Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Day

Got our library cards and I have checked out a tons of books about everything. They've got some really great library's around here and I really love it! I was able to find some great things to read.

Today I went and checked out the local Department of Social and Health services. I had an interview at three, but chickened out a few hours early so that got canceled - it was for a car sales position at Kia. *gulp*. Anywhoo, I discovered that Bremerton, WA makes my motion sickness a mazillion times worse because of all the hills and bends and stuff in the roads. I also discovered where the Work Source placey is so I will go there next week at some point - or I can just visit it online if I don't want to drive over there.

The rain has been great and the temperatures have been great so far. Not TOO cold except for inside where it is freezing, but blankets help out there so all in all things are going fine.

I'll write more tomorrow. Today was pretty hectic and choatic and...exhausting so I'm going to bed now.


Anonymous said...

That is ok that you didn't go to that interview. I'm sure there are others that will be better suited for you anyway. You don't do well with anxiety either!!!! Have a Great Sabbath!
Luv U ! ~ MOM ~