Friday, November 7, 2008

Share Your Sad Story or SYSS

I was so distraught that I went and in a fit of emo, created myself a sight for sharing sad stories. :P. Now how to let people know about it. Hmmm. *Shrug* To tired to care right now. I'm totally CRIED OUT and totally exhausted. Nite world!! *hugs* you wonderful two!!! :D


ME said...

WOW!!! You must have been really really really sad to make a sad place to put sad stories of events! I may even post there. But who knows with my different sad stories some people may not want to read it. But I guess you said that is ok... NO bashing RIGHT! At least the sad story person! Have a Wonderful Sabbath! We will be going to UCA for Amature Hour. We loved it last year it was sooo much fun and really funny. Your brother will be helping to move things around when the need to change props. I'm glad he is getting out there and doing something with other kids to help out. I will TTYL!

Ebbtide said...

Have fun! Say "hi" to Matt-hew for me. :).

lol. I WAS really sad...and the entire point of the site was to make a place where people can place their sadness. So, if you got a story, go for it!! :).