Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No News ... IS....Good News??

Well, I haven't heard back from the hospital yet so I'm not sure how my Grammie is doing right now. My Grampa is down there with her right now and Nat-han is here with me right now.

Over-all. Stressful day. *Yawn*. AND I'm tired. Very tired. Yeah. Mt. Dew or coffee.....mmmmm.....COFFEEE!!!!! I'll have to make a pot when I'm finished with this post.

I decided to make a list of GOOD things that I've got RIGHT NOW. So, no more moping about being sad at the world. My top TEN list of GOOD THINGS is right here, right now. :D. Friends are not included, because everyone KNOWS they're at the top. ;). So, I'll leave them off for now. *GLOMPS* Friends.

THE LIST of pure goodness:

1.) Icons
2.) Dean Winchester
3.) Ability to sleep a late as I want
4.) Coffee
5.) History - books. ;).
6.) My laptop - my writing ON my laptop! ;)
7.) My Peshy - who I miss a lot!!
8.) Music on Youtube
9.) Penguins
10.) Being nice and warm - last but not least. :P.

Yeppers. That's my list of goodness for this morning. OOH! And Mel is shipping my SHIP! Yeah! :D :D :D Go Leslie/Sam! Wooohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Mel said...

How could I NOT ship your ship? You ship my characters so well! Erm.. my character and Sam, that is. I just hope that Leslie is well accepted by the SN community. I am so worried people will be all "She's a Sue" and not wanna read no more. *sigh*

She isn't, is she? I mean... I have Sue-ified her, right? She's just a really, really good OC?

Ebbtide said...

She's just a really, really good OC. You have nothing to worry about! *GLOMPS*.

I'm sure that they'll love it. Be sure to post it over on Supernaturalville...where are the SN fans go. :P. :D.