Wednesday, November 5, 2008

FINALLY....uM, Say Wha???

Okay, well, I've been hearing NONSTOP today about how a "black President" contributed to the horrible day in stock market news. *Rolls Eyes* As if the market would suddenly heal itself after election day!!! Honestly.

I've been defending Obama all morning long and I'm TIRED.

I've got to go meet that lady for the thing at the place. *Sigh*.

On the bright side, Mel introduced me to a new story I would have missed out on. :D. She's the most awesome. *Hugs* Mel. ;).

Other than that.

Just got certified to handle food. Whatever good that will do me. I am having a WTFH? Day. Things are not working right for me. Hmph. *Goes back to bed.*

Post more on life's woes later. I've gotta go into town and make a copy of my license and s.s. card. Then I've got to send off some more postcards to the boys up at SN. :D. I made a kewl postcard for them!! :D ;).

Currently listening to Shinedown. It's good!


ME said...

I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. You know we all have days like that! Ted had one like that. He was going to buy me a nice used dryer. He had talked to the guy so he took me over there and it was already sold. Then he accidentally broke something on his welder. ( now he can't use it till he gets a new part)also A very heavy board fell on his head and about knocked him out... he fell against a corner of the desk and he can hardly get around now with out being in pain. Tomorrow will be much worse for him but hopefully yours will be better.
God Bless!

Ebbtide said...

lol. His bad day makes mine seem GOOD. lol. ;). Great story!!

Have a great day! ;). Today started out well enough. :P.