Thursday, March 22, 2007

Today: Rescue Attempt

Okay, the story I was originally going to show you a snippet of is not working on this, I am going to put in a few paragraphs of another original that is called: "The Rescue Attempt".

Coughs forced his body to the ground. He no longer had the energy needed to continue with the rescue. The Ranger doubted if it had ever really been a rescue. Perhaps a doomed attempt to help his best friend was a more appropriate description of his self-made quest.

His eyes widened in fear when he drew away the blood stained hand he had been using to stifle the coughing sound. There were enemy men around that might hear him. That did not matter now, he did not have long left. Pushing himself off the hard ground the man stumbled forward. He was a mere mile away from his goal. A mile away from his best friend. He would make it, he had to.

Determination and a will to survive carried him the last hundred yards. He fell heavily against the cold stone wall of the castle where his friend was being held captive. Blood ran from his nose and a corner of his mouth in tiny rivulets, staining his expensive clothing. He wiped at the stain in a half-hearted attempt to clear the royal robes - it did nothing more than make the mark larger. With a groan of pain he pushed himself weakily away from the wall.

I hope you enjoyed it...that is only the first draft, so don't be too harsh on me. I'll post the revised once I have it entirely finished. That is the hardest part of writing, in my oppinion, finishing things! I have so many story ideas that I don't know where to BEGIN, much less end them all. I find the journey of discovery with my characters the most satisfying part though.

Until next time.


Mel said...

Good start--you better finish it sometime this century!