Sunday, July 27, 2008

Story Hour

I'll give you a little taste of my most recent original story. Read at your own Risk. You've been warned. Oooh! BTW, there's a link over there somewhere to my Supernaturallville site that has my fanfiction under Ebbtide. It's worth checking out *Shameless self-promotion*. :). It's all good.

The Helpful Watchdog
By Tina c.

Jade Suon arched her back, bones creaking at the movement. The woman ran a hand over the purple leather hips of her 23rd century combat suit. A holster and stun weapon were attached to the inside of her thigh, ready for use. Her other hand was raised above her head in a salute to the heavens.

"Perfect! Good. Now, I want you to look into the camera and smile...that's it. Sexy, think sexy. Hold."

Photographer Dina Grinch looked at the palm screen in front of her and the tiny view of Jade Suon it showed. The professional touched the screen corner and then dragged her finger towards the center, as she did so the picture's angle changed. Dina froze when she reached the perfect angle.

Looking over at the model Dina could see her inch wide camera - a plain white box shaped frame housing an internal memory chip and transmitter - hover several feet off the ground, it looked up at Suon. The photographer decided that she could not get a better, more visually attractive shot and pushed a button on the screen panel. A soft whir from the tiny camera gave away the only indication that the photographer was doing her job. Dina smiled at when she saw the result on her screen.

Jade Suon stood, a forced perception making her appear tall and lethal with her ruby red lips set in an alluring pout.

"Good, Jade." Grinch praised, looking up at the other woman. "Now I would like one with you -."


A voice interrupted.

Dina turned towards the sound and found her husband and young son waving from outside
the studio doorway. She switched off the camera screen and stowed it in her left pants pocket.

"That'll be all for today, Jade. I'll see you in the morning at five o'clock."

The model nodded in acknowledgement. "Alright, see you then, Dina."

The photographer took a few steps forward to grab the tiny camera out of the air and then turned to meet her family. Her young son, William, ran forward to meet her and hugged her knees tightly.

"Mommy! Daddy said we would go for ice cream." William said, his brown eyes wide with excitement.

She leaned down to place a kiss on his blond hair. "He did, did he?" She looked over at her husband and smiled.

William nodded his head.

"Yes, sweetheart." Her husband, Bob, answered with a returning grin of his own. She hugged him as well and together, the small family left the studio in search of a ice cream shop.


Jade Suon sat in the body-hugging leather suit. She looked down at the purple clothing and frowned.

"You'd think the military would have better taste." The model complained. "How do they expect me to up recruits when I look like a weed on steroids!"

Her assistant, a young dark haired girl with glasses and a freckled complexion, started to pack up their few things. "Yeah, wouldn't ya." She said through a thick wad of bubblegum answering the first question..

"Stacy, why don't you take the rest of the day off?" Jade told her assistant with a frown. "I don't have any other shoots planned for today...and I won't be going out. I will not be needing you. Go spend some time with your mother."

Stacy almost never had time to spend with her aging mother, Matilda, and begged off time whenever she could get away with it. She gave Jade a thankful smile and left the dropped the bags on the floor by her employer.


Alright, I'll fess up. This isn't recent. As a matter of act, it's pure ancient. Pulled it from a Hard Copy archive. Whew! Anyway, there really might be more if anyone thinks it's actually any good. lol.