Saturday, September 20, 2008

Today has been going good so far. I got a bit of a reprimand because I let myself sleep in until 10 O'Clock (I actually considered getting up at six, but decided between nine and ten was fine for a Saturday)...Yeah. Happy Sabbath, people of the Earth who believe in the Holiness of that day. For everyone else, have a really good weekend!! :D

I am trying to decide whether *Is that how you spell that word???* I should try and work out a place to stay with Nat-han in Sandpoint. He really thinks that I would do well at the job that he's doing. Apparently, it's simple and my biggest problem would be boredom (It does NOT involve any lifting, twisting, bending, or anything else that would kill my back) but I don't have my own car so I don't see THAT happening. I'll have to stick to a job around this area (I love this town, btw, so I'm not exactly eager to take off).

I have one more half-paycheck coming this Thursday. I think I'll let it come in the mail and surprise me. ;D. I'm still waiting for a $200 return on a ticket that I purchased for Nat-han, who then decided that he didn't want to use it *Rolls Eyes*. I hope that I get that money back or else bad things could happen. If I DO get it...that would be the equivalent of a paycheck if I hadn't of quit my job. lol. WOW! I had not realized that I let Nat-han borrow so much. He still owes me $120 for a different ticket I bought several months ago (Yeah, he used that one. ;). lol. Anyway, enough with the money thing. It's depressing. And annoying. And slightly angering. lol. So, I'll stop with that now.

Other than taking it easy today, I'm going to clean my room!! *Gasp*. I know. I should take before and after pictures, because my room is a mess and it will be a miracle to see it clean again. ;). Usually, I clean it and it doesn't even last two days before it's a mess it is right now. Anyway, I'll get that done today, because I'm missing a book that I REALLY want to find and I'm not sure where in my room it is. lol. Nothing like motivation to get you to clean stuff. . .Yeah.

I am STILL super-excited about Lazarus Rising!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D Dean is SO awesome! :). :). Then...POSSIBLE darkside Sam. Who doesn't like that?! (Although, I would be devestated if he turned out REALLY darkside. That dude has too good a heart for something like that.....Right?).

Anyway. Mom, you should watch that episode. It's the introduction of the FIRST Angel EVER into the boy's life. BTW, *Heehee* I wrote a story a month ago that I posted on that had an angelic Mary Winchester saving Dean from Hell. In Lazarus Rising, an Angel saves Dean from Hell. How awesome is THAT parallel?? :D I rock. *Sorry, moment of egotistical joy there* ;).

I hope that you all have a really good day. :). I'm going to try and get some actual writing done when I'm finished with my room (Assuming that doesn't take me all day to actually finish. lol.). :D.

I'll post more later. And check out Seasoned Simile Axiom later because I have every intention of updating my tonight. ;). :). You all have a good one. *Hugs* to my friends! :).