Friday, September 7, 2007

Aaand The Computer's Back

Okay, the BIG computer scare *OoooOOoooh* is over. :D. Thanks to some smart people who actually know stuff about computers. Unlike me, who only knows how to play movies, music and write e-mails. lol. ;). Just kidding. NOT about the smart computer people...about the rest. *Scratches head* I'm getting waay sidetracked. lol.

Today I got two more chapter written for Mermaid Sisters. Hmmm. I have simply *got* to come up with a better working title. It's about politics in a futuristic woman dominate society on a sand covered Earth. Any ideas?? lol. I'm thinking of making some cover art for it...or just ART for it and posting it so you can get a clue about the characters and places, etc. I was able to work not only mermaids into it, but Unicorns as well. lol. And it's a SCIFI! I love it!

Well, I watched The Kingdom of Heaven today. You know, the BEST movie ever with Orlando Bloom playing Balin who has to protect Jerusalem from the Muslims....You know??? lol. Probably not, unless you're a LOTR fan like me and have seen every movie that Orland Bloom has ever played in. ;) That, of course, is NOT why I like TKOH. I like it because it was directed, edited, filmed and acted very well. :D. Totally great movie if you want to check it out.

Anyway, a really cool dude - whom I have yet to introduce to you wonderful people ;) - sent it to us. His name is Roy. He's cool! :). He paints. I LOVE his paintings!! ..... I think I'll see if he has a blog or artist page or something on the web so I can post a link up there on the left.

OOOOOOH! I came up with a great, wonderful, fantastic, amazing - alright, so that's all a bit of an overstatement, but it FEELS true - idea for my character Gary Hallmen. You know, the Twitter guy??? I'll post next JUST about him and let you know all about it. Yep.
:D. Hope you all are having a great day!!!