Thursday, November 6, 2008

Today is BETTER *Faster, stronger...Bet-ter*

Here is a LINK to a great Misha Collins interview. If you're a Supernatural fan then I gaurantee that you'll "lol". :D.

I'm STILL defending Obama today. WHAT IS WRONG WITH IDAHOIANS!!!!!! All I've heard this week is "Nigger" this and stupid "reverse-plantation" jokes. THEN Nat-han comes up to visit me and the first thing he tells me is a joke where the "punch line" involves Obama being hanged.

Then he's surprised when I go off at him. *Glowers* I am in serious dislike with Obama-haters this week. I support that man totally!! Whether he turns out to be a good President or not is yet to be seen......but there's no need for name calling and immature jokes. GROW UP IDAHO!

*Slinks off to glare at every passing Republican*.


Anonymous said...

There are just some people like that. They are very immature when they do stuff like that. We should have gone past the racism a long time ago and shame on anyone who calls them self a Christian for doing that!!!! Well, it will hopefully get better. People who don't vote shouldn't complain. That is my view but then if your candidate does not win you got to get over it and go on for the good of America!
Have a Great Day!

So, I bet you can guess who I am? :)

Ebbtide said...

;). You're Anonymous, right? Wow. I'm good!! :D. ;).

Yeah. Guess you're right. I should get over it too. Hard feelings should have been anticipated. Still. Makes me want to GLARE at everyone. :P. lol.

I'm going to make postcards!

Mel said...

*patpatpat* There, there, Ebbs. People are idiots. Immature, self-centered, bigoted idiots. They can't get over themselves--and you've already heard my verbose theories concerning your brother.

Anyhow, this too will pass and less people will be bitching about things not going their way... eventually.

Have fun glaring at republicans.

Ebbtide said...

Mel *glomps* thanks!! :D You always make everything better. ;). :P. I had a lot of fun But I have moved on to better things - a higher calling, you might say!

For now, that just means SN. :P. :).