Monday, October 20, 2008

This Week In Tina's World

Today has been a good day so far. I'm really looking forward to seeing Yellow Fever. Mostly because my mother is going to be here to watch it with me. YEAH!
I'm also really excited to see if my story gets accepted - I sent it into glimmer train.
I'm also really excited about the fact that we're almost THROUGH the whole election thing. I swear, I'll be so relieved when we finally have Obama in the white house. *Happy Smile*. Then I won't have to worry about America making the wrong choice....because it will have already been made and over with. ;). I can't wait!!
Other than that. Nothing going on here. I'm bored. I hate not working. I hate being bored. I liked talking with my Mel. *Hugs* Mel!!!! :D You're the bestest BFF E-V-E-R!!!! I cannot wait until we're living together and watching TV after work ALL THE TIME!!!.....Except when we're out doing fun stuff together. :P.
You all have the most awesome day ever!! You know, I've noticed lately that I use the word "awesome" all the time. I need to do something about that. lol.
Added another story on ;). Love that site! Read the GREATEST, SADDEST, most TOTALLY DEANIST fic ever last night. *Bittersweet Sigh*. :D.
Have a great one, ya-all. Post more later! ;).