Monday, November 16, 2009


Well, me and Melissie got - predictably - lost in Seattle, but we managed to get ourselves out of there without too much trouble. Ended up taking a Ferry instead of the Bridge though. *rolls eyes* That's 14 bucks right there. But that's okay because Melissie loooo-oooved the Ferry. *gag* I hated it. THE HORIZON KEPT MOVING!!! O_O Then we were going to HIT the dock thingy and then we DID hit the dock thingy!!

Mel has delusions. She thinks we're doing it AGAIN, because it was so darned FUN. omg.

My Pesh-Pesh is just loving it here except for the rain which she is slowly getting used to...sorta. She's never liked rain, but I think she finally figured out it wasn't going to STOP just so that she could go outside. :P She likes the people we are staying with, the neighbors dog and she isn't even trying to kill the cat. Well, not exactly, anyway.

On the bright side. I'm not going to have to give her baths ALL THE TIME, because she's always sopping wet when she comes inside. :P. One problem solved.

This week I will be working first on finding local transportation for me so that I know which directions I can make it for work and how far. Then it will be focusing my job hunting on THOSE areas instead of all over kingdom come. *sigh* I've got some job interviews this week, but after driving around here I am going to have to cancel all of those. They aren't close enough for me to make it when Melissie gets work. The friend that we are staying with is going to hook Melissie up with a job where she works so Mel will have something almost immediately. A car is a must in order to work there so I cannot even apply. *rolls eyes...again* I'll find something, it will just be more challenging than before.

Soooo-oooo. That's about it so far. If you guys want to know something specific go ahead and post the questions in a comment and I will address it as soon as I can. :D. I hope things are going okay for all of you!

Oh. Before I forget to mention it, we are located RIGHT ON THE FRIGGIN' BEACH so I've been collecting shells and cool stuff to be cleaned, bleached and then added to my collection of things to be bead-ified. :). I found an AWESOME cool rock down there that I'm going to cage in wire and make into a pendant. I'll post a picture of it once it's done. ;)

As most of you are aware, I take pictures of EVERYTHING and I love adding them to my blog posts. The only reason you don't have a video of our new diggs is because Mel is still asleep and I'm not sure where she packed the camera. :P. When she's up and awake I'll add something for you guys to see.

O-M-F-G! I almost forgot!! (Oh, and YES, I actually do swear-ish when I type. So, be prepared) Dangit! I just forgot what is what that I remembered that I forgot that I was going to tell you guys. *is confused* Give me a second. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... I REMEMBER! *woot!* We're only, like, two hours from FORKS. You know. FORKS. The place where all the nice vampires are!!!!!! I'm so excited. When we both have jobs we're taking a road trip over there! I'll have to stop at the Sheriff's office (Where Bella's dad works in the books) and the Hospital (Where Mr. Cullen - the vampire - works in the books) AND they even have a Twilight gift shop there. Who'd a thunk. *sarcasm*. Anywhoo, I thought that was cool.

BTW, I hate Seattle. I never want to live there. . . Mel loves it and is convinced that life would be SO MUCH BETTER surrounded by that many people. *shudder*. Yeah. Hm.

Ms. Brown - the person we are staying with - already signed us up for this retreat thing her church is doing. *shrug* I wasn't expecting that, but I don't care because I planned to invade all the churches over this way anyway. :P This way I'll get my first look at their Seventh Day Adventist one (Yeah, she's SDA too)

Well, I'm off to farmville and then it's to the breakfast and then the library and then the job search.

If anyone wants to live chat with me when I'm online, sign up for gmail and add me as a friend or just friend me over on facebook because it has a live chat feature. I go under the name Tina E. Cokenour on facebook.

I'll add more later.


Harmony said...

I grew up with Forks, back when NOBODY knew it even existed. =) My aunt lives in Forks, and we would go up there once or twice a year. Now the house next door to her has been chosen for "Bella's house" so she constantly has people traipsing all over her lawn, and knocking on her door to ask her to take their photograph. The city council even asked her to room overnighters when the hotels are full, and she's making quite the extra buck by complying. =)

All you twilighters are invading the sleepy little town that I love!

Happy moving to you!