Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Today: Unremarkable

Today has been a good day.

I wrote the first section - and the beginning for a second - on a Harry Potter fanfiction entitled: Heat Wave. I'll give you a brief summary. Harry is forced to stay at Hogwarts when Death Eaters kill his Aunt Petunia, causing the protective wards of 4 Privet Drive to fail. As the summer progresses, the Boy-Who-Lived is tutored by Potions Proffesor Severus Snape and they begin to reach an understaning, if not a friendship. (Severus was a rival of James Potter, Harry's father and the animosity has held long after Jame's death --for those of you not in the know on all things HP). I hope to turn it into a Severus-adopts-Harry story. It definently appears promising.

I also watched an episode of Farscape that I was unaware of before today. Crackers Don't Matter. Wonderful episode...I think I might watch it again.

I also finished crocheting a scarf. Maybe I'll post a picture later! It is white, black and orange...unfortunately, they were the only colors I had available at the time. It looks great though. I made it extra long so that I can wrap it around my neck and stay warm. I am always freezing over here in Idaho!

Other than those things I have been mainly trying to keep busy on housework. That isn't very glamorous, but necessary. I am filled with expectation for a movie that should arrive in the mail today. It is titled 'Nothing' and boasts the talents of David Hewlett...the wonder that is!

Anyway, I should probably be getting back to the "real world" and do something else for a while. TTYL.


Live Out Loud said...

I remember when I first saw "Crackers Don't Matter" and I couldn't believe how psychoticlly crazy it was! When the one guy shoved those crackers in the other guy's mouth, though, I actually felt bad for them both.

Boy that was a fun one!

Ebbtide said...