Thursday, November 13, 2008

Questions About Tonight

Okay. Here is my list of questions about what just happened. I have one every week, but I don't usually put them up on here. This time, however, I see no reason not to. So, here they are:

Why would Sam "do" Ruby? Why would he even WANT to....okay. I can answer that one. We saw in DALDOM that Sam was more than a little horny. :P. Something he hides well. From most people. :P.

Why wasn't Dean more UPSET about the Ruby/Sam thing? I mean, in M it seemed like he would kill Ruby on the spot for even THINKING about something like that and then he finds out that it actually happened and all he has to say is, 'Too much 411."??? I don't get it.

Then there was the fact that Ruby always shows up JUUUUUUUUUUST when she's needed, just in time to save the boys lives. It's been that way since they first found her and there's no way that it can be a coincidence THAT MANY TIMES. Let us see. There was the time she saved Sam in MS when those three demons were after him. There was that time in MM(S3) when she saved Dean and Sam from the witches demon. There was the time when she helped Bobby fix the gun. There was the time she saved Sam from the demon - right after her return from hell in IKWYDLS. There was the time she saved him AGAIN in IKWYDLS when Sam went after Lilith "alone". Then there was the time that she saved Dean's life when he was dying in MM(S3) in that hotel room. Then there was the time that she helped them get into the house Lilith had been in during NRFTW. That was, of course, before she was sent back to hell by Lilith.

ANYway, not buying her excuses. Becuase that's all they are. Don't trust a word she says and if it turns out that she really IS our very on SN-Severus-Snape then I will be the first to admit...that there WAS WAY MORE THERE THAN THEY EVER PUT ON SCREEN AND SHE'S NOT A SN-S-S. So there. :P.

Another question. What is it with Ruby and french fries? Wouldn't the salt alone make her sick? I don't get it. Hmmmm. Then there's the whole, HER HOST IS DEAD thing. What HAPPENS to the french fries? Just because she is in the body, does not mean that it is alive and working.

Which brings me back to the original question of HOW CAN SAM POSSIBLE "DO" A DEAD GIRL'S BODY WITH ....*gag*....RUBY...*gag*....IN THE DRIVERS SEAT??????

That boy lost some serious respect with me when he did that. :S. I just hope that it only happened the one time. I know, I know. I'm deluded. Of COURSE they were "getting it on" every freakin' night. Ugh! *Shakes Head*.

Okay. Then there's Dean. He is SOOOO hiding something from his time in hell and I'm guessing that it is a doozy. Probably had to do something horrible. Participate in some way. Otherwise that Ghost sickness wouldn't have affected him. He did something in hell - whether he was FORCED to do it or did it voluntarily remains to be seen, but something definitely happened down there - and that something is going to come back and bite him. Okaaaay. I know. Right? It already HAS come back to haunt him, bite him, whatever. Right? That's what is up with all of the nightmares and drinking. Sure, he experienced a. lot. of badness down there, but if HE DID something terrible then I'm sure that's what he keeps remembering. Knowing the Winchesters and their penchant for guilt/regrett/bad timing/bad moves and...well. Pretty much anything else you can think of that involves ignorance, good intentions and a negotative connotation. It's just one big, huge mess. :P. :D.

I love those boys though. Props to Jensen and Jared. Dean and Sam are so awesome! I may not be a Sam fan right now, but he's still my boy - bad choices and all. I won't abandon my Winchesters. ;). lol.

Post more later, I'm tired. :P. *Hugs* Kind people of the world!