Thursday, November 6, 2008

In Upset

I'm just so upset right now. I haven't been this emotionally torn since that one time I had a total breakdown and cried for hours. . .I really don't want that to be the case with this. It's just so *sad*.

I'm feeling a little more in control than I was before, but I'm still crying. Dude, Jensen, you rock!!!

He remembers EVERYTHING FROM you know what that means? Do you have any clue? Have you SEEN Hell Raiser? I have.........and that is too horrible to even think about. I cannot even begin to describe how horrible it must've been for him! Being torn apart, literally, over and over. His body in pieces, but unable to die. Living in constant, agonizing fear and never knowing if where you were was reality or dream! The twists and turns that your tortured mind will go down! Oh, it's brutal agony to think about what he must have went through. And Sam has no idea....if he saw Hell Raiser he would've never asked to know - alright, you're right, he still would've asked. He's Sam Winchester. Man!

For Dean to go through that and then have to shoulder that pain alone FOREVER.''s just...there are no words *He was RIGHT about that*....and the fact that he isn't telling Sam probably means that we'll never see it. Just like we never saw the hellhounds. To even contemplate what he went through down there tears me up.

And I don't want to hear any "it's just a tv show", because I KNOW THAT and it's still upsetting to me. I connect with my characters, you guys know that about me. When Dr. Beckett died I was in a deep depression for two weeks and almost nothing cheered me up. At least that's not the case this time. I'm just crying and shaking and sobbing and feeling so sick at the thought of what he went through. Dude, I can almost taste the plotbunny that's going to be chasing me down....

So ...sad. Kripke is genius.


Anonymous said...

Boy, I guess this movie really did affect you. Maybe you Shouldn't watch it!!! Well anyway, hope next weeks show is more positive for you! Snow! Did I see snow in a different post? Is it still snowing? Boy, I hope we don't get any snow yet. Have a great Friday!

Ebbtide said...

Yeah. Everything's white up here. I do mean *everything*.

Yeah. That show did effect me. Quite strongly. I even made a website because of that show!! Goes to pun intended.

*Sigh* Night. Next week is too far away. I need a job. *Hugs*.

Anonymous said...

Been praying for your job situation daily. When the time is right and the right job is available it will all work out. Keep waiting on the Lord! He knows the end from the beginning and everything in between. Hugs to you too! Next week is only days away! Keep your chin up and look on the bright side. Everything you are going through right now is only temporary and will change eventually!

Ebbtide said...

Yeah. I know. I'm just *so* emotional right now...and, you know, that's NOT me. I'm not that person whom bursts into spontaneous tears OVER a tv show!! I mean, sure I get upset and vocal about it...but I don't normally burst into tears! What is up with me???

Thanks, for the prayers. Yeppers, you're right, I'll get the job when the right job gets ME. :D