Sunday, September 21, 2008

Today is GOOD.

I'm really excited about today. It's a good day and almost the beginning of a new week. ;). I am optimistic that I will find a job this week. :D. Because if I don't I'll be out of funding. lol. ;). Better to get optimistic insteado of down, right?

I've been enjoying a LOT of music the last day. Jars of Clay, Rush Of Fools, Nickelback, Styx, Flyleaf, Pink, Josh Groban *Had to listen to him, of course!!*, Metallica and other people. lol. ;). Oh. Rzeznick. Great voice! Love: I'm Still Here!! :D Great song. :). Oh. Barenaked Ladies, Goo goo Dolls and Scorpion were also listened to. Basically, I went on a music/listening/watching binge. lol. :D. It was great!

Renegade by Styx...Mr. Roboto by Styx! :). Figure You Out by Nickelback. WONDERFUL!

Other than that. Well, Nat-han came over this morning. YEAH! :D :D :D. He's sleeping in the living room right now. ;). Poor dude had a really, really, really long day yesterday.

I'm STILL waiting for my bus ticket refund and it's been almost two weeks. If I don't get that money soon, I just might start to worry. But I'll give it a few more days. lol. ;).

I'm going to go play on my keyboard and then write some more song lyrics. :). I LOVE writing song lyrics. :). Have you checked out Seasoned Simile Axiom yet? I added about four posts over there. lol. ;).

Later, dudes. :D. Have a good one!!