Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sad Again

Just read some spoilers for the SN episode where we see the boys in high school. For Mel I won't post spoilers on here...but I'm sad again. *Heavy, heavy, heavy SIGH* Sad and Down and All. *Shakes Head* I think I'll probably end up crying during that episode too.

Jensen rocks...but his character is the most saddest ever. *=,(*


Mel said...

Aw, Ebbs... You and I have the same problem--we get too close to "our" characters. I think you have a little more difficulty detaching yourself than I do. *frown* I know more Dean's plight makes you sad and reminds you that life can suck, but do remember that much more often it doesn't (well, the Winchesters are exceptions) and sometimes it's even wonderful. There is always sunshine--even if you can't see it behind the clouds.

Love ya, chica,

Ebbtide said...

Awww! Thank you, I needed to hear that!! :D :D :D *GLOMPS*. :).

I am so close to those Winchesters. Their pain is my pain. How totally SAD is that. :P. But, you're right, the world has ... goodness in it. Maybe I'll hit the town today. That usually takes my mind of the badness and makes things better.

*Sigh*. It's just ... poor Dean. AND. poor Sam.

TLC's said...

Well Honey,
It is too bad you make this show your all in all. There is more to life than what is on TV. What would you ever do if they stopped the shows and you had no TV. You'd get along just find with life itself. Life has its own ups and downs and it least it is something that is real! Hope you went to town and got cheered up! :)

Ebbtide said...

lol. Nope. I stayed home and moped around all day. *Sigh*. Although, I think it was more a case of "transference" than it was a "the show is my all-in-all" type of thing. :P. No worries, I know that it's just a show...but I still feel really bad for Dean, you know! Makes me sad what he and Sam have to go through. :(. Still, I'll get over it. :P. Thanks, for the encouragement. ;).

BTW, if they stopped my show.... .... .... WHY would they stop the best show on TV??? Supernatural is EVERYTHING that ANYONE wants out of a TV show. Unless you're into chick flicks, then probably NOT. :P. :). ;). Have a great day!! *Hugs*