Friday, September 19, 2008

I am still in "Woah" mode from last nights episode - which I did NOT wait until monday to watch over and over and over and OVER. Yeah. I spent over fourteen hours watching that episode. *Yawn*. And now, I'm going to sleep. ;).

I hope that you all had a great day.

My friend came over to my house. I'm afraid that I wasn't as hospitable as I probably could have been...I'll work on that for future visits.

I was on Supernatural forums posting with other adorkable people like me until all hours of the wee morning...or something like that. lol. I'm tired so not everything is going to make sense, most likely.

I still haven't heard back from any of the jobs and I'm still keeping my eye out for new stuff. Nat-han thinks that I should get a job where he's working, but I would have no way to get there...because I don't own a car...because I don't have a job...because I don't own a car. Circular problem here. ;).

Anywhoo. I enjoyed listening to a little Green Day: She's A Rebel. ;D. Who DOESN'T like that song. :)?. I love it. ;). Saw a really great Teyla vid to it.

I'll post more tomorrow. Probably. For now, I'm falling asleep at the keyboard *A dangerous move* so I think that I'll call it quits for now. :). You all have a good one!!! :). :D. *Hugs* to all my friends.