Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Good music

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Today and Supernatural

Supernatural is the best thing ever and I love Jensen Ackles. LOVE the man. End of fangirl shout out. :D.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Okay. Just a thought. Why do we have to have a hiatus??!!! Supernatural's been MIA for WEEEKS and I miss it. :(. Not to mention the last two episodes that aired weren't exactly stellar in quality - although they were fine in my book because of the GREAT, FINALLY ANSWERED questions of what happened to Sam after Dean died and what Dean was doing in hell - Krissy has brought up new questions towards this development though. Hm. The hell scene, is it complete!??? O_O!!!??

Anyway. I miss Supernatural and no amount of re-runs will make me any less anxious for Jan fifteenth to roll around.

Just watched the new batman movie. When I'm done here I think I will watch again. It was, by far, the best acting I've EVER seen. Dudes, I watch a lot of TV.Movies and it was THE BEST. Hands down. ;). Heath Ledger rocks!! :). Love the guy.

Okay. Still sick today. Hopefully I'll be better by Christmas...That's in, like, what... two days?!! No sweat. Sigh.

Going to Nat-han's in the morning. :).

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm Just Peachy



I'm feeling random today. Went into town and I used Grammie's niiice car to do it. :P. It drove real niiice. ;). I think, maybe, just maybe, I'm hooked on driving it!! :D WooT!

Going to write/draw/crochet/watch TV - in other words, typical ME stuff. ;). You all have a great night. :D


Me and Mel won't be able to chat on YIM for a while since she will be at Internet....really, almost, non-existent. :(. Miss her already!!!! And it's only been a few hours.

I thought eight weeks without Supernatural would surely DO ME IN, but this is so much worse!! :(

Alright, today I am going into town later, otherwise I'm just hanging around at home. Not having a good week. The meeting yesterday went like...bad. So, I'm not getting a job anytime soon, I suck and the world is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not even aware of how much it's missing out not having me employed. JK. :P. lol.

I'll be okay. Everything will work out in the end. Still, having a bad week. Nite, Krissy, Mel and others have helped to make me laugh and feel better - but now Mel's GONE from the world of the Inter-Web. :( :( :(. At least, for fourteen days. *sigh* .She's six hours away and neither of us have a way to SEE each other. :(. Sad times, indeed. *sigh*

Monday, December 15, 2008


Today was one of those know.

End of story.

Nite, World.



Going in to talk with the College Advisor in less than an hour. *nervous*. I hope it goes well.

Meeting with some people from the Department of Labor tomorrow. Trying to get me a job. *sigh*.

Things going c-cold. Lot-s-sa s-snow!! *burr* . (wait a minute, isn't a bur those things that get caught in your know, the plant thing?!) /:). Hm.

Later, World.

Made a new art post on my Seasoned Simile Axiom blog. ;). :).

Monday, December 8, 2008

Just A Quizz

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

O-oa-kaay!! Rii-iight-ie

I'm having another all-nighter. *Rubs tired eyes**yawns* I am exhausted, but just cannot sleep.

Third day in a row I haven't been able to sleep before early morning hours. So tired. Must go to bed. *Yawn*

I'm almost done with the scarf. Surfing the web to help my tired mind decide that sleep IS the best recourse.

Must. Sleep. Soon.

NIGHT, World. *Yawn*.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Okay, so, not so bad

Got the tax information.

Got out of the house for a little bit.

Got more reviews for my story.

Got a little bit of the cash due me..from Nat-han.

So. Okay, not so bad after all. ;).



Just Another Day In Paradise

I've been really on edge the last few days. Bet no one can guess *why*, huh, Mel.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna try and get out of the house as much as possible today and tomorrow, even if it's just to walk around town. I need to get out of here for a while. I'm just antsy and anxious - not so much today as I was yesterday though, which is good - and I need a change of atmosphere.

I don't have any money left so I won't be going anywhere ... like, the restaurant. So, I'll probably just wander around town checking out stores and going window shopping. 'Cause that's so fun. Nat-han is supposed to get paid today so hopefully he will pay me back - I need him to so that I can pay my Internet bill. *Bites lip*. *Winces* Ouch. Okay and that didn't even HELP.


Must go. Will return. Post more about life, the universe and everything later on. 42, people! 42!! ;). It's all good. ;). :D :D :D

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Goodnight World

Am exhausted. Must sleep. Goodnight.

I'm just finishing up a few more rows on my latest scarf - I'll post a picture when I'm finished with it. ;).

I'm also re-watching and re-watching Psych vids. :P. I like the music and I like the clips and ... well, let's face it. ;). I LIKE Psych! lol.

