Thursday, November 20, 2008


It’s about to start!!!! :D I’m so excited.

Here we go!! :D :D :D


I hope that Uriel doesn’t do anything to Dean. DEAN BETTER STILL BE SAFE AND ALIVE BY THE END OF THIS EPISODE.

“I’ll kill her gentle”:.

“As a matter of fact we are”

“She is far from innocent”

“Sorry, get yourself another one” lol.


NO, not my MISHA! Watch out guys. GO CAS!! WHOOT. Took Sam out with no My CAS JUST DISAPEARED. WHAT THE FUCK!???? THEY JUST. IF MY CAS IS DEAD. *Dude, when the light appeared and Cas went away I screamed so loud*.


Bloody Mirror. I don’t believe her. Anna knows what she’s doing and that is so not cool. Something bad is on the horizon and I can feel ti!!!

I think my boys are in big trouble.

Demon Racism.

MY PANI ROOM. Love it.

Wow. Dean just said “Thanks, Ruby.” I think I am dead…and I’m in one weird heaven.

Wow. Dean just talked to Ruby. Huh. He seems to almost trust her. I don’t get it. Dean confusing reality with porn. Lol. So him. I don’t believe Anna…why did the angels say that. I don’t believe her…she must know something. The Winchesters know. Ooooh! BOBBY!!!!!! Erem, or at least his house. :P.

Pam. My beautiful, wonderful, sexy Pam!!! She’s back. :PD :D. lol. “Perky little ass of yours” Love that. ;).

Dean had a BIGT GRIN. Love those. :D :D

Maybe Lilith wears plastic so she can look demony. :P. lol. :D

Woah!??? Hypnosis for Anna? Weird. LOVE THAT SHOT THOUGH!!! Awesome. What are we going to learn. What does this all mean? Get us some answers Pam.


Anna is freaking out, why???? What? Powers. More powers. RUBY IS LOCKED OUTSIDE??? What the world. Omgosh, she just knocked dean out. LOL. She knocked Dean down. Woah, she’s got a punch.

I don’t trust her….

She remembers what??

“Who are you?:

She’s an angel??? WTFH?????? WTF???? She’s an angel????

*Commercials suck*….but they make my SN possible. :D

Dude, she’s an angel. How come everyone predicted that??? I mean, why? Why is she an angel and better yet, why is she stuck inside a human body? Is she a fallen angel…..a demon? Or is she a …. WTF??? *Scratches Head*. She’s an ANGEL….SHE’S an angel….she’s AN angel….nope. No matter how I think about it, it just doesn’t make sense to me.

WHY would an angel lose it’s memory and live as a normal human for so long unless she is part of the “Endgame”??? Is she a demon plant or a god plant or what??? Does she play a big part in the apocalypse or is it a coincidence that they ran into her and that this manifested when it did? Is she an angel that lost her wings???? WTFH?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

This is one of those episodes I’m going to have to watch and re-watch a few times - I can feel it. :P.


Why does she have a death sentence??
Why did she disobey. I DON’T TRUST HER…I RIPPED OUT MY GRACE, what does that mean? “God’s little power ranger”/

Why does heaven want her dead? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a really long time. She’s no the only fallen angel, right?

OoooH! Getting her Grace back. Lol. FIND HER GRACE. :D :D :D

How is grace a physical thing.

WTF. He just happened to spot that. I think that this episode is ridiculous.

OMGOSH! I think that is just stupid. :P. :P.

Ruby is not got my vote. Ruby is apologizing. How weird is that? I don’t trust her…I don’t want them to trust her…I don’t like the dynamic in this episode.


Learning some darkness on the Samster. What are they talking about. What does he have to do to “tone up his abilities”???? I am so worried right now.

OOOh! I see a Dean and a Anna *Starts to sing* I think it’s the sex scene. :D

Dean totally breaks my heart. Nice moment here where he’s asking her questions. She doesn’t know why he was saved. I LOVE JENSEN ACKLES. Chocolate cake. Lol. I think I like Anna in this scene. She craved the human emotions. Hmm. Does that mean that Cas is doomed to fall too?????

Okay, this scene is making more sense now…I trust Kripke. Everything will make sens. JENSEN is my man!!!! “I can relate” Oh. Awwwwwwwwwww~! Sam interrupts them. Lol. Guess that wasn’t the sex bit after all. :P. :d.

Love me some Impala moments. :D WOW That car is starting to get really full. I love that - an angel and a demon sitting in the back seat. “Dude, reality”.

