Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tomorrow...NOT Today!

I am going to go in with Grammie to the hospital tomorrow, because I was still unable to get through to that lady...and because I really, REALLY don't feel comfortable with Grammie driving anywhere by herself. Especially on those heavy pain meds. :(. I don't like her driving, plain and simple, while she's on those things.

They make her different.

All of the pain medications make her different. She's not the same person when she's on them and I never EVER want to be on pain meds again if it makes me like that. Not cool.

I have written a lot today. Trying to figure out how to get the second chapter of If God Made Pineapples Then... is causing me some problems since I had no story in mind when I started writing it. I just wanted a fluff piece involving the great fruit that is pineapple. *Sigh*. I give myself impossible tasks. Now I have to figure out a meaning for my story and write it out before I can end it...Yeah. Easy. Hmphff.

Other than that, I'm almost done with my fourth chapter of Nirvana. I'm really enjoying that story. ;). Not sure just how well I am doing with it though. :(. Reviews are pretty good so that's something. *Sigh*.

There were no new jobs again today. :(.

I miss Melissie. :(.

*Hugs* Mel.

That's it for now....*Sigh*....


TLC's said...

please let me know what they find out about mom. Keep me posted even if it is via e-mail. I hope you can get ahold of Janet later. I'm sure she is busy calling and catching up on stuff right now. TTYL

Ebbtide said...

I tried calling her for HOURS and never got through. *Sigh* It will just have to wait until tomorrow.

I'll let you know how Grammie does. *Smile* I'm sure she'll do absolutely, totally fine.

There's a slight fever and infectio tonight...but the doc can zap that with some medicine. So, it's all good. Later, mom!