You all have a really great night. *Yawn*. Goodnight. ;).


Today Was Okay

I ended up driving Grammie back from Sandpoint. Yeah. Then I spent a couple of hours on the phone. *Insert Sarcasm* I had fun.

OooH! I got more chapters written on Nirvana, more written on Incongruous and I decided that my story If God Made Pineapples Then.. is going to be a one-shot. Every sequel chapter I try to construct has fallen like a house of cards on a windy day. Pretty, but ultimately useless and... well. ... ..let's face it. The cards are down. :P Anywhoo. I'm tired.

Watched Jumper again today. I think I'm going to relax with a little Supernatural and get some crocheting done for Christmas.

Still no snow and it's the fourth of December, Huh. What does that mean? It must be weird...'cause at mom's there's snow. *Shrug* Whatever.

I'm just glad the roads were brightly lit and clear while I was driving today!! YEAH!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tomorrow...NOT Today!

I am going to go in with Grammie to the hospital tomorrow, because I was still unable to get through to that lady...and because I really, REALLY don't feel comfortable with Grammie driving anywhere by herself. Especially on those heavy pain meds. :(. I don't like her driving, plain and simple, while she's on those things.

They make her different.

All of the pain medications make her different. She's not the same person when she's on them and I never EVER want to be on pain meds again if it makes me like that. Not cool.

I have written a lot today. Trying to figure out how to get the second chapter of If God Made Pineapples Then... is causing me some problems since I had no story in mind when I started writing it. I just wanted a fluff piece involving the great fruit that is pineapple. *Sigh*. I give myself impossible tasks. Now I have to figure out a meaning for my story and write it out before I can end it...Yeah. Easy. Hmphff.

Other than that, I'm almost done with my fourth chapter of Nirvana. I'm really enjoying that story. ;). Not sure just how well I am doing with it though. :(. Reviews are pretty good so that's something. *Sigh*.

There were no new jobs again today. :(.

I miss Melissie. :(.

*Hugs* Mel.

That's it for now....*Sigh*....

Okkaaaay. How do I FEEL?


I've been trying to get ahold of that lady all freaking day long and the phone has been busy the WHOLETIMEANDI'MGETTINGREALLYREALLYREALLYREALLYTIREDOFIT!!!

*Whew* Rant over. Okay. I'm better now. ;). No worries. I'm sure I'll get through to her eventually. She doesn't have call waiting so it's harder to get her on the phone...she calls a lot of people. Totally understandable considering what she's going through, but I need the money. I'm beginning to feel just a tinsy bit desperate here....

Christmas is almost here...*Low enthusiasm jump for minimal joy* Yeah. :I k.

I hope that things go better this next week. Grammie is going in for her checkup tomorrow so I will be going with her...should prove interesting. *sigh*. I'm doing okay. Really. I promise. *Sigh*.

I finished a third chapter of Nirvana, wrote a drabble and wrote the first section of my VERY FIRST Psych fic. Yeah!!! ;). Supernatural is going to be back in just a few short weeks - like six. . .yeeaaah.

Post more later...I guess. Later, World. *Hugs* Mel, you rock! TTYL mom. ;).


This is a really awesome Psych vid!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Okay...Here's how it went down

Alright, so I'm reading along, enjoying my angst-fic when All Of A Sudden...WHAM! It hits me. :D. I'm actually not depressed!! lol!! This week....

Anyway. I think that I feel better every time I go to work for that lady because then I get out of the house. Actually, even if I just go into town and spent half an hour walking around doing nothing I always feel a little bit better about life. Hmmm. Still. I need work then I won't be moping around the house for months at a time.

OMGOSH! Months. It's been MONTHS....Okay, maybe I still have a few loose tears. :P. Just kidding. I'm still happy...just not about the *points to proceeding words*.

My Grampa just got home from work. He's not going to be happy to find out *I* didn't go to work today!! lol. He's kinda like that...but I still luve the dude to death!! :D :D


Nat-han stopped by today. He borrowed some more money and downloaded his "monetary woes" to me for twenty minutes before taking off again to go to work. *Shakes Head* He was in the negative in his bank account so...I paid the difference. Dude. I suck. Everyone and I literally mean EVERYONE has been telling me not to do that...but what was I suppose to do?!! He's going down for Drill this week and he wouldn't of had any money!!

Speaking of money. I have to do something. My fund are too low! God, if you read blogs, HELP!!

*Ahem*. On a brighter subject. :D. I now know that Nirvana will have a sequel! Yeah! ;D. Aaand it will probably involve another crossover, but I'm not sure which *Scratches Head*. Several ideas have popped into my ever-active brain and I'm going to have to sort through to see which will work out better.

