all dressed in a huge hurry and ran out to start cleaning. *Rolls Eyes*. THEN I looked at a clock and it was only, like 6:20 in the A.M. Urghhhh. Now I'm awake and I'm tired and my head hurts. lol.

My, my, I think that I woke up grumpy! lol. Just realized that. :).
It's okay, I'll be feeling fine in a few minutes.

You all have a great day -I'll post actual stuff later. Just trying to kick-start my brain with this Good Morning. ;). Hang tough, guys, the World's a cruel place, but you can make it whatever you want.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fan Fiction Rec

Okay, fanfic rec. alert!

Bambers2 wrote the BEST Supernatural piece. It's like A Year Like None Other or Battlefield or Resonance or the Jackson-O'Neill series. It's epic and it's delicious!! :)

by Bambers2

Ten Inch Hero

There is a new movie: Ten Inch Hero :: It's going to be good and it's going to be cool. How do I know? Because it has Jensen Ackles in it, of course!! ;). And because I really, really want it to be. lol. After such a compelling argument how can anyone disagree??? I rock.

Okay, now that I've gotten THAT ego trip out of the way. lol. I'll give you a very brief summary of the movie. Umm, it's about these four people who work at this sandwich shop and their lives and their romances and ... yeah, okay, it's probably going to be a chick flick thing at best. *SMILES*. But IT'S GOT Ackles!!!




'Nuff Said. ;).

The Used

Who else thinks that Pretty Handsome Awkward - lyric(less) version - is pure music love? ?? ???

Only me? Woah. *Is In Shock*.

If you've never experienced it then youtube or google. It is absolutely.... *Smiles At Memory* Perfect. *Happy Sigh*. *Wink* Check it out.

**Quick Note: It's on the Transformers soundtrack.


I haven't mentioned my man Josh in a while now. I still think that he's "the man", but it's been so long since I've had a chance to listen to any of his stuff. It was all back here, at the parent's place. *Sigh*. But I sure am enjoying myself some Grobanite music now. ;). You Raise Me Up being among my favorites as is My December. I love the man's voice. :D. So, anyway, just a shout-out to my man, Josh Groban. ;). Wherever he is right now.


The season, Summer. The year, 2008. The job, cleaning a *Ugh* bathroom. How much does that latter bit NOT fit in????? I should be outside swimming or reading or doing something summerish outside.

Okay, that's a rant in a nutshell. I'm mentally ranting the HECK out of this cleaning business, but I won't bore you with any more. You know how I'm feeling.

I hope that whoever you are when you're reading this, wherever you happen to be, you're having more fun than I am. ;). Good luck enjoying summer before it's gone again. I still can't believe it's '08....anyone else having trouble with that one???

Anyway, whatever, I'm off again. Until later, peace out. :).

Alright, well if you all know what's good for ya, you'll check out Supernatural. Yep, I'm advertising that again. ;). lol.

You all have a super day!!

Today IS a New Day

Today is starting out well. I'm still a bit tired since I was stupid and went to bed late. *Rolls Eyes*. I should know better, I'm an adult!

Anyway, I'm going to be doing more cleaning. . . . . .yeah. That's it. I'll try to check online often so that I can chat with the peeps, but I've got a looooooooooooooooT of stuff to get done today. *Sigh*. Wonderful.

You all have a super-great day!!! :D. Write more soon. ;)