Thursday, April 12, 2007

Today: David Nykl

It's too cool! I got David's e-mail and sent him a fan message!!!!!! I never work up the nerve to write of my downfalls, I suppose, but that was not the case today. =). I just hope it wasn't filled with my usual typos. *sigh*. Anyway, he is the amazingly talented Zelenka from Stargate Atlantis. He works with Rodney...who is played by David Hewlett...who I talk about a lot. I could not live with a Stargate universe where there was never a Zelenka. I'm going to have to get some screen caps of him in my fav. episodes. =). Until then, I found this avatar that I really liked. lol. Those words must run through his mind at least a thousand times a season. JK. With all the situations that Rodney gets himself into...and all the crazy stuff he tries.

*I put up a link to a really nice Zelenka fansite - incidentally that's where I found this avatar. Check it out if you're a SG fan!


Mel said...

David is great (actually, they both are)! There's a couple of interviews with him on GateWorld and he is just FUNNY! Also, I love Zelenka--he's one of my three favorite characters on Atlantis. While that particular phrase might not often run through his mind, I'm sure there are a good number of colorful Czech equivalents that do! (Hey, Rodney has that affect on people--why else would we love him so much? LOL)

Ebbtide said...

So true, so true.