Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Okay...Here's how it went down

Alright, so I'm reading along, enjoying my angst-fic when All Of A Sudden...WHAM! It hits me. :D. I'm actually not depressed!! lol!! This week....

Anyway. I think that I feel better every time I go to work for that lady because then I get out of the house. Actually, even if I just go into town and spent half an hour walking around doing nothing I always feel a little bit better about life. Hmmm. Still. I need work then I won't be moping around the house for months at a time.

OMGOSH! Months. It's been MONTHS....Okay, maybe I still have a few loose tears. :P. Just kidding. I'm still happy...just not about the *points to proceeding words*.

My Grampa just got home from work. He's not going to be happy to find out *I* didn't go to work today!! lol. He's kinda like that...but I still luve the dude to death!! :D :D


Nat-han stopped by today. He borrowed some more money and downloaded his "monetary woes" to me for twenty minutes before taking off again to go to work. *Shakes Head* He was in the negative in his bank account so...I paid the difference. Dude. I suck. Everyone and I literally mean EVERYONE has been telling me not to do that...but what was I suppose to do?!! He's going down for Drill this week and he wouldn't of had any money!!

Speaking of money. I have to do something. My fund are too low! God, if you read blogs, HELP!!

*Ahem*. On a brighter subject. :D. I now know that Nirvana will have a sequel! Yeah! ;D. Aaand it will probably involve another crossover, but I'm not sure which *Scratches Head*. Several ideas have popped into my ever-active brain and I'm going to have to sort through to see which will work out better.

*sigh* My Grammie is starting to look better, but she slept ALL DAY LONG today...that's not like her and it has me worried. That woman wouldn't sleep all day if her life depended on it....bad choice of words, but you get my drift.

I really worry about her...and Grampa too! And Matt-hew! And Nat-han and -Hold that thought, the phone is ringing.! - Okay, it was my mom.

And I have to get off of here anyway and quit posting because I'm making dinner. :P. Pasta with tomatoes, veggies and meat. . . ugh. I am so sick of meat.

I think I'll gag now, excuse me.


Okay. Moment over. I'm good now.

So, you all have a really great day!! I'll try to post more later assuming something comes up. I checked, but there were no new places to send in applications. Maybe tomorrow someone will call me back. *Fingers Crossed*

You know, I wrote a horror story a loooooo-oooooo-ooooo-oooong time ago when I was in high school and it had this skeleton ghost thingy that crossed it's fingers. Hmm. Surprised that I still remember that!! :D.

My memory isn't all mush. :P. lol. Have a great day ya'all!! :D :D