Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'M IN LOOOOOOOOVVEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMGosh, OMGosh! I cannot believe what I just saw! So many curve balls thrown at us in the plot of that last episode. AND FINALLY SOME SERIES BACKGROUND REVEALED!!!! WHOOOHOOOO!! Can you tell that I’m a smidgen excited? You have no idea how wonderful it was to finally get some answers. Finally, we know why the Angel pulled Dean out of hell. We know why Mary knew the YED. We know why Mary apologized to Sam in Home. We know why John was so obsessed with finding the killer of his wife. We know what John and Mary and the Winchesters were like before the YED came and killed everyone. We know what happened to Sam to make him do the things that he’s doing. We know what Dean has to do to stop his brother from being killed - find out what the YED had planned. We know so much after this last episode! AND we finally KNOW for sure that Sammy’s little secret is out of the “bag”. Dean knows what he’s been up to and some serious bitch slapping is in the near future - I can feel it in my bones!

Long story short, this last episode was everything I wanted it to be and SO, SO, SOOO much more! :D. I’ve fallen in love with this show all over again the last few weeks. Tonight especially. Some of the best acting and writing I’ve seen on the show EVER - and that includes the season four premier episode that I was certain would not be top-able! It so is! This night episode just set the bar so much more higher. I have no idea how Kripke planned this story to unfold like this. But tonight was some series myth-arc payoff! Whohooo! Us fans hit metaphorical gold dust on this epie. ;).

Mary was always my favorite character next to Dean and Bobby…so, finally learning more about her was just amazing. And what it was we DID learn was just woah!!! :D. I’m in shock. My jaw’s still somewhere around floor level. Absolutely, fracking amazing! PHENOMENAL!

Everyone out there who isn’t a fan of this show WATCH THIS SHOW! I guarantee you won’t be let down. ;). Kripke has a tale to tell and he’s pulling out all the stops! We are in for one great season, folks.