Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Today: My Stargate Thoughts

As most Stargate fans are now aware, the Stargate SG-1 series is now at an end. They showed the last episodes of season ten...and that's it.

Samantha Carter: The brilliant scientist and brave air force officer, is on her way to the Pegasus Galaxy - it is rumored that she will become a permanent cast member for Stargate Atlantis. I am sure that her viewpoints on all things science and morale will be refreshing as an off-set for snarky Dr. McKay who is the current brain of Atlantis.

Daniel gone. Probably won't even guest star -but a fangirl can always hope! - as the actor, Michael Shanks, will now be a regular on the TV show 24.

RDA, dear RDA...wonderful RDA. I haven't heard any news on what role he will play, if any, in the new Stargate year. I am hoping he will be in the movies! *finger's crossed* [LOL. I'm having Jonas flashbacks.]

Cameron Mitchell was such a fantastic character, I am sad to see him go so soon after meeting him. He is - was played by the FANtastic Ben Browder (he played John Crichton in the TV series Farscape previous to his acting on SG-1). I hope to see him continue with the show in some capacity.

Vala...well, Vala can disapear for all I care. The actress, Claudia Black is really great. I luv her! But Vala hit on my Daniel one too many times for me to really like her. Sorry, Vala.

My hopes for the movies are to see General Hammond again...and some of the aliens that we never revisited in the show. Several that stand out are: Nem - the fishguy that kidnapped Daniel; Nerim -Nirem - Nirim? ...Sam's boyfriend! How ever you spell the wonderful guys name. He is too cool and we have SO got to bring him back before it's ALL over!

I would also like to see Jonas (Although, they did give him a really satisfying farewell in Countdown)...and Janet could make a reappearance...that would be waaay cool!!!

Anyway, I've just been thinking about the movies and trying to figure out who is going to be in it, what to expect and all that. TPTB (*The Powers That Be) have been keeping it under pretty tight wraps. Could be that they just don't have anything to say yet, I think filming starts in April. . .I think it'll be good. =). ;). Best of luck to all those wonderful peopl up in Canada who are working on making it happen.


Mel said...

Narim, Ebbs, his name is Narim. And I liked Vala--she's so funny!

Ebbtide said...

Thank you, Mel. =)

Tina c.