“You call this reality” I LOVE Dean.

OOOHhhh. Nice shot with them by the Grace-Tree. :D

Very touching moment. Anna touching the tree. I love that.

Someone took her grace. Great. This just keeps getting weirder and weirder by the moment.. I mean. Grace being a real, tangible thing???? I don’t get it. And if she does put it “back into herself” then what?? I mean, she obviously was dissatisfied being an angel so that isn’t going to be good….but at least she’s going to be alive.

LOL.. Poor Pam. I just realized that she’s now been attacked by an angel and a demon. :P. Guess she should’ve sticked with the humans. ;).

I don’t like having these girls along with my boys. I mean. It’s just…I don’t like it. L. Sam, for one, is taken!!! Leslie Kane!!! How can he just go off and forget all about the love of his life!???? She’s probably in her hometown, downing some beers and missing her man…and where’s Sam? He’s GETTING IT ON WITH A FREAKIN’ DEMON! Shame.On.Him.

The Grace-Tree was so pretty!!!!! I cannot wait to see what will happen. :D. Dean especially has been so great so far in this episode. I loved that very real moment between him and Ann. Just beautiful. Jensen Ackles stole my heart!! J

I really hope that they put a lot more Impala into this episode. ;). I’ve been missing the car something awful!! *Hugs Metallicar*. J J.

I love that. Heading to the Panic Room forever. Oooh. The angels are talking again. WATCH OUT DEAN! You can’t go back to Hell. NooooOOOOooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. He can’t go back there!!!! That explains how she knew about the angel-killing weapons.

Another Dean and Anna scene. *Squueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*. :D. I love these scenes between these two. WOW! Insight. Those two are so similar! Wow. Oh! Dean, my poor Dean. The Anels were talking about what he did in Hell. What did he do? What does she know? Whew. It wasn’t his fault. Oh. DEAN. Oh. That’s so great! He’s not alone. You know it, Dean. You aren’t alone!!!

Lol. Sammy got the demon. Dean got the angel. Lol. Back in season one Dean said that Sammy had a thing for the bad chick. Stealing his best line. Lol. I lov those two together. Lol. In the car!!! Lol. Ooooh! I think….WOW!!!!! There is never going to be a scene to rival this scene. I think that Sammy has a run for his money in the hotness department. Dean chose a MUCH better person to share his time with. I am totally into this scene. They are so great togher. Talking, not talking, doesn’t matter. Niiiiiice. 8Happy Sigh*. Okay, I just about fainted right there. Arh. There’s his scar. OMGOSH, she put her hand over his scar. Oh, they are so wonderful. Lol. Hand on the window. I love it!

I ma now so very, very, very, very, very HAPPY with Kripke.

Oooh. Ruby watching Sam sleep. Can’t spell good. She’s burning the hex bag? What in the world? What is she doing? What is Ruby doing? ALASTAIR???!!!

Ruby is going to do something stupid, sisn’t she. . .she shouldn’t have. She’s going to turn over the angel.

Well, she DID get hem into it…I can see why she would want to get them out of it. But I don’t trust her at all. Why doesn’t Alstair just kill her. WWHY DOESN’T ANYONE JUST KILL HER ALREADY!????? Loll DEAN IN THE ALONE WITH THE Uriel. Scary. Oh, thank goodness. He’s dreaming. Cas likes my Dean. *DIES OF HAPPY*. J. Uriel has her grace. OMGOSH! Uriel has her grace!!!

“angel cake” is now Dean’s official cake. :D. :D. :D.



Wow. What an intense torture scene. Ruby being tortured by Alastair. LOOOOOOooooong time in coming. Very niiice. I’m not one for torture - usually it squicks me - but this time. ;). I feel horrible for the hosts body. She isn’t telling them where the angel is. It’s for her own life though. Okay. No change there. She’s going to lead the way to the angel and to the Winchesters. No!!!

I love it. A brother scene - wow, that didn’t last long. Dean is NOT okay, don’t care what he has to say about it. What is going on. ??? .

DEAN, what did you dod???

Dean, why did you? OMGOSH, WHAT DID THAT URIEL DO TO MY DEAN TO MAKE HIM DO THAT. Noooooo. How could they do something like that. Killing Sam or Anna to make Dean do what needs to be done. I am….woah, that was a great Anna/Dean kiss. I love those two together.

NOOOOO. Cas is looking a little . Broken Dean. Ah. Okay, commercial is on so now I can explain.

Cas looks like he doesn’t know if he’s doing the right thing, but he knows what will happen to him should he NOT follow the orders - basically what happened to “Anna” - and he’s not willing to take the chance. OMGOSH, it is just heartbreaking. Dean is forced to do what he doesn’t want to in order to save the life of his family and Cas must do what he doesn’t want to in order to save his soul and help others and keep his angel status. OMGOSH, URIEL IS A FRIGGIN BASTARD AND I HATE HIM WITH EVERYTHING AND I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I SAID HE COULD BE INTERESTING. HE’S NOT INTERESTING AND I AM NOT GOING TO PUT UP WITH HIM DOING THAT TO MY DEAN. URIEL BETTER WATCH HIS BACK, ‘CAUSE IT’S GONNA GET KICKED WHEN HE’S NOT LOOKING - in a very well written, very deep, very personally-fulfilling fanfic!!!!!

I cannot believe how amazing Dean has been in this episode. Actually, since he’s played by Jensen Ackles, I can totally believe it. *Happy Sigh* I think that I just fell in love with that man - oooh, movies back.

Cas wishes he could feel sorry. Poor man. *Huggles* Vcas.


WOW. Standoff for the ages!!!!!!!!

Lol. I love the namecalling. Lol. :

Oooh! Go Castiel. :D

I like Alastair. :D.

Not even Cas is strong enough for Alastair. NOT MY CAS. LET MY CAS GO. LET MY CAS GO. Oh, thank goodness. Dean just saved Cas.

What are they doing? Anna got her Grace back. SHUT YOUR FRIGGIN EYES GUYS. LISTEN TO HER!!!!

Woah!!! I am so glad they shut their eyes. Oh. My. They got their knife back. Then they’re gone. EEEEW. Ruby/Sam look.

I don’t trust her…lol. Love Ruby’s eye rolls. Oh, poor Dean. He lost his girl. That is so depressing. Knowing that she’s not happy and that he did that to her…oh, the poor man must feel so much guilt right now. He’s getting all tored up on the inside. *Huggles Dean*. That man never catches a break longer than five minutes…ever. Not since episode one. I just cannot believe where this season has gone - and I STILL don’t dig the Ruby angle. She has no where to go so she’s sticking with the only party left to her - the ragtag Winchester duo…but as soon as she gets an opportunity she is going to turn on them. I don’t care who she thinks she loves. The woman’s still a demon and I don’t trust her one inch. Even if she saved both of their lives yet AGAIN, I still wouldn’t trust her.

WHAT DID DEAN DO IN HELL??? Dude, it’s going to bother me a lot. At least my theory has been confirmed that it was IN FACT something that he did. *Gratified Smile*. :D

Anna’s hot. J.

I love season four of Supernatural!!! :D :D Dean finally found something - someone. Finally. They were so much alike and now he’s lost her for good. She can’t feel love or loss or anything and he knows that it is because of him. I just. Those scenes between her and Dean were sooo powerful! Short, but intense. I’m a shipper. :P. ;). Of those two.

Oh, I love that ending bit with them sitting on the car. BROTHERLY moment. Ah. Sam’s not gonna push for the story. I need to know. Push Sammy!!!

WE’RE GETTING THE STORY. My worst nightmares come true. Dean. Den. Dean!!! NOOOOO. Oh. This must be so hard for Sam to hear. It was exactly what I thought! Torn to pieces over and over and over again.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Dean did that. FOR THIRTY YEARS!! Oh, Dean!!!!!! I can’t hear this! Dean did that to those people. Oh that must have been so very, very, very, very awful. He did that o those people. OMGOSH. Dean . *SOBS*.

Sam goes right in there defending him. Oh. Dean. Thirty years. *sobs*. Oh. DEAN. YOU’RE BREAKING ME UP INSIDE. Oh dean. You don’t mean that. You can’t. Oh, DEAN.

Dean just told us what happened down there in Hell and it was the most awful thing ever. He - He - He… *Cries*. He had to torture people. He had to tear them apart. He had to bring the same pain to them that was brought on HIM and it’s just too horrible to even. I can’t think about it right now.

THIRTY years.


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wow, I think your a little too into this movie!

Ebbtide said...

It's a TV show, mom. *sniffle*. And it's so *sad*. So *great*. So *wonderful* ... so, *OVER*.

Cries river of tears. :(. Hi, btw! :waves: