Wednesday, November 12, 2008


With the very, very high unemployment rate currently in ID I am not sure that I will even find a job. You got LINES of college educated people trying to get jobs at drive-thru food places. I mean, it's crazie. I'm never going to get hired. *heavy sigh*. Seriously, I will do anything for money....and I haven't even got a call back. Everywhere they've interviewed me it hasn't gone BEYOND that....and I'm getting very scared that I won't find anything! It's scary, people.

*Tries to calm down* Then today I read yet another article about how upper ID has the highest rate of unemployment in the state. Ummm. I LIVE in upper ID. :S. What do I do, people? I've done everything that I can to get hired.

But does that mean that it's my fault I haven't gotten hired yet? Or is it no ones fault? Or what? I feel so guilty about staying here at my Grandparents when I'M NOT EVEN EMPLOYED.

*Wrings hands* This is so uncool, people. So! Uncool!

*Winces*. Great. Now I've brought myself down. I need sleep. Night world. Hopefully tomorrow everything will look and seem better than it does at the moment.

You guys are absolutely what keeps me going. I'll pick my chin up, just give me a few hours. *sigh*. People have been praying for me to get a job - I'm one of the people, people - so...what does that MEAN??? God doesn't want me working? OR I'm the reason God hasn't been able to get me a job. *scratches head*. Whatever. Put in another application yesterday and had a job interview. Ugh. I just want TO WORK!!! PLZ! SOMEONE FREAKIN' CALL ME!!!

Rant over. *Whew*. Okay, I'll be okay. I...just...Yeah. I'm going to sleep. ;). Post more later. Since my previous post "There IS A God" proved that, ahem, THERE IS A GOD then I must assume that "the time simply is not right for me to be employed....currently". *Sigh*. Yeah. Right. Okaaay. I'll believe that. :S. Maybe. Someday. Later. After I'm hired. :P. I'm getting very, very, very, very, very, very (I am *so* tired) very, nerveous.