Thursday, October 30, 2008

HERE's my wonderful badge. Makes me an agent of the F.P.I. We save the world from the evilness of pies!!!! *WATCH OUT DEAAAAAAAN! It'll kill ya!*. :P.

Today has went pretty good. I found a couple of new jobs that I'm thinking of applying for. . .they're in home, caring for older people. DK what that called, but it pays pretty good and I can always use more money!

As for the rest of things...They are going pretty good. I like the idea of having a job. :).

I've been trying to get my webcam working. *Sigh* It's still not working...I'll get it. I want to record myself dancing the Jensen "Tiger" Jig. You know, the one that I posted a few posts ago. :D. If you haven't seen, you check it out. Jensen is wonderful!!!


MOM said...

Tina, you look Great. Just wanted to let you know I showed the picture to Ted and he agreed that you looked really good. Nice Badge.

~ MOM ~

Ebbtide said...

lol. Which picture? The one on the badge?? Yeah, I really like it. The dude who films Preternatural made if for me. :D. :D. Awesome, huh!?!? I'm an "agent". ;P. lol. ;).