Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Okay. Well, I am going into town. Grammie and Grampa JuuuuST got in so she's back and looking really, really...huh. Sick? Like she just got done with major surgery. :P. Which, she did. lol.

Anyway, I have to go into town and boy some food for Thanksgiving. And get milk, pickles, green olives and stuff. lol. ;). Ah. Yogurt, can't forget the yogurt.

Now, if only I can remember to bring that bag for the groceries. :P. I bought several of those bags so that I don't need to use paper or plastic from the stores. lol. I got the bags and can't remember to USE them. lol. I am so great. :P. lol.

Anyway, I also have to go around town and see if anyone is hiring. Sometimes they only post it on the doors of the businesses - although, I already know that no one is hiring - I've gone around all the businesses (Did that when I first lost my job) and all the places that I could work at...well, lets just say they were "overstaffed". It's a sickness. Because there are so many young people in this town that need work. Not cool so now I'm still looking, but I'm going to go around town anyway. You just never know.

So, then I have the library that I need to go to. AND the bookstore. And the post office. Hmmm. Yeah, then I'm going to just leave it at that. I won't go out to eat today. :P. Don't have the money.

lol. I think that life is funny! :D

*Hugs* Mel, have a good one.

TTYL. Mom. ;). Try to find that blanket for me, pls. Matt-hew said that he knew where it was. . .yeah.

Been working on my scarf. And Hat-thing. *Sigh*. Luv me some Supernatural. Thursday is Thanksgiving. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. ;).