Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Several people have e-mailed me after reading my blog posts so far and they seem to think I don't like it here. Sorry, if my posts come across as overly sarcastic and, well, just plain negative. I tend to sound that way in type because you can't hear my tone of voice which is often...well....sarcastic. lol.

Um. Anyway, I like it here. I just find it a little frightening that everything is so new. As you all know, I totally don't do NEW very well so I find this experience to be a bit on the taxing side, so to speak.

Bright side for today - WE NOW HAVE COFFEE~!!!!!!!! !!!!! !!!! And, yes, all of those exclamation marks ARE called for. lol. :D :D :D Life is always brighter with coffee. We've been driving around town yesterday and today trying to find out where everything is located at and stuff like that. I found out that I'm going to need to figure out how to get classified as Low Income so that I can get a lower price on the bus. It's either that or I walk everywhere in the rain and with my immune system shot all to .... hades.
Um. Yeah. Today was pretty uneventful.

I have an interview set for Thursday at 3:00 in Bremerton for a car sales position. Yikes. It's for a place called Hoover Kia. NO IDEA what that is exactly and I highly doubt that I will get the job, but I am going to try my darndest, because even if I cannot stay on long-term even one paycheck would help me pay bills. I can suffer through one paycheck at the very least and who knows, I might actually be good at it and like it. (don't laugh)

....btw, I thought that I should mention that my grammer and stuff gets REALLY HORRIBLE when it comes to typing out stuff on blogs. I don't know where all of the commas and periods go or come from. Also, I am an icon-addict and I post random icons CONTINUOUSLY...pretty much. *blush*. It's a bit weird so ignore it. Or post a comment, I don't really care. Whatever makes you feel better.

I should have more pictures, but it stays pretty dark around here, what with all the rain and stuff, so I wasn't able to get some fair pics to post. There was a few hours of bright sunshine today though. It was cool. I also applied to another half a dozen jobs today so that's cool and they are all VERY local and within reason as far as requirements go. So, no more car sales jobs. Lol.

It's so funny!! As I'm driving around the town here I'm seeing all the places that I applied to before coming. :P I've applied to practically EVERYWHERE except most of the car mechanic places - I did apply to some of those though just encase they needed a receptionist or something like that.
I'll let you know how stuff pans out.

OH~! I almost forgot! I have a library card here and it's a HUNDRED books a go!! I'm so excited about this. Yeay.
Okay, I gotta go do some more job searching and watch some more SGA and check out my farmville and write some more on my stories (I'm one chapter away from finishing my latest) and I really need to catch up on the news around here.

Yep, yep.
Again, if you have questions leave them in the comment sections and stuff. It's a bit disheartening not to see any comments. *sigh* Still, I know that you guys are reading this because I've had the whole 'you must really hate it there' e-mails coming in. lol.

Btw, I LOVE RAIN, so no worries on that front either. ;)
More later.

(AGAIN, Icon-Addict here *waves* so be prepared for that).


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad you like the rain since it is raining. So, is that the kind of place that rains alot all summer? What about winter? I hope you find a job soon. Keep us posted. I'd like to see some outside pic. of your place.
God Bless! ~ MOM ~