Monday, March 26, 2007

Today: FanFiction.Net REVIEWS

Today, I got the most awesome reviews from some wonderful readers over on FanFiction.Net and so I thought I would post some of their comments on here. (*Because, I post EVERYTHING on here.)

First: From Z. E. Grockle commenting for the story Much: Cooking the Goose (A Robin Hood Ficlette).

"Hey, awesome! Much is my favorite character, although I couldn't for the life of me figure out what his name was until the third episode." [LOL. I had the same problem. ]

Secondly: From mel60 commenting for the story Much: Cooking the Goose (The same Robin Hood Ficlette)

"..very well-written and very true to character. And it is so typical for Much to get into so much trouble over a goose - just by trying to prove his point and make his master happy."

Thirdly: From mel60 commenting for the story Robin Hood: Everything is a Choice (Bet you couldn't guess what fandom that's from??:)

"A very nice character piece. I love the glimpses into Robin Hood's thoughts. Robin is such an optimist, but in a dark way. He finds some sort of sympathy for the Sheriff and Guy of Gisbourne dispite their evil ways. He worries about his men ...yet he wakes up with hope."

Thanks to everyone who sent me such wonderful reviews! =).