Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Me and Mel won't be able to chat on YIM for a while since she will be at Internet....really, almost, non-existent. :(. Miss her already!!!! And it's only been a few hours.

I thought eight weeks without Supernatural would surely DO ME IN, but this is so much worse!! :(

Alright, today I am going into town later, otherwise I'm just hanging around at home. Not having a good week. The meeting yesterday went like...bad. So, I'm not getting a job anytime soon, I suck and the world is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not even aware of how much it's missing out not having me employed. JK. :P. lol.

I'll be okay. Everything will work out in the end. Still, having a bad week. Nite, Krissy, Mel and others have helped to make me laugh and feel better - but now Mel's GONE from the world of the Inter-Web. :( :( :(. At least, for fourteen days. *sigh* .She's six hours away and neither of us have a way to SEE each other. :(. Sad times, indeed. *sigh*


TLC's said...

Well, maybe you can call sometime. Go to Aunt Terrie's she has unlimited long distance... I'm sure she wouldn't mind IF you visited with her a bit first! Well, I'm sure you both will make it through! Chin up! :)