Monday, November 17, 2008


My Grammie is in the hospital. She's in a lot of pain. Life sucks.

*Sigh*. I didn't do too good on the test, didn't do too bad either. :P. Actually, I got right about average for most of it. Not bad. *Rolls Eyes* The math course I have to take they don't have until next fall so until then I'm going to have to work on my english and whatever else I can afford. I'll probably take some pre-business courses too. DK. I still have to apply for financial aid - doing that tonight.

I'm tired of everything sucking - except my friends and my writing :P - and I'm really tired of my FAMILY ENDING UP IN THE HOSPITAL. It's only been two weeks since my Grampa had his heart attack and now my Grammie is in the hospital. In a lot of pain. Uargh. I cannot wait until I live alone.

Or with my Mel. ;).

Later, world. I'll post more as it happens. *Heavy Sigh*. More stories over on S.S.A. Read at own risk.


TLC's said...

I know life can SUCK.... We all have those days. I know you've had more lately... and NO employment doesn't help. Have you talked to the people in Sandpoint about working with your brother? I would have thought that would have worked out. It is cold here right now... Ted got some wood but it needs cut, split and in the house to be of any use... I hope he can do some today... not to mention when we went to start a fire last night we found out we had used all of our matches... so another cold night. I'm glad we at least have a heater in our bedroom or I'd never get out of bed with this cold... I hope the snow holds off till Christmas! Have a Better Day! Been praying for you! :)

Ebbtide said...

Thanks. ;).

Well, at least you've got the wood. :P. lol. Okay, that sounded strange, but true....hmmm.

As for the suckiness of life. *Sigh*. Yeah. It sucks bad, but I'll get over it. I always do.

The people Nat-han is working for aren't hiring right now because they're already losing orders this season due to the economy. Usually they'd be hiring MORE workers right now, but as it is they might need to cut back. Same with all the places in town that I've called. *Sigh*. Yeah. Unemployment sucks - except for the being able to wake up as late as I want part. :P. ;). See, silver lining. ;). :D.