Saturday, November 29, 2008


JUST finished, it's just after midnight. Or right before. NS. Am exhausted. Can't think straight. Head hurts. Neck hurts. BRAIN hurts.

Must never write on a deadline again. *Note to self*.

You all have a good one! I'm gonna watch one last Equilibrium clip on youtube and then go to SLEEP! Hopefully until midnight tomorrow night. :P. Yeah, right. lol.

I need work. Send supportive thoughts my way, guys!! ;). Miss you all. Night, World. Post more tomorrow. Must sleep.... or else... will..... *ZZzzzZZZzzZZZzz*


TLC's said...

I'm glad you got it done!!! YEAH!!! :) I would call Janet and ask if she is ready for you. She might not think about it unless you call her. Pray about it then see what happens. I'm still waiting for the papers they were suppose to send for you!!!!! For IPIC. I guess I'll have to go in and pick them up myself. so you can at least fill them out and get started! Have a Great & Wonderful Day! I'm off to the w word (w__k) soon!TTYL

TLC's said...

W--K! did you get it? Well, let me know when your all rested up! I'll check out your story and see if you have posted a new one! LUV U!

Ebbtide said...

Sounds good. lol. Your phone call was fun. :P. TTYL. Hugs. ;).