Friday, November 21, 2008


Okay, well...erm, today went better than I thought that it would. ;). Pay's not good, but it's a lot better than nothing. :D. It makes me happy to have something to do OUTSIDE of the house. :D. So, I'm happy with it. ;).

Nat-han's weird.

He is also AWESOME!! He brought me Walle and I am now going to go and watch it, but I wanted to post first and let the world know that all is well and right. Mel, if you get this before you call....give me a few hours because I'm going to be watching a movie. :P. Unless it's uber-important. Actually, I'll e-mail you. ;). :).

Okaaay. So, Jensen Ackles is PERFECT. I just re-watched the last episode and it was absolutely amazing!! How that man hasn't won, like, a mazillion award is totally beyond me. :).

*Waves* I'm off for now. ;). Post more later!

Oh. Yeah. I have almost three days left and still another forty thousand words to go on my novel. *facepalm*. Wish me Good Luck, World. :D ;).

Have a good one! *Hugs* Mel. :D :D


TLC's said...

I'm glad you had a good day. Let me know how the movie is...we might want to rent it. Have a great Sabbath!

Ebbtide said...

Thank you. WATCH THE MOVIE! It just happens to be awesome. You'll ALL like it. ;). Have a good one. TTYL. :D *Hugs*. ;).