Friday, September 7, 2007

The Gary File

So...Gary Hallmen. Lt. in the United States Air Force and member of the Atlantis expedition into the Pegasus Galaxy.


I made his life horribly complicated. I added angst. Then I went and piled more on top of the previous instance. Then I went into a back story. Then I added a best friend. Then I re-lived the guilt through flashback activated by a current threatening situation IN THE MESS HALL of all places. Heehee. That all was fun, but then I got to write it with my best friend - who is also playing a character over there on Twitter. Gary, Gary, Gary. *Shakes head*. He is going through a really tough time in his life and then I added band instruments!!!

If you are now lost and have no idea what I'm talking about then you obviously don't read my Twitter posts. ;) You can go to the Lt. Gary Hallmen Twitter page by clicking on "Follow Me On Twitter" over on the left. His post, of course, 'cause I have three up there! lol.

You can also follow my daily updates on my personal Twitter page - the Ebbtide one. ;).

Anyway, I'm putting Gary through the wringer and it has been just sooo fun to write! lol. Who knew that angst was so cool...other than my fellow angst addicts, of course. ;) But I'm not naming names. lol.

I am really enjoying the game and wish that I had a bit more time on it, but with all of my other busy things that I am up to I only get a few hours a week as Gary. That's okay. I'll take that. :D.

OoOh, I added another love interest - a serious one - for Terra Wright. ;) That should be fun. Once it matures a little more I'll post on it.


Mel said...

Another love interest for Terra???? I forbid it! What about Mars???? Hmm? HMMM????!!!

Oh... *ahem*

Ebbtide said...

It *IS* Mars....silly. :D.

Mel said...

Oh. Well, if it's Mars....