*sigh* My Grammie is starting to look better, but she slept ALL DAY LONG today...that's not like her and it has me worried. That woman wouldn't sleep all day if her life depended on it....bad choice of words, but you get my drift.

I really worry about her...and Grampa too! And Matt-hew! And Nat-han and -Hold that thought, the phone is ringing.! - Okay, it was my mom.

And I have to get off of here anyway and quit posting because I'm making dinner. :P. Pasta with tomatoes, veggies and meat. . . ugh. I am so sick of meat.

I think I'll gag now, excuse me.


Okay. Moment over. I'm good now.

So, you all have a really great day!! I'll try to post more later assuming something comes up. I checked, but there were no new places to send in applications. Maybe tomorrow someone will call me back. *Fingers Crossed*

You know, I wrote a horror story a loooooo-oooooo-ooooo-oooong time ago when I was in high school and it had this skeleton ghost thingy that crossed it's fingers. Hmm. Surprised that I still remember that!! :D.

My memory isn't all mush. :P. lol. Have a great day ya'all!! :D :D

Blessing Or Curse...Will I Thank Her Later???

Okay, my lady I'm working for just called me - I think I'm really beginning to like her after all. :P - and she said that I can't come in to work today because something came up. :(. I was really looking forward to getting paid, but one of the things about this kind of work is in REALITY...tends to push everything out of it's way and walk stubbornly all over our plans. *Heavy Sigh*.

I'll probably spend a significant portion of today calling back businesses, dropping off more applications and running around town to see if any of the restaurants are hiring. :(. Typical...fruitless stuff. *Sigh*.

BUT I am concinved that today will be a good day!! After all....I...Um, they....erm...Huh. No reason to explain. I just "think" it. :P. Anywhoo, later for now.

Today's the Day....4 More Sleep!!!!

I had cheerios for breakfast. Slept in. It's almost ten. *Sigh*. I have an hour before I leave for work and I still have a RFA sequel to read and a show to take. *Rolls Eyes* AND all I can think about this morning for some odd reason is Sarah Gray and the Children of The Serpant Gate - wonderful book for anyone who hasn't read!!! :D
I hope today will go good. The lady I'm working for said yesterday that she wanted me to stay a little bit later today so I am probably going to do that. I okay with that, but Grammie still isn't looking or sounding too hot. Actually, it sounds like she's coming down with something. NOT GOOD.
I hope to get more written on Incongruous and Nirvana later today. ;). I already have several chapters of Nirvana planned out in my head so writing it shouldn't take quite so long. ;). :).
You have a great day, World!!! *Hugs* Mel. ;). Hope you aren't too tired!!

I'm Ruined

I just spent the last...five hours or so reading a really great story. It is now almost two in the morning...and I work today.

I went to sign off and well...the story has a prequel and two sequels. I'm ruined. There is just no way that I can go to sleep without reading them!!! Can't happen.

Later, World. PSYCHFIC.COM rocks!!!! :D

Monday, December 1, 2008

Back from Work

Work went well.

Grammie's still not doing too good.

I just looked at my bank account. *Shudders* It ain't pretty, people

I NEED A REAL JOB!!! I put in some more applications. :(. But nothing seems to be working. How do you turn the job machine ON. ???.

Well, hope that you all are having a great day! Poste more later. ;).

Okay, Totally NOT Cool

Feeling a bit like a ... dk.

My Grammie is looking awful this morning - sounding horribly weak too - but I FINALLY got called in to work for that lady and I need the, BAD. So, I'm going in, but I feel horrible leaving my Grammie in this state. *Bites Nails*.

I'm leaving her the number for where I'll be working and I'll be back in a heartbeat if she needs me for ANYTHING, but I still feel bad about leaving. My Grampa went back to work today - first day he's been back since the heart attack.


I have to take a shower, get dressed and go. I have less than an hour before I need to be up at that ladies house. It's only going to be for about three hours today, but I'm okay with that. I'll ALMOST be able to pay off my Internet bill for the month with that much. :P.

Yes. Money is short this season. *Sigh*. But at least I've already got all my Christmas presents done and finished and "squared away". I totally hate that phrase. Ughegh. My dad used it all the time. Anywhoo, got to go. Post more later!!! Wish me luck!!


Chapter two of Nirvana is up. I am SO loving this story!! Nite, world.

Ugh. It's two in the morning and I go to work today. *Rolls Eyes* I picked a sweeeet time to stay up all night. *facepalm*. Hope you all have a great night/day/week/whatever! :D. *Hugs*, Mel. :).