Friday, April 27, 2007

Today: Gothic Pop Culture

I like the Gothic look, it is a very misunderstood subculture and I didn't know much about it - except for the undeniable stereotypes forced on me since childhood - and a few months ago I was surfing the web...for something, and came across the coolest online clothing shop. It ended up being a Gothic, Punk store and I just loved their look, and from there I decided to check out Goth's and see what the whole thing was all about. So, I learned about the history of the movement, talked to some current, read a lot of blogs, sites, forums, etc. that dealt with the subject or was hosted by a Goth and I think that they are some amazingly misunderstood people. Admittedly, there are those that deserve the stereotype - the ones that 'cause it! - but there are so many more who are simply fascinated with darkness...and they don't even see it as "dark" it is just a comfortable, fascinating place for them to be. So they band together and share it. I think that's cool. Anyway, kind of a random blurb there, but I was feeling like discussing Gothic ...stuff right now. For the most part, I just LUV their clothes. . .and their dark look. It's very freeing (is that even a word?) and it makes you realize that not everything that is thought of as "bad" really is. . .bad.

(*However, as once stated earlier in my blog, I do NOT support mysticism in any form or supernatural attempts to conjure magic. But I don't think that all Goth's are into that or do it either.).