Thursday, November 13, 2008

ICON Hunting

I think that I'm going to go on an ICON hunt. :D. I'll show off some of my spoils when I'm finished. ;D.

Supernatural tonight. We finally - and I REALLY mean FINALLY - get to find out what Sam was up to all those months that Dean was gone in Hell and if that boy was "up to something" with Ruby I will chew his A$$ OUT! Seriously!!

K. Well, I am also going to meet Anna for the first time. She's the girl that can hear angels conversations. Dean and Sam are just about to be sent out to find her by Ruby. Uriel and Castiel want her dead...the demons want her alive...the two Winchester boys are, as usual, stuck in the middle of it through no fault of their own. They're just trying to save her life. *Sigh*. Good intentions....never really work out well.

My Internet connection has been really weird this afternoon. It keeps kicking me off and I think that it's because of the really bad weather over this way. ;).

I added more stories over on and most of them are also on S.S.A. ;). So, you can go over there and check out Lollipop Disease - a short story that I wrote about Teddy. I thought that bear deserved a little bit of rememberance. ;). :D. :). So, yeah, you can go read it!!! :D
Anywhoo. So, I've got a little over an hour to go hunt for icons. ;). This should be fun! I'm running out of new icons and that always bothers me. :P. I'll post more up later. ;).
I went into town today and it really helped me feel better about my situation. Now if only someone would call me back things would be REALLY going great! ;). We'll see how this weekend and then next week goes.
Currently listening to "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor" by Puddleofmud!!! Luv that group. ;). I was also listening to "Crashed" earlier by Daughtry. LOOOOVE Daughtry!! :).
You all have a really great day! Nice talk, Mel. ;). *Hugs* ya'all. ;